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Meet Ahlawat on the phone, talking to Kunal, apologizing for having to leave due to a function and asking how he is. Kunal says, “Same bro, you left me in so much pain, I’m not going to leave that gurl, I’m going to the police station.” Meet Ahlawat, who says he’ll return your money as long as you don’t go to the police station. Kunal asks if you’re trying to help him or that goon. Meet Ahlawat, who says, “I just want you to see me at my house celebrating, so I’ll see you soon,” and then hangs up the phone. Meet Ahlawat says to himself, “This time I’ll hel Meet and free myself from Meet’s good deeds, and then I’ll never see her face again.” Remember what Meet Ahlawat said to you?

Babita and two of her friends. Is it true that Meet Ahlawat is marrying a girl from the Shahbadh area, according to Babita’s friend? Babita responds, “Well, I can smell someone wanting Babita to dance on traditional song in traditional dress in his son’s wedding so that you get topic for gossips, but this will be your dream, and for your kind information, I chose a girl for her beauty, and all the functions will be done under the comfort zone of the girls family and reception according to our status.” Another friend says Mrs. Soma stated that you did not invite her. Babita says, “You know what I think you should not make efforts to come to marriage, you should directly arrive at a 5 star hotel for reception and make sure you are wearing your designer clothes from my boutique, I don’t want you to look bad besides my daughter-in-law, I’m kidding and I have planned a surprise honeymoon for my kids to Switzerland.” Isha appears and tells Babita, “Let’s go check if everything is okay for function.” Isha takes her and says, “We’ll have Meet Ahlawat sit here and complete the first function, and then we’ll take her to this board where it’s written.” Manushi marries Meet and ask Meet Ahlawat to imprint his mehendi hand on this empty space, then make him sit here to complete the final stage of the function. Babita says it’s fantastic; now tell me what’s ready for my daughter-in-law. Isha says there’s no need to worry because that’s also ready.

Amma yells, “Get things ready quickly or it will be late!” Anubha enters and asks Ram Lakhan where Meet is. Ram says, “Meet went to pay money; she will be back right away,” and “Aunty is doing decoration of 5-6 nearby houses; everyone gave their room without hesitation.” Lakahn stated that our Meet would assist everyone, so everyone prepared to assist Meet. Anubha inquires of Ram Lakhan as to the whereabouts of all the jewelry and clothing that were present. They said the haldi ceremony would be held here, so Manushi dede instructed us to keep everything in her room.

Manu in her room: “You did a great job asking them to shift everything in her room,” she says to herself. “I should pack everything and run from here before Meet comes and starts packing everything.” Manu notices Kunal’s necklace and remarks, “This is important.” He examines all of the jewelry and declares, “I’ll be rich,” before packing everything. Manu takes a deep breath and says, “I’m sorry, Meet, I’m taking everything you earned.”

Sunaina says we’ll keep this kalash to greet Manu and keep it at the main door. Meet at Ahlawat’s function house and park her bike to deliver. Ragini tells Babita, “You will be happy after seeing the second arrangement; we decorated her path with flower petals and will shower her with flower petals when she reaches the desired point.” Gudda collects all of the flower petals. Masum tells Babita that after that, we will greet her with these clothes, and you will see her after the last clothe drop. Meet at the venue, get showered with flower petals, walk down the path with flowers, and let all of the clothes drop. Babita notices Meet coming in and recalls everything. Meet tells herself, “This is Ahlawat’s family, and I came here to deliver this.”

Manu opens the door to his room when he sees Amma approaching. Amma is asking Anubha where she should keep all the blankets when she notices Ram Lakhan carrying a sack with them. Amma asks, “What is this, and where are you going?” “Keep that there, and do your work quickly,” Amma says. Manu notices someone nearby and begins fleeing with her luggage. She recalls that she did not take property paper and enters the room to obtain it. Amma bursts through the door, yelling, “Someone listen to me and give brain to the people of this house, our Manu is getting married!” Manu opens the closet and takes the paper from the box. Anubha enters the room, and Shakuntala summons her downstair for some work. Anubha will be present. Manu exhales deeply and says, “Just saved.” Anubha inquires of Shakuntala as to what transpired. Shakuntala asks if I should bring tea leaves from here to make tea for your relatives, or if you should do it. Anubha says, “We will do it.” You’ve already given your house to your relatives, so don’t worry; we’ll take care of it. Manu flees through the window with his luggage.

After seeing Isha’s cloth about to catch fire, meet at the main door with Kalash and begin running inside the house. Babita yells, “Stop!” Start putting out fires with your friends. Babita exsays on Meet, “How dare you?” Meet says that I saw her cloth catching fire and had to flee. Babita advises doing your work and getting lost. Give them the pacrcel and leave. Ragini tells Babita that she brought chandan for our ceremony and you scolded her for being so impolite. Babita says she is the same girl because she ruined my mood that day by dancing in the middle of a traffic jam, talking rudely to me, and ruining Masum’s dress, I just hate her, she ruined everything, today is my son’s wedding function, I cannot afford to spoil my mood, show me what all arrangements you made. Ragini says, “First, smile, hug her, and take her.”

