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Read Meet 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat Breaks Friendship With Meet

Meet dressed of Manu. Manu bursts out laughing and ask as to why you are dressed in my clothes. Meet acts like Manu and make a blunder. Manu claims that dressing like me will not make you Manushi; instead, you must behave like me. Meet tells Manu, “What you thought was my performance, just wait and watch,” and then drapes a veil over him. Meet performs dances for her. Amma and Anubha accompany her. Everyone else joins her. Amma becomes emotional. Manu, too, experiences emotional outbursts. Meet requests that her friend go get some water. Amma says I’ll miss you terribly. Manu says I’ll miss you as well. Anubha says we will miss her terribly. Meet says she’ll be with us for a few days and that we’ll have a lot of fun. Anubha tells Amma. Meet has proven and fulfilled all of her promises, so now respect her as Manu’s sister; I want the Ahlawat family to understand how much Meet has done for Manu. Manu also asks that I tell everyone about my sister. Amma says, “Listen to me, for now, we have to focus on her wedding, and I don’t want any bad omen until then,” adding, “We will tell them after Manu gets married and impresses her in-laws.” Manu hugs his father and thinks, “Let me marry Kunal, and then you can do whatever you want.” Meet tells Anubha, “It’ll be so funny when Meet Ahlawat finds out about my relationship with Manu.” Meet reflects on her conversation with Meet Ahlawat.

Goons on the hunt for Kunal. Kunal is hiding in a dustbin, praying to God to finish this as soon as possible, so that when I marry Manushi and go to her mansion, I can throw money at these goons. Meet in the market while waiting for Ahlawat. Meet tells the tea vendor that once I pay this money, he will be free. Kunal hears about money and considers that he will need money to flee with Manushi and then can make excuses of being bankrupt, but it will take one week but I should have money until then, so Kunal calls a small boy and asks if he wants 500 rupees, here 100 rupees your advance, and whispers him his work. The boy acts as if he has fallen and is injured. Meet rushes over to the youngster. Kunal steals the package slowly, but Meet catches his hand and realizes it is Kunal. Kunal pushes her and flees. Meet is pursuing him. Meet knocks him down with a stone. Kunal and I have a fight. Meet smacks him down and tells him, “This is for bothering my sister.” Kunal was surprised to learn that Meet is Manu’s sister. Meet returns her package and tells her to stay away from her sister. Meet Ahlawat pulls over next to Meet in his car.

Meet Ahlawat, will you first have tea or shake hands as friends? she asks, extending her hand. Meet Ahlawat frowns at her and says, “I don’t feel like standing near you.” Meet Ahlawat notices Meet hitting Kunal and flees. Kunal informs him that she has fled with his money. Meet Ahlawat asks, “Are you sure?” Kunal claims she is a don who uses children to cause problems for others, and she stole all of my money; I intend to file a complaint against her. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I was so wrong about you and you are shabadz don, you only want money and nothing else, people say girl is dad’s princess and I don’t even know your father story is true and wherever your father is, he must be ashamed of you. Meet says enough and doesn’t say anything bad about my father; it’s my fault you’re cursing me. Meet Ahlawat says, “Perhaps it’s common for you, so let me tell you what’s right, I’ll tell your truth all you do is rob steal and fool innocent people, that’s why you became my friend to rob me too, but don’t worry I know your true colors and don’t trust you even a little bit and I don’t want to see your face ever again.” Meet has had enough. Meet Ahlawat, he says, and pay close attention. I’m starting a new life, and I don’t want people like you and snatches in it. Meet the package and depart.

Meet is moved to tears by Meet Ahlawat’s words. Meet at her father’s memorial says papa people say a lot about me but I’ve never felt so bad, what all nonsense he said to me, how can a police officer’s daughter be a thief, what wrong did I do, I’m so lonely and miss you so much, I don’t want to be anyone’s problem Meet receives a call from her boss requesting an urgent delivery. Meet claims that it is not possible. The boss informs you that Chandan has been delivered from Haridwar and that you must transport it to Chandigarh, which only you are capable of doing. Meet Ahlawat in tears, thinking about Meet. Episode end.

Precap: Manu’s haldi function and Meets Meet falls on Haldi, who has been sent to Manu by Meet Ahlawat, and gets all over her face.

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