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Read Meet 4th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Amma Asks Meet To Pay For Manushri’s Wedding

Episode Start: Manu accepts the marriage proposal. Everyone is happy and begins clapping. Amma expresses her gratitude by saying, “Thank God.” Meet Ahlawat says thank you to Manu. Come sit here, Amma says, and Anubha will distribute sweets to everyone. Meet Ahlawat, looking at Seeet, remember Meet’s promise that his work will be completed today, and he eats something sweet. Amma tells everyone that now that they’ve chosen each other, it’s time to talk about the next steps. Masum tells Babita that she shouldn’t do good with dirty hands. Babita inquires about the washbasin. Manu responds, “Come in and see what I can show you.” Babita responds, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll go.” Anubha takes Amma aside and informs her that she checked the tank in the kitchen a few minutes ago and it appears to be empty. Meet them and listen to them speak. Amma tells you to look at the visitor right now. Meet goes upstairs to make sure the tank is empty, then passes one end of the pipe to friends and the other end to the tank, asking her friend to connect it to the neighbor’s tap. Babita turns on the faucet, and Meet begins filling the tank. Anubha pleads to Babita, “This won’t happen again, please forgive us this time,” as the tap begins to run. Anubha and Masum were taken aback. Babita washes her hands and asks, “Why are you apologising for your small house and tap?” The fact is that your house is light and airy, and we don’t have small hearts. Babita replies, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we appreciated your family’s simplicity, we were impressed by your behaviour, and we have one request.” You give orders, not requests, Amma advises. Babita advises that when it comes to receiving visitors, leave no stone untouched. We shall do our best, Amma and Anubha say. Babita says she’ll let you know about the dates after speaking with our pandit, and that you’ve turned down gifts. I got it for Manu, but you can’t refuse this one because it’s for my daughter Manushri. Ragini gives Babita the bracelet, which she places on Manu’s hand. Manu thinks to himself, “Wow, this had to be pricey.” Amma thanks God for taking care of everything and prays to Him.

While sitting in the car, Ahlawat is thinking about Manu. His friend arrives to congratulate him, and he pulls out a speaker from his car, and the two begin dancing.

Meet open door and walks inside her house, saying, “Dadi, let me in,” and beginning to dance. Meet drags Amma to dance after Anubha joins her. Amma says, “Look, I sent you out of the home for two hours and we got fantastic news, so I’ll dance.” Amma gets a round of applause. Meet persuades Manu to dance, and the rest of the group follows suit.

When Ahlawat’s friend says, “We’ll celebrate with beer or sweets,” Ahlawat’s friend responds, “You’re not providing me beer and you’re not letting me eat sweets properly.” Hatodi has given something good for the first time, according to Meet, so take it.

Manu is dancing with her family, contemplating the shagun she will receive and what else she might receive at the upcoming occasion. Meet comments to Anubha on how lost she seemed to be in her thoughts about her groom. When you meet, ask to see a photo of the groom. Anubha claims that we were too preoccupied to click, but that you and he have…. Shakuntala enters and accuses them of stealing water, then storms out. Actually, Meet says mummy, and Anubha smiles and says to Ammaji, “We didn’t have any miracles, but Meet took care of negative things, and she is my son.” Amma continues, “Listen, Babita has requested me to take care of the arrangements, and Meet will spend that amount.” Meet says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” All you have to do is tell me how much you want to spend. Anubha is tense during the meeting.

Manu picks up a weighing scale and begins comparing Meet Ahlawat and Kunal’s gifts. Manu imagines herself speaking to herself, and her miniature version tells her that Kunal is her true love. But, as Manu points out, marriage brings riches and a pleasant existence. Mini Manu says what Kunal says, and he gives you a thicker bracelet. Manu claims that I am unable to think. Mini Manu claims that you dislike Meet and that you would be married to another Meet. Manu claims that he isn’t an emotional fool, and that if Kunal becomes wealthier, he will abandon Meet because he now sees a bright future ahead of him.

Meet while contemplating Anubha strees and praying. Meet up with Anubha and request a balm. Anubha says come let me apply since you keep hopping about all day. Meet recommends that you sit down and begin applying balm. When you meet, inquire about the wedding cost. Anubha says it’s not finished yet. Meet takes out her concealed journal and says, “I’m sure you wrote in this.” According to Anubha, everything comes down to 14-15 lakhs. Meet says, “Don’t worry, I have 3-4 lakhs, and I’ll work overtime and repair everything,” and then asks the groom’s side to set a date in 3-4 months, after which you should go to sleep. Meet kisses Anubha and falls asleep. When will Anubha’s troubles stop, she says she is happy in this residence.

Meet wakes up worrying about how she will handle money and stares at her father’s portrait, recalling a period when he was involved in a large case and questioning how he will deal with it. He remarked that life is full of problems, such as day and night problems, and happiness comes and goes, and everyone wants happiness, so either face your problem or run away from it, and choose whatever choice you choose. Meet predicts that, like my father, I will confront challenges with the hope of succeeding. Episode end.

Precap: Raj informs Anubha that Panditji has set dates for the next 15 days. Anubha informs the rest of the group. Meet suggests that I phone them and speak with them. No, Amma says, the date will be what they have finalised, and you are the man of this family, so do it.

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