Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Sunny Finds Raghav’s Truth

Episode Start: Deshmukh is welcome lord Ganesha, Vijay stumbles, Nikhil holds his idol, all glad to see him, Nikhil says, I’m sorry I couldn’t come to you, Amruta says that we’re happy to have you back when you needed me most. Nikhil asks where Pallavi is from, Vijay says that after what she did to Mandar, we’ll do without her, Sharda tells Nikhil that we’re going to talk later on. Deshmukh is doing aarti. She tries to talk to Raghav, he is calling her, he is showing her Aarti, Pallavi is very happy, Raghav is seeing her. Pallavi asks about when you have arrived. Nikhil says I miss you so many, Pallavi says we will be meeting soon, Nikhil says why not now and you do not miss Bappa, Pallavic tells us I’m missing a lot, this is the first time I don’t have Bappa. But the situation is different. We’ll meet in shop tomorrow. Raghav hears their talk.

Raghav comes down to think about how Pallavic Ganpati Bappa misses, Raghav sees him using his gym and is really angry, Sunny says relax we’re related, Raghav says stay limited, you stay in your room, Sunny says I’m son in law, I’m totally right, Raghav says don’t test my patience because I tolerate you. Sunny says soon that I’ll be over you. Raghav says before that you and the whole family will be dead and therefore stay and leave. Raghav takes Sunny and throws him out. Sunny says that I am the lion here, when I find you and you are going to be behind me. Raghav goes to Jaya and says this time I’m going to get Ganpati Bappa in our house, Jaya says it is Pallav’s idea, Raghav says no it’s her main festival and she has a lot of annoyance about it, and I don’t want her to miss her festival because of her fault.

Sunny goes to Raghav’s den and begins to search for insights, he hears and hides footsteps. Abhishek enters Farhad, Raghav enters to them, Farhad says that Abhishek has been caught, and Raghav says that Farhad always does you good. Abhishek says you are the right husband of Pallavi didi, Farhad says that Abhishek will do all that to work here in secret, Abhishek is saying that I want to work with you, please don’t remove me and I will even give my life for yourselves, Raghav says to hear me carefully, I don’t pay diamond customary, and you people help me, so the police are behind you, nothing is greater than tha Abhishek says all right.

Raghav gives Abhishek a diamond pouch, and tells him to deliver, Abhishek says all right, and leaves. She hears Ganpati songs and walks out in her kitchen and sees Raghav bring Ganpati idol, Pallavi very happy. Pallavi makes modak in her kitchen. Jaya is going to Pallavi, both glad. Pallavi walks into her room with Raghav, and thanks to him it means to her much, screaming at her scold, but does not ignore her, Raghav says that this won’t turn normal and I don’t want to talk. Pallavi tells me what to do; Raghav says to stop Keerti and Sunny, I can’t hurt you about getting Bappa, Raghav is locking himself into the bathroom.

Raghav walks down to Jaya dressed in South Indian Outfit, Pallavi walks to Jaya and Navari. Milind, Mansi, Amruta, Sulochana are here to dance with Nikhil. Amruta is dancing with pallavi. Jaya asks Sharda how she is and she is very pleased to see the whole Deshmukh family here, she will be happier to see Vijay and Milind says he’s home, we can’t leave Ganpati alone. Sharda goes to Pallavi, and asks Raghav’s still angry, Pallavi says he’s upset but he’s still doing all that and I am lucky that he lost all this because of me but he still cares. He’s proved that love changes everybody, he’s the Raghav Rao who doesn’t ever do anything wrong. Panditji asks Jaya to call the whole family, everyone joins, Jaya says they’re all here to start, Keerti doesn’t yet, now we’re a family, he’s going to go with him. This is all because of Pallavi, Raghav thinks. Episode End.

Precap: Pallavi and Raghav perform Aarti together. Sunny, Sunny says that Pallavi bhabhi your husband is a diamond smuggler, that he does not pay customs. Sunny says that the devil is like you do not deserve the Aarti.

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