Meet 13th September 2021 Written Update


Meet 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Meet Ahlawat And Kunal Brothers

Episode start: Meet Ahlawat in his room trying to send a photo in Tshirt by trying clothes and message from Manu. For herself, Manu says what I must waste my time and status on that T-shirt now. Mert goes to work. Mert goes to work. Manu says I forget about telling you to meet, I purchased a gift for you. Meet and say T-shirt looks nice on me and sees the print. Manu says what you look at and show me to wear it. Meet says this is a Tshirt couple where you bought the other half. Manu doesn’t say why I’m going to buy from sale and it’s not that couple that’s sister love. Mert says all right, then where’s another half. Manu says I’m slim, so I gave me alternate, I’ll get you by night but now you’re wearing you. Meet says all right that I’m going to show you. Manu gets Meet Ahlawat message. Meet Ahlawat, but think about how I should click on picture. Isha and Guddu are coming and asking where the other half of the heart is. Isha says I know the other half, right with Manu. Meet Ahlawat says that you’re taking my phone right now and clicking a photo. Isha says done. He says done. Meet Ahlawat now says let another half come to complete this. Come and wear T-shirt. Now Manu says wait, let me take a photo and ask her to turn back and click on the photo. Have a meeting with Ahlawat, Guddu and Isha waiting for Picture. Meet Ahlawat says I’m going to edit a photo now, keep quiet. Isha sees picture and says it’s as romantic as teo bodies and the heart. Manu says thank you because you accepted my gift. Meet says that I’m going to practise Cricket on this t-shirt because you purchased it with love. Manu says all right and Meet leaving. Manu says they both don’t know I’m sending her photo to Meet Ahlawat and giving his T-shirt to Meet, that’s why kundali matches are done because each other’s matches.

Come home tiered at night and drink water. Anubha comes with dinner and checks her temperature. Meeting says that it’s not fever because of the practise I did all day I’m going to go and sleep, and once marriage is done I’m going to relax. Anubha says to eat quickly, then I give you medicine and enough fighting is enough. Meeting says we’re not going to compromise because marriage is one time. Anubha says we’re not going to manage at all. Meet says she’s my only sister so we’re not going to manage. Anubha says you’re right, you’ve got a sister, but I’ve got two girls, so tomorrow you won’t play. Meeting says if dad was here, you think he will include. Anubha says he’s not going to have your body machine made, you’re not going to play the match tomorrow. Meet says I’m tired of going to bed later and talking. Anubha says all right to take this medicine first. Meet says all right now I’m going to go to bed. Manu listing it all.

Sitting together, Babita and Ragini. Babita says I finally decided this one after checking 1200 design. Ragini says last one, and I will print one to bring this card sample. Hoshiyar and Masum are coming. Masum says to Babita that you know what is going on, she says that we read the spy newspaper in a café, and we saw Manushi there, and she gave us a bill that she also told me about two different flavours. Masum says that’s not big, uf somebody’s waiting for them to drink 4-5 cups of coffee. Masum tells Babita that Hoshiyar is innocent that he doesn’t know who’s right or wrong, you tell me you run a big company so whoever comes new is right so how about Manushi she is coming into our family and what we know about her. Meet Ahlawat and tell him that you are absolutely right to learn from you how to present anything negatively. Hosiyar Jiju is all right, but how can you show anything with such a negative effect? Raj is coming and asking what’s going on. Babita says she looks at them but still acts like children struggling to wear the same colour. Raj says this relationship is always so different, fighting each other and one day sister suddenly gets married and goes far. Meeting Ahlawat tells Raj, Buah isn’t with us but I’ve met her Kid Ansh. Raj asks how he is. How is he? Meet Ahlawat says he’s good and said he’s going to come to my marriage. Raj says he’s the last sign if my sister is going to let him go, but his dad’s going because he didn’t let her meet us and break the whole relationship when my sister was alive. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t know, but I can call him if you want. Babita says you gave Ragini cards and leaves to print. Meet Ahlawat tells Masum not to create unnecessary problems and leaves. Masum says, I’ll raise this topic again whenever I get strong evidence against your wife.

Manu says to himself after hearing in her room that her mom is worried about her other daughters and not worried about my status and that she will give me gems after my new one matches the old one, but don’t worry, I don’t care because I have a set collars. Mini manus screams here at your diamond collar saying you are a wealthy kid to Kunal and if you wear this collar before him, you will see that you are a poor kid in two minutes. Manu says, but he will know some day that I’m not rich. Mini Manu tells Kunal that his mother is not ready to get married and that until that time, you have to take all the new and old jewellery, so that Kunal looks normal. Manu says that’s a good idea and once I marry it doesn’t go back and if he knows that I’m not a rich girl, then I’m controlled by what I’ve got, I have to start my drama from tomorrow and I’m done for it if it reaches the goal. Family Ahlawat gets ready for pooja. Grinding Anubha. Amma comes and tells everyone to do quickly and get ready for pooja. Manu comes down with a new necklace of diamonds and says it will help me get new jewellery. Anubha attaches a thread to Manu’s hand. Babita ties the thread around the hand of Meet Ahlawat and there are rituals in both families.

Babita says that Ragini will go to Manu’s house according to the first ritual marriage card. Ragini says all right this lovely look. Isha said as though I know that the family member doesn’t go so Deep will go, bhaiyas friend. Babita says you’re right. You’re right. Meet Ahlawat says Deep, Deep can’t go, but he has a work I’ll go because I’m going to go and give a meeting in Shahbadh, if you don’t want it I’m going to not go. Amma asks Anubha to be sweet to him. Anubha feeds Manu sweet and also gives him to meet and asks her how it was done. Amma takes Anubha’s hand and says what you’re doing, so she’s fasting, without water too, you didn’t tell her. Meet says Mother told me last night but I didn’t have any worries from morning, so I can continue. The diamond set is Anubha, Meet and Amma. Manu hides it, but Meet again reveals it. Calls from Sunaina Meet Ahlawat and tell us we’ve been sending you but you’ve said that I can’t go that way, we can’t force you. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t worry about it. Raj comes and says all right and then you can go, give them cards and gifts and meet Manu. Anubha tells Manu It looks like a true diamond necklace from which you got it.

Precap: Meeting asks me to help Ahlawat with the cricket team

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