Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 13th September 2021 Written Update


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Episode start : Jwala gets ready for Ganapati pooja. Jwala walks and offers her jewellery, commenting on her. Maithili gets tensed and says now that she doesn’t need them. Jwala says Baksa is going to taunt her and give it to her forcefully. Maithili believes his fake jewellery to be sold as real, if the family identifies it, to pay Chanchal’s loan. Chanchal tells her her that her family is here. Maithili meets Sadhna and Bhavana happily. Baksa’s Jwala jokes. Baksa answers a witty answer and asks Maithili to begin pooja if she has gone. Maithili performs Bhavana and her bracelet falls down while she is serving her guests. Baksa takes it and says if it’s brass or copper, she liked the design. Sadhna reacts and warns her tongue of pure gold for 22 carats. Baksa taunts that 50 carat gold has to be for her, but it doesn’t actually valued 50 rs. How to Guests Sadhna distinguishes between her daughters and her stepdaughter and therefore she gave her fake gems. Sadhna says she never distinguished her children from each other.

Jwala begins to humiliate Sadhna. Sadhna’s counter claims Jwala exchanged jewellery from Maithili. Sadhna’s emotoinal drama begins. In Sadhna Raghav shouts and says his family is poor, but not gullible. Sadhna says that he respects him, but she doesn’t allow anybody to assault her dignity. In a rudest language, Jwala tells her to marry her daughter with Raghav to save her husband’s job. Maithili remembers the incident and believes that Sadhna has lied that Raghav saves his job. Sadhna says that for her odd act, Jwala cannot humiliate her. Maithili continues his argument asking them to stop. Baksa asks Maithili why she is involved and asks for the truth to be disclosed. Maithili reveals that she has exchanged and sold the jewellery.

Jwala shouts at Maithili to say whom she sold as lakhs worth it. At this time, Maithili says she can’t. Sadhna says Maithili disgusted them, even after she was well educated and went to the door. Maithili pleads for stopping her. Bhavana says that she was jealous of the officer married to Maithili, but she pitied her, seeing her condition. Maithili is crying to see them go. Chanchal says he’s going to reveal all the truth. Maithili stops him. Maithili stops him. Baksa asks Chanchal to bring her baksa/box and requests that it be opened. Jwala’s family is surprised to see a box full of money and jewellery. Baksa says that Maithili is her bahu, she doesn’t know what she’s done about her jewels, she should get her true gems and money from this box. The eyes of Jwala open in greed. Maithili closes the box and says that she has the gem in her married and her stree dhan, she can do whatever she wants, but she can obey God for not selling it on wrong grounds. Baksa looks at the facial expression of Chanchal and Maithli. Episode end.

Precap: Raghav asks Maithili to sign divorce documents and leaves his life. When Baksa stops her, Jwala drags Maithili to the door.

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