Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th September 2021 Written Update: Sam Challenges Shubhra

Shubhra is told by the inspector not to act like a detective. Shubhra believes it is your responsibility to solve the case and bring justice to the victims. Prove it if you believe my baba died naturally. I will gladly accept it. According to the inspector, you will tell me what to do. This is not true for me. Shubhra says she will leave only when she is certain that her father was not murdered. I’m not asking you to prove that murder, but rather that one did not occur. I’m making a request. Okay, he says, I’ll talk to your mother and Vithal. Shubhra thanks him and walks away.

Rishi is sitting in his house, depressed. Madhura inquires about Roli’s whereabouts. He claims she went out to play. Madhura invites you to come and eat something. She forces him to eat with his hands. Rishi claims that Narayan used to make the best food. What was Sam thinking when he did this to him? Only one person, according to Madhura, can provide an answer. Your father brought Sam into our lives so that only he could explain why Sam murdered Narayan. Rishi yells, “Sam murdered Narayan, so why do you keep blaming my father?” Because that is the truth, says Madhura. Rishi claims he made a mistake, but he has changed his mind and is no longer friends with Sam. Why do you keep blaming him when he is apologizing for his error? But, as Madhura points out, your father keeps making the same mistake. Rishi claims that his father now loves his family, that his father made no mistakes, and that he is very nice. He walks away from there.

Shubhra runs into Harsh. Harsh advises her not to be stressed. You are welcome to contact me. Shubhra says you’re a friend, so I’d like to tell you that I’m feeling helpless right now and can’t see a way forward. According to Harsh, it is sometimes better to wait and look for an opportunity. Shubhra claims that I am unable to sit silently. Harsh suggests shaking the tree to see if you can find a fruit. At the very least, you’d have the impression that you’re making an effort. Shubhra thanks you and says, “I know what I have to do now.” I’m not sure what I’d do without you. She walks away. Harsh smiles sadly and says, “What would I do without you?” Shubhra, I can’t be with you, but I can support you. I know you adore Kuldeep, but my heart is broken. I’m powerless to stop it. You and Kuldeep are in love, and you both want to stay together, but Sam’s mind is twisted, and she will not remain silent. I also need to shake the tree.

Kuldeep and Sam are sitting next to each other. Kuldeep claims that without Shubhra, he is bored. You can’t be manipulative like me, says Sam, so don’t try to act like a bad boy. Let’s find out who you are and who Sam is. Don’t let the balance shift between us because you’re stupid and I’m smart. Because of our love, Kuldeep claims that I am becoming more like you. Let’s play truth or dare, says Sam. Let the game begin, says Kuldeep. Shubhra arrives and declares that Sam can never tell the truth. She wonders if Sam has the guts to play truth or dare. Sam says you’ll have a good time now that you’re here. I prefer the truth. The truth is that, as much as you adore Kuldeep, he is with me. She tells Shubhra that her dare is to attempt to steal Kuldeep from her. Shubhra claims that I and Kuldeep can’t live apart, so why can’t you leave us alone? Sam says you think I’m as head over heels in love with Kuldeep as you are. This Kuldeep abandoned you for me first, and then abandoned me for you. Someone would be foolish enough to fall in love with him. Accept the dare that your husband will accompany me. Don’t squander your life. Shubhra responds, “Not my entire life,” because your remaining life will be spent in prison for murdering my father. Sam angrily throws a bottle at her, but Kuldeep protects Shubhra. Sam asks if he can put me in jail so he can be with Kuldeep. Don’t make me angry because if I have to go to jail, why not kill more people before I go? She walks away from there. Shubhra observes.

Rishi is working out. Roli instructs him to be smarter rather than build a body. Rishi claims that papa has muscles and is also intelligent. Madhura claims you aspire to be like your father. I expected you to be like your mother because your father is a bad man who destroyed your Ayi and both of your lives. Rishi says, “Don’t talk about my father; you don’t live with him, so you don’t know him.” You’re not even related to our Ayi. Don’t say anything to my father. Madhura slaps him angrily. Rishi pushes her away angrily. Roli rushes over to Madhura and tells her that she will have Ayi scold him. Madhura observes. Episode end.

Precap: Shubhra chastises Rishi for insulting Madhura. She threatens to lock you in the room. Rishi claims she slapped me after badmouthing you and papa. Shubhra says, “Don’t say anything or I’ll slap you.” Madhura informs Shubhra that your father’s assassin is your husband’s mistress Sam, and if not them, it is your son Rishi. Shubhra is taken aback by this news.

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