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Read Meet 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update Episode Written Update: Meet Ahlawat And Kunal Are Related

Episode Start: Meet her friend in the market trying to get her team together for a match. Lakhan says they’re going to get ready. Man says we’re ready to play in your team, but you must wrestle with my child first. A man goes to Ram, and Lakhan goes to Ram. Man asks Meet you are afraid of what happens. Meet says I’m not afraid, I’m not ready to run. Meeting says to herself if I need money for the wedding of my sister, I must challenge him.

Manu on calling location Meet Ahlawat says I got to where you are. Meet Ahlawat says you have a bell. Manu goes to the bell and rings it around. Follow the music and go in the direction of a tag. Manu tells her I think something is bigger than a diamond set and calls. Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat welcomes her and sits on her knees. Manu says it’s so lovely I love it. Meet Ahlawat asking her to sit on the table and hold a gift. Manu thinks what’s inside and certainly says it’s going to have red diamonds and Manu got a dress, rose and love letter. Meet Ahlawat with poem and tells me right now that I’m working in my father’s company as assistant director but I assure you I will become President of this company and fulfil your dreams I promise that you’ll run away and get married to me. Manu tells me I was thinking of diamond, but if he’s that wealthy then he should’ve given me heavy diamond necklaces, then with my decision, I’m clear that his diamond Kunal and his car are all mine. Manu says you’re so sweet to Meet Ahlawat. Meeting Ahlawat asks Manu is yes. Manu says relax, our parents have already established our relationship. Manu says I must think to herself for a reason to break this relationship.

Meet her friend on the market ready for arm wrestling, and look at each other from both sides. Ram says he’s going to finish you strong to Meet. Lakhan says let’s forget it from here. Meet says we need marriage money and tells Lakhan a plan. Lakhan takes the phone and begins recording. Meet ready for arm wrestling, and tell you to close your ear, I want to say something. Man is coming closer and Meeting says that your hard work is useless if this video is viral. You start to think. Meet says if I lose there will be no problems, but if I win everybody will say she is like a lion, but what about her reputation. Meet suddenly grabs the man’s hand and loose him and starts celebrating win. Man says that’s fraudulent. Meeting tells you lost in mind and welcome the Shahbadh K Sikandar team from today’s evening. Man says delete my video, please. Meet says that the video has never been shot. Meet Ahlawat on the market with children’s sweets.

Meet Anubha in her house and say my cricket team’s ready now I’ll be winning this game. Anubha says go quickly and refresh. Meet ball playing in the room and hit Manushri photo by mistake. Meet says it’s a bugger if Amma sees it, she scolds me. Meet the picc up photo and see Kunal in Manushri’s photo. Manu is walking in and meeting gives her cold look. Meeting goes in the market to Kunal and turn him. Manu is trying to run away, but Meet is calling her. Manu goes and asks that hwat come to pass. Meet says you told me that he’s your classmate and you’ve got such pictures with your classmate. Meet Ahlawat tells you what the issue is Kunal, you thought you’re never going to face me. I think he knows I stole jewellery, that Kunal says to himself, anything will happen that I won’t let him call the police. Meet Ahlawat who hugs him and asks how my dramatic entry was, come on and hug your cousin. I was amazed by your surprise, Kunal says.

Meet Manu says I never told you to lie, but you did, you’re going to say anything now. Amma shouts at Meeting that you’re not satisfied that you shout outside now that you also have to shout at home, what’s going to happen. Before Amma screams on you, Manu says I’m going to go close the door and say it all to you, Manu says you’re going to be felt bad if I say anything, but I still tell you that you never went to college; there are lots of school activities then studying as musical drama dance and this photo shows you a character of couples and you judge me. Meet says why did you hide this picture, if this is the case? Manu says because other people also are going to react like you, you know why I kept this photo like this, because it’s a lovely memory for me I always know everyone’s going to clap on my picture for a lot, but you think you want to create a problem for my memory so it’s useless and destroy the photograph, but I don’t think you still have doubt so I’m going to call Meet Ahlawat. Meeting says no call is necessary I trust you, after seeing the photo I have some doubts because I care about you, I don’t want your future ruined so relax and meet. Manu says I was saved to herself today.

Meet Ahlawat, you know it was five years since we met you and we never met you after auntie’s death. After Mom’s death, Kunal tells Meet Ahlawat I went to Delhi and studied and worked. Meet Ahlawat says fighting between your father and my father was not good, but he respects aunty so much and loves her from my dad’s point of view but he didn’t want what was happening between your mother and dada. Kunal tells me I know, but my father didn’t let anybody meet me. Meet Ahlawat now, you know, how much your mom loves dad and he loves you, because you are his sister’s last sign. Kunal says I know, but I can sorry for the moment that I am not in touch and that you are right, bro, the problem of the old generation can be solved by the next generation. Meet Ahlawat says right and you know in the next ten days I’m getting married. Kunal commends him and asks who is a lucky girl. Meet Ahlawat tells me luckily she came into my life and I’m calling her moonshine, like that. Kunal tells us a lovely name. Meet Ahlawat says she’s so humble and pretty, I chose a diamond collar for today but somebody stole it. Kunal asks who he’s done you’ve seen his face. Meets Ahlawat tells me no, I can’t go empty by date so I bought a simple tshirt and wrote her a letters, so she was glad, and you must come to my marriage if you want to meet her yoi. I’m going to come because I’m curious about moonshine, beauty with simplicity, I’m going to definitely be a brother. Manu says to herself in her room, I finally decided that I would marry Kunal and live my luxurious life. Meeting says this guy isn’t good to himself, I think he provocatively or why he would run after seeing me? Episode End.

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