Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th September 2021 Written Update: Pallavi Insults Sunny

Episode start: Jaya asks Panditji to start the family pooja here, Keerti enters Sunny and says the family is complete. Panditji asks Jaya to tie Kalava in all hands. Raghav sees Keerti in anger, Sunny steps to tie Kalava, Raghav tells only the family, Panditji says all members of the family are done, because they will keep Kalava. Sunny feels bad. Sunny feels bad. Keerti says that Sunny doesn’t know them.

Jaya starts Aarti, Raghav Pallavi, Sulochana Milind, perform Aarti, Pallavi, Keerti says no without Sunny, Pallavi says all right, as you wish, and Panditji says you go on. Very angry Sunny. Pallavi looks at Raghav. Pallavi looks at Raghav. Panditji asks the distribution of prasad by Pallavi. Pallavi gives everybody but Sunny is skipping and he goes to the kitchen. In anger, Sunny follows her. Sunny says to Pallavi stop the drama, I can see everything, Pallavi says you thought that you were blind, Sunny says I can see that you can’t digest, so stop the aura from spoiling, Pallavi says that you are a fool, I stopped you from Pooja. Sunny says Pallavi bhabhi, these principles of worth give this nonsense to your husband first, Pallavi says don’t travel Raghav, Sunny says I’d be, I’m very good at what he does, but I should say he ought to be Oscar-free, but he’s not there where there’s honesty, He’s true. Sunny says I’m not going to stop me, Sunny tells me that I accept the truth too, and I’m going to ask your husband, why he wasn’t using Raghav for a collar and why was his man taken, Pallavi tells me that you’re busy trying to picture everyone wrong, and that I don’t need Raghavs honesty from you, Sunny says Raghav doesn’t pay any duty on dia

Pallavi tells Sunny another word and I’m not going to spare you. Pallavi says I’m not sure you come what abd we’re like, Raghvi’s trust has different meanings for us, Sunny says I’ll love it when I’m going to break your trust, Pallavi says that you’re just the dog’s tails, get evidence and do whatever you say, Sunny said remember the slap you have given me, and if I win you’re all going to slap Raghav. Pallavi says what I’m going to blacken your face and hit you from the house till the shop with the broom, sunny says deal. Pallavi says oh my bored broom she too’s going to be entertained, Mansi asks for prasad, Pallavi says you go ahead at the table, Mansi leaves. Mansi leaves. Pallavi says that I’m going to leave unlike you, who have free food at the wife’s house after marriage. Pallavi leaves, Sunny says that I’m going to hate their love storey. Sulochana says that Jaya is so big in your House. Jaya sees Sharda. Sulochana says that you must have so many employees, their salaries and your expenses. Farhad goes to Amruta and tells me, please, I can get that Mithai, Amruta says his prasad, take his right hand and holds his hand on it, Farhad is morseling, Amruta says that you are not eating this way, open the mouth, and Amruta is putting entire modak in his mouth, and wipes her dupatta. Nikhil sees them, Farhad leaves Amruta, and looks at them. Nikhil says finished, let’s go.

Sulochana thinks wow in Silver plates, Pallavi, Mansi get Bhog. Pallavi says Amma will perform the Bhog Ritual, Jaya walks to Panditji and performs ritual, Keerti whispers to Sunny, we’re a newly married couple, Sunny says don’t worry.
Panditji said to Jaya, ‘Call your children so that they can take blessings and give parasdy to each other. Keerti Sunny goes ahead, Jaya gives a bit to Keerti and eats herself, but doesn?t give to Sunny, and he’s saying that Panditji only deserves to have prasad, my daughter has a bite, that’s not for outsidents. With Sunny, Keerti leaves. Raghav says we’re going to do it later, Panditji doesn’t say it is coming now, Sharda says Raghav is going his prasad. Raghav and Pallavi are walking to Panditji to sit, Pallav looks at Raghav, Raghav is feeding their prasad, Pallavi gives it, Raghav doesn’t allow her to feed it, Sulochana likes it and Pallavi holds Parasd in Raghav’s hand. Raghav takes and leaves blessings.

Keerti says sorry to Sunny, Sunny says it all does not matter, Keerti says that sweet to you, I’ll be getting water for you, Sunny says get me modaks, Keerti says all right and leaves. Farhad passes by Sunny and tells you how it can happen: delivery on the third day, follow him by Sunny; Farhad says that I have all details of the account; I have transferred money to you; I have saved money; we have given the commission, and the details are confidential; and everything is in the register, I shall check and inform you. Sunny says I’ve got this register to get. Sulochana steals a scene from Pallavi, Mansi says that you are mad, Farhad is studying Raghav, Sunny looks after him and says what you’re doing here is here, Sunny says I’m looking for Keerti, and Farhad says she’s not here to close the door. Sunny says that she is looking for Keerti. Sunny says by tonight I’ve got to get registration.

Precap: Pallavi applying Raghav ointment. Sunny in the study of Raghav, Raghav sees open door and enters. The inspector walks in Rao Mansion and says that I have been transferred recently, so I thought I should see you. Raghav says that I don’t meet anybody without an appointment.

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