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Read Meet 27th September 2021 Written Update: Anubha Offers Her Younger Daughter For Marriage

Meet and thank the beautician for her services. Meet approaches Manu and says, “You look like a heroine,” then hugs her and says, “I’ll miss you.” Manu says I’ll miss you as well. Meet says, “Come on, let’s go,” and everyone is waiting. Manu tells herself to do something and tells Meet that she has boiled water for coffee. Meet says, “OK, go ahead and have it.” Manu says, “Do whatever you want.” I’ll call mummy if Meet says no. Meet asks herself, “What should I do to get away from her?” Meet calls mummy and tells her that Manu is looking very beautiful and that Meet Ahlawat will fall in love after seeing him; we will leave in 5 minutes, but don’t worry, we will be there. Manu notices a naked wire and declares that there is only one way to proceed: pour water on the wire. The electricity goes out, and Manu says, “My face burns!” Meet comes to her, worried, and asks what happened, and she says, “Wait, I’ll bring it.” Manu smacked Meet on the head with a piece of wood. Meet the faints.

Babita guve Meets Ahlawat’s sword and embraces him. The Ahlawat family begins to leave the house. Manu says, “Meet, please forgive,” and then calls. Kunal says, “I’m leaving; wait for me; I’m coming with everything; I’ve sent you a new address; come there,” and Manu packs everything and departs.

The Ahlawat family arrives at the door. Manu notices them and remarks, “My marriage is standing in the way of my happiness; I need to go from here.” Manu coutns people and says only seven people; he is so poor that he brought so few people; I’ll go to my rich Kunal, who has everything money class. Manu tries to sneak out in front of the wedding while concealing herself, but her disguise is revealed.

Ram Lakhan, who is carrying a carpet, says, If a carpet is lying here, then what should we do with it? They both begin discussing where to take this carpet in the hall or porch area. Lakhan suggests calling Meet and asking where to take it. Ram thinks it’s a good idea. Lakhan summons her. Ram inquires as to why she did not pick. Yes, Lakhan says, but I’ll try again later. Meet does not make another piccall. Lakhan says it’s a family function, and I can’t believe Meet isn’t answering her phone. Ram says, “Meet is at Shakuntala aunty’s house; let us go there and inquire.” Lakhan says, “You’re right, let’s go ask.”

Manu hides herself in cloth and flees. When Ram Lakhan sees Meet on the floor, he throws water on her and asks her to wake up. Meet stands up. Ram Lakhan inquires as to how you fell and whether you are okay. Meet checks her head and sees blood, remembering what Manu did to her, and asks her friend not to tell anyone what happened here, to go back and see if everything is fine, and to go from here. Ram Lakhan gets her moving. Meet picks up her phone and walks away.

Manu enters the market, gets into his car, and drives away. Meet gets on her bike, and Manu drives by in his car. Meet gets on her bike and goes in search of Manu. Manu instructs the auto driver to drive quickly. The Ahlawat family arrives at their destination. Raj asks that Meet Ahlawat touch it with his sword and enter. Meet Ahlawat, Ram says, never bow down or you will be a slave to your wife. Everyone tells you not to bow down. Meet Ahlawat, who is lying down on his horse as he enters, and everyone applauds. Meet Ahlawat, who gets off his horse and greets Anubha. Hoshiyar says to always walk tall like this so that girl bows in front of you. Anubha performs Meet Ahlawat pooja. Amma instructs Anubha to pinch the bridge of his nose. Amma says that now that Anubha has pinched his nose, the ritual is complete. Meet Ahlawat tells Hosiyar, “You’ve never told me about this.” Isha tells Hosiyar, “You were reading about everything yesterday and you missed this.” Meet Ahlawat tells Bo not to worry because they only pinched me and did not cut my nose. What are you saying, Amma? We will never do anything to disrespect you; these are rituals that must be followed.

Meet arrives at the location and thinks to himself, Manu told me about this location when I was disguised as a driver, I can’t see her here, what should I do, and calls Manu. Manu received a call and then turned off her phone. Meet says what I’ll tell everyone, where should I go to find her, I can’t ask strangers because that would be disrespectful to my family and father’s name, and prays to God, what should I do Ahlawat family will be at the door, what will I say to them?

Manu has arrived at his destination. Kunal arrived in his car to pick her up. Kunal kneels down and embraces her. Manu says, “Thank God you’re here,” and asks, “Who’s car is this?” Kunal says, “This is my driver’s responsibility; it will be a risk if we run from my car with your luggage.” Manu says yes, but be careful because it’s heavy. Kunal thinks to himself, “Now you’re rich,” and places her bag in the trunk, where he discovers a drug package.

Anubha summons Meet and asks that he arrive as soon as possible. The Ahlawat family arrives quickly and notices Meet beside her. Anubha asks if you know where Manu is. Meet believes Amma is correct: “I failed to protect Manu, and I can’t stop her from going in the wrong direction.” I couldn’t persuade her that we will always think good for her, that we love her, and that we won’t do anything that will hurt her, so I broke her rakhi and said it was all my fault. Anubha inquires, “Tell me what happened and where is Manu?” Meet says that Manu fell in love with someone else and fled the marriage. Meet is crying on the floor.

