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Maithili accepts Raghav’s help. Jwala scolds her. Jwala scolds her. Baksa says that nothing is wrong if neighbour calls Raghav like Gugua to help a wife instead of the husband. Raghav says he’s Raghav angrily. She taunts why he’s always around his wife. Raghav’s going to go fuming away. Maithili smiles. Maithili smiles. Jwala shouts again. Again. Maithili knows every task, Baksa says. Maithili says she has to prepare Bappa for bhog/prasad. Jwala signals that she needs to make bhog with wood in a mood stove. Baksa asks Maithili not to continue her smile, she will repent if she gets angry.

Jwala goes to the room of Raghav and emotionally chokes him again to recall how Maithili had humiliated her and her family. In his absence, Raghav says he’s going to work and doesn’t care what Maithili does. She says that she expects him to do the same. Baksa speaks to her doll in her room and pampers her like her daughter. Maithili comes in. Baksa is panicking and dropping her doll. Maithili picks her doll tyres, but Baksa warns her not to dare touch her doll. She came to inform her of bhog, Maithili says. Baksa gives her money and pushes her out of the room, locks her door, and again pampers her doll.

Jwala is sending her 2 daughters to spoil the effort of Maithili. Both of them pour water into the firewood. Maithili watching video tries to cook food on a firewood stove and find it wet, knows that somebody has done it deliberately. She’s trying to light firewood but she doesn’t. Jwala rejoices with her team. Raghav gets worried about Maithili in his office. Maithili thinks he’s looking for his assistance. Jwala and her team are coughing loudly watching smoke and complaining about Baksa. Bhanu is trying to be too friendly. Baksa tongue scatters him that for money he is buttering her. Banu says he follows his MIL only. Jwala shouts Maithili has not yet prepared bhog. With bhog thali, Maithili enters with goggles and mask on her face. Jwala laughs at her. She laughs at her. Maithili says that she prepared bhog even after she wetted firewood deliberately, as she found two water mugs nearby. Who did this odd act, Jwala looks at Jwala and the team asks. Maithili says whoever has done Bappa that disrespect. Rani asks how she made wet firewood for bhog. She uses upla/cow dung cake, Maithili says. Jwala tells her bhog spiolt. Maithili said she said she didn’t use a gas stove, so Upla is all right. Baksa says let us first introduce Bappa to bhog and then enjoy it. Jwala and her team smoke because their plan failed. Raghav comes back and sees Maithili’s rose card as a thank you card. He throws it away and gets angrier to find another card. Maithili goes in. Maithili goes in. He says her efforts won’t work on him because she’s nothing. She says she’s his wife. she says she’s his wife. He’s pulling her out of his room. She says she’s not going to go as she knows that he’s a true, loyal, unfailing person. He tells her that she’s still an arrogant, selfish and stupid girl, closing the door on her face. She’s sadly standing.

Precap: Baksa promises Maithili that she will reward her with anything she wants, if she prepares 500 modaks.

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