Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 17th September 2021 Written Update


Read Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 17th September 2021 Written Update: Jwala Accepts Raghav And Maithili’s Relationship

Episode start: Baksa tells JWala’s team that she took oath today to present Bappa 500 modaks by afternoon. Jwala does not say that it is a big thing, Rani and Rinky are going to prepare modaks. Rani and Rinky are giving expenses and acting cumbersome. Baksa says she’s going to pay 100 rs a modak. Rani and Rinky say they’re going to prepare it excitedly. Maithili goes in and says she’s going to help too. Jwala asks her to prepare five hundred modaks in four hours alone. Maithili consents. Baksa says she should crush kova and dryfruit and flour and prepare modak until 16 p.m. and she can ask anything if she succeeds. When power goes off, Maithili agrees and goes to the kitchen to grind ingredients. She’s now thinking about how to prepare modak. Jwala prepares modaks with Rani and Rinky, saying that Baksa wants to reward her daughter not her four-day-old bride.

Raghav comes back from his office and seeing Maithili grinding a modak stone mix asks what she is doing. She says she has 500 modaks to be prepared by 4 p.m. and power is gone. He asks the servant to check who only reports the power of their bungalow is off and he called the electrician to see who is going to come late. Raghav fixes fuse that remembers the struggle of Maithili. Maithili gets romantic and impressed. After fixing the fuse, Raghav drops the torch. Maithili rushes and her hands collide. As usual, he gets angry with her and she gets romantic. He’s going to go fuming away. Baksa begins at 4 p.m. Jwala provokes Maithili to be provoked by Baksa. Maithili takes modak away from Jwala on time and says only 16 modaks are left. Jwala is causing Baksa. Rani brings modak and boasts of being worried about the dignity of Baksa and not about her money. Thanks Maithili and says that whoever is preparing a modak, Bappa is not supposed to be starving. Baksa rewards Rani with bundles of money and pooja.

After a while, Baksa pampers Lily’s doll. Maithili takes Lily’s modak. Baksa gets upset at her and asks whether she butters her to be rewarded. Maithili says what is the use of buttering anyone when Bappa didn’t accept its modak. Baksa asks what she’d asked if she’d won. Maithili says Raghav wants to be with Raghav as every woman wants to be with her husband and asks her to stay in the room of Raghav. Baksa tells Tathastu and asks her to tell her MIL the truth about dowry. Maithili hesitates, but informs Jwala that she has disguised herself and given her dowry money. Jwala shouts what is wrong if she asks for the dowry to make her son a great officer after working so hard. Raghav hears this and says that he didn’t expect it. Maithili says his mother has done it for his future. Jwala gets excited and emotional Maithili accepts the relationship between Raghav and Maithili. Baksa is becoming emotional, taking Mangi and Jwala away. Maithili is asked by Raghav to forgive him. He asks him to get closer and excuses. And she smiles. He hugs her, and she smiles. Episode end.

The serial ended with a positive note with Jwala accepting the relationship between Raghav and Maithili.

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