Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd August 2021 Written Update


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Episode Start: Shubhra says I know how to get things done. You will get the court’s order and you can’t answer them with a shoe. This isn’t the old Shubhra, this Shubhra gets what she wants. Samaira says get out of my house. I will call the police and get you arrested for trespassing into my house. Shubhra says control your emotions. She leaves. Samaira says don’t you ever dare to enter my house again. You middle-class woman. Shubhra says I will get the key to her secrets.

The kids play. Roli asks Rishi why are you sad? You lost. But it’s okay. You lost today you can win tomorrow. Chandrani gives them juice.

Shubhra comes to meet Harsh. He brings coffee for both of them. She says when did you come? He says when they were calling your name. Should I sit? Shubhra says yes. He asks how’s life and how are kids? Shubhra says kids are good. He says this is the old Shubhra. Where did my friend Shubhra go? Is she stuck in a problem. Shubhra says there’s no problem. He says your face and words aren’t matching. Shubhra says Samaira has filed the fraud case on Kuldeep. When I asked for office papers, she got angry. Harsh says this is her weakness. Shubhra says she reacted so bad like it’s something. Harsh says it’s called defense. People do this when they are secretive. Shubhra says how do I cater to her? I want those papers. Harsh says Samaira is like a scared snake. Why is she hiding her accounts from you? You are not an income tax officers. You and lawyers can’t do anything. Shubhra says income tax? She must have done tax fraud. That’s why she hides her accounts. Harsh says it could be a big fraud. Shubhra says Kuldeep told me he had to sign a lot of papers. This means the responsibility could be on Kuldeep as well and this fraud case on his can be real. Harsh says the court asks for evidence. What if evidence is also against Kuldeep?

Samaira comes to the room and sings hum tum.. Kuldeep says why is the door locked? She says I want you to stay with me forever. Kuldeep says I will count till 10. Ask phirki to open the door. Or I will leave this house. He says Phirki open the door. Samaira says she won’t. He says is this a relationship or a jail? It’s impossible to live with you. She says what did I do? He says you are a mystery. No one can guess what you plan or do. What do I know about you? I don’t know any secret of your comapny. I am in your life and don’t know your past or present. She says what are you saying? I didn’t hide anything from you. He says what do I know about? Your parents? Your daughter? you hid everything from me or lie. I don’t want these lies in my life. My life with Shubhra was a lot better. She never lied or hid anything from me. I cheated not her. She always told me the truth. I took her for granted. Samaira breaks the lamp and says never dare to compare me with your middle-class ex-wife. I have tolerated her enough and your family. You said you will defeat her and I agreed. What did you hide from me? Can’t you see what I am doing for you. He says yeah, I feel so good. File a fraud case on me and threaten to send me to jail. You break things. You do a lot. Don’t do anything anymore now. Leave me alone. Samaira says you are so perfect. We are fighting like husband and wife. This marriage is perfect. She hugs him.

Shubhra says Harsh said Samaira is