Meet Ahlawat, who is on the lookout for Manushi. Meet Ahlawat has everyone’s attention. Meet Ahlawat explains why everyone is staring at him. Isha advises patience because your wife will not flee. Deep says you’re having an arranged marriage but doing a love marriage; you’ll find out when the marriage is completed because the husband always drops off the friend list. Sunaina wonders why it is always people who are not engaged who make comments. Deep says, “Look at my lines, they’re powerful.” Isha warns you to be cautious because your girl may flee. Meet Ahlawat, who says, “Stop your bad jokes and let me wait for my wife.”

Meet informs Amma that Manu has fled. Amma says Manushi cannot run; she has a well-to-do family; she cannot run. Amma grabs Meet and asks, “What did you do with Manushi?” Amma then begins beating Meet. Meet says I did nothing wrong, that I was her guardian, and shows them blood, claiming she hit me and fled. Amma believes you are deceiving her. Anubha asks if you had a fight and if you were hurt. Meet confirms that she has caused a great deal of pain in our hearts. Meet says, “Forget that, tell them what we’re going to say to them.” Everyone is downstairs. Anubha says, “I don’t know what to say; there’s only one thing I’ll do: I’ll go tell Raj everything.” No, Anubha, don’t do it, says Amma. Anubha says we don’t have any other choice but to do whatever they say, and she leaves. Amma panics and collapses. Meet tries to rouse her. Amma asks, “Manu, where are you?”

Meet Ahlawat appears to be content, according to Raj. Masum says that he settled for her and is happy because he doesn’t know his worth, he doesn’t know he deserves a better girl than her. Raj says, “Please stop being negative, we came here because Meet Ahlawat loves her, what do you think about this, please keep to yourself, and we will not discuss it any further.” Hosiyar asks Masum if he wants ice cream, which comes in a variety of flavors. Masum says I’d like to have avocado with almond flavor, and how people can be content with and average arrangements in an average marriage.

Anubha calls Raj’s number. Raj complimented you on your arrangement. Anubha says, “I need to talk about something important; could you please accompany me?” Raj nods and they both leave. Masum inquires about his father’s whereabouts. According to Hosiyar, his son’s marriage may have gone for some work. Anubha leads Raj into the room where Amma is. Raj inquires as to why Amma is so tense. Anubha arrives and apologizes. Raj asks, “What are you saying?” “Did my daughter say something?” “I’m really sorry, don’t take her seriously,” Raj says. “We cane here to Manu, we will take her and leave.” Meet walks into the room and notices Raj. Raj recalls what he said to Meet about the father figure saying you’re here, you know the girls’ family. Anubha says that we were unable to inform you earlier that she is Manushi’s younger sister Meet. Raj says, “What a coincidence I eet you many times but didn’t ask your name,” implying that she is Manushi’s younger sister. Anubha apologizes, saying, “It was our fault; we kept something important from you because we thought her appearance would break this relationship.” Raj says we will break this relationship because of her, we will grow stronger because of her, you saved diamond from us but I met her already she, you are good parent that’s why you were worried that we will change our minds because of Meet don’t think of it any more although I like Meet more than Manushi, Raj says don’t get me wrong I just met Manushi but don’t know her yet, but I know Meet We can’t do it, according to Anubha. Raj inquires as to what you mean. Anubha snatches Manushi’s duppata. Raj says this is Manushi’s, and she will wear it and come. Anubha hands her a duppata. Raj inquires as to why you are giving this to me. Anubha says that we will be unable to bring Manushi because she has fled. Raj is taken aback and asks, “What are you saying?” Anubha says, “Everyone is waiting for my son’s marriage, and you’re saying Manushi ran away, are you aware of what you’re saying, what I’ll tell my son and his mother, this is the worst bad omen that frooms family goes away without marriage,” Amma says, “My guruji told me to get married within a certain time frame. What happened is that I gave every happiness to my son, but when the time came for his greatest happiness, I failed because of your daughter; I made a mistake in choosing Manushi, but my son must face the consequences.” Anubha and Meet are staring at Raj. Anubha recalls what happened earlier with Meet bown in front of Raj and declares that it is not worth saying anything else. Raj motions for Anubha to rise. Anubha says, “Everyone will question my parenting, my daughter did bad for the respect of my family, I cannot do things good after bringing her, but I can request you that there is one way which can help from happening something bad if your son gets married to a girl you know and like, a girl who is better than Manushi at this time.” Raj inquires as to who you are referring to. Anubha takes a look at Meet and sends her on her way with my younger daughter Meet. Meet, Amma, and Raj are taken aback. Anubha responds, “Yes, you know her, you’ve tested her, and you know her very well. If you don’t have any objections, you can ask your son to marry Meet.” Anubha pulls out a duppata in front of Raj. Episode end.

Precap: Anubha’s niece arrives and inquires about Meet, who must be busy with work, as well as Manushi’s whereabouts. I’m sure she’s looking stunning, and I can’t wait to see her. Meet Ahlawat says, “Meet you here, I’m sure you’re here to steal something.” Meet Huddah Manushi’s younger sister, according to Raj, and I want Meet Ahlawat to marry her. Meet Ahlawat, who tells me I can’t marry her.

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