Manu stands outside her house with her bag and requests that the driver open the trunk. Driver takes a look at her. Manu says, “What are you looking at today? It’s my day going to the salon to get ready, and this is my makeup bag,” and asks the driver to go get some snacks. Manu leaves his luggage in the car and dials Kunal’s number. Manu says, “I’m ready to run; are you?” Kunal says I’m going to the hospital because one of your family’s goons beat me up. Manu is taken aback and shouts, “Meet!” Kunal says I’m referring to a girl with a bob haircut. Manu assures you that you need not be concerned. Kunal says, “I believe you know her because she was also calling you by deedee what’s going on.” Manu says that everyone in our family business refers to me as Deedee, and that she is the driver’s daughter. Kunal affirms. Manu says before hanging up, “I’ll talk to that drives daughter.” Kunal is given medicine by goons. Kunal is terrified when he sees them. Kunal is kidnapped by goons.

Raj enters the room and begins flirting with Babita. Babita says you all look lovely, and he adjusts his pocket square. Raj inquires as to the whereabouts of Meet Ahlawat. Anubha transports Manu downstairs for the ceremony and dancing. Everyone joins Meet Ahlawat and begins dancing. Meet appears downstairs, and Anubha attempts to dance with her. Babita performing a ceremony. Manu tells herself, “You’re celebrating after beating my Kunal.” Just wait, I’ll tell you. Anubha forces Manu to sit for the ceremony. Manu splatters oil on the floor. Babita says, “Meet Ahlawat, I didn’t realize you were so old and getting married.” Anubha performing Manu’s pooja. To God, Amma pary. Manu interrupts Anubha’s ceremony. Babita requests that Meet Ahlawat imprint his hand on the board for the ceremony. Manu expresses her desire to hug Meet and expresses her desire for Meet to begin the ceremony. Wait, we’re haryanvi, so we’ll play holi from this haldi, says Ram, and instructs everyone to make Meet Ahlawat sit and pour everything on him. Meet approaches Manu and slips due to the oil, spilling all of the turmeric on her face. Everyone in Ahlawat’s family is dancing and having a good time. Amma is taken aback. This is nemesis, according to the neighbor. Anubha asks, “What do you mean?” Meet Ahlawat, whom Ahlawat refers to as Manu. Babita and others join him, Meet’s friend picks up the phone, but Meet Ahlawat and others don’t see him, and Raj disconnects the call, saying your entire communication with the bride has been cancelled.

Manu yells at Meet, “What did you do?” “I was hugging you with so much love,” Manu says. “What will I do?” Amma scolds Meet, saying you spoil everything as usual, happy spoiling the ritual, and as usual you did everything wrong, Anubha says this bowl has some Haldi it will work, Manu says what do you think I will apply Meet’s left over haldi, no way, its better I don’t apply haldi. Amma says, “Look at how you made her cry.” Meet Ahlawat says I was just calling her and that all of these rules are outdated. Raj says that you don’t understand the joy of waiting, and that this generation is constantly informing everyone about everything; there is no suspense, and old rituals bring craze and a lot of excitement. Hoshiyar says, “Exactly like me.” Meet Ahlawat says, “As you say, Dad, if you believe this, I won’t call Manu; I’ll see her directly in the Mandap now.”

Amma says to Meet, because of you, my Manu is sad, and Anubha, this is why I keep her away from my Manu, and one day you will repay for all of this, Anubha says she isn’t at fault, she didn’t do anything on purpose, Amma says her black soul does everything, first she killed my grandson, and now she killed my Manu, and God, why did you leave her with us? Meet turns and walks away. Anubha was overcome with emotion.

Meet feels bad, she thinks of bad words said to her by Amma and Meet Ahlawat, Meet gets in her car, and the trunk opens. Manu says she wants to go to the parlor, but Anubha says you can’t go out today because it’s your Haldi, and you can’t go out until the wedding. Manu says, “But because of your daughter, I couldn’t apply Haldi, and now only a parlor will help me look good,” and asks Dadi to inform her. Amma says to Anubha, “Let her go, and why should she bear the consequences of someone else’s actions?” Manu says, “No, you can’t, I mean who will attend guests, so I’ll manage, and for God’s sake, don’t send Meet with me, it’s all her fault.” Anubha says, “Amma, today you are breaking a ritual,” but if you say, “Let her go, but take God’s blessings and then go,” she will. Manu says okay and drops a note in front of the temple, saying, “Mummy and Dadi, I’ll be back soon,” and thinking as Mrs. Kunal. Episode end.

Manu gets into the car and tells the driver, “Let’s go!” Mata Rani Mandir, and tears up as she walks away from her home. Manu leaves a voice message for Kunal.

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