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Shubhra says to Madhura, “You always told me to look for proof before blaming anyone.” How can you accuse Kuldeep without providing evidence? Madhura exclaims, “Wow, you want to silence me by exploiting my upbringing?” Your husband’s love has rendered you deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening Open your eyes and you’ll see that this man is the one who brought Sam into our lives. Because of this man, our lives have been ruined. Kuldeep, how did you find out about your baba’s mother? Is Sam insane to tell him he murdered him? They are criminal associates. Sam may have killed your baba, but Kuldeep is also to blame. Shubhra asks that she stop. Madhura says, “Stop trusting this man; I don’t want to see his face; tell him to leave or I’ll return home.” She storms out of there, furious. Shubhra sobs and embraces Kuldeep. Kuldeep tells her not to say anything because she loved him. I’d react the same way; she’s upset about losing your baba. She is venting her rage on me, so don’t worry, I’m fine; just be strong. Shubhra apologizes and asks that she be careful. Kuldeep nods and walks out of the house.

Kuldeep has taken the call. Sam approaches him and stares at him. Kuldeep is calling around for a loan, but no one will accept his application. He’s tense. Sam approaches him and asks, “What are you going to do now?” You can’t get a loan, so how are you going to fly? Without me, you’re nothing. You thought you were a self-made man? You are Sam-made; if you think you can leave me, you are a fool. You will not be able to obtain a loan without my assistance. Let’s go to Mumbai so you can see your family once or twice a month. We have the option of relocating abroad as well. Kuldeep believes you can go alone and settle there because no one else can accompany you. Sam asks that if I abandon you, no one will be able to save you. Kuldeep asks that I must be saved from you. Get out of my clutches, Sam thinks he’s dreaming. She smirks and walks away. Kuldeep believes that no one is willing to lend me money. Shubhra has Narayan’s money, but I am unable to use it. I can assist Shubhra in establishing his business, which was his dream. I should seek Beeji’s advice.

Shubhra approaches Rishi and Roli. We don’t like Aaji badmouthing Baba, according to Rishi. Roli expresses her displeasure with Baba. Rishi questions why Aaji is upset with us. Shubhra asks she has a right to be angry because she is a mother. Roli asks she is unkind. Rishi yells that I will not forgive her because she believes Narayan died because of Baba or me. I’m not going to talk to her anymore. Shubhra is feeling helpless.

Kuldeep tells Chandrani that he, too, feels the loss of Narayan. Aaji is always blaming me, but when do I have to keep proving my innocence? Chandrani suggests thinking about Madhura, who recently lost her partner and is unable to see clearly. The truth will come to light. I understand Madhura’s anguish; I, too, have lost a partner. I was the same way after your father died. Kuldeep hugs her and tells her that he never asked her about her pain. Chandrani asks that after losing him, she began to look for him everywhere. I used to despise the world, including you, Shubhra. I see Madhura enraged at you and identify with her. Her wounds will heal with time. Kuldeep asks that I now understand her anguish. She must be in a bad mood. Try to talk to her at least once. Chandrani asks that she will not listen to anyone right now and that only time will heal her. She is upset with me, but I will go meet with her. Kuldeep beams.

Chandrani and Kuldeep arrive at Shubhra’s home. Chandrani embraces Shubhra and the children. Madhura dismisses them. Kuldeep embraces Shubhra. Chandrani serves ice cream to the children. Madhura believes that only a few days have passed since Narayan’s death, and she is celebrating with the children as if it were a happy occasion. Chandrani departs for Madhura. Kuldeep invites Shubhra to meet with him. They walk away.

Kuldeep tells Shubhra, “You may not agree with what I’m about to say, but we need a bigger house.” Your baba has given us a chance, he has given you his business, and now it is our turn to start a new life. Shubhra agrees, but I can’t talk to Ayi right now because she won’t trust you with Baba’s business; we must first gain her trust. Kuldeep observes. Episode end.

Precap: Kuldeep tells Shubhra, “I don’t want a penny from your baba’s wealth; I just want to take his small business forward with you; we’ll work on it together.” Madhura approaches Shubhra and asks if she will collaborate with Kuldeep on her baba’s business. Kuldeep was behind my husband’s business, I now realize. Shubhra looks surprised when he hears that.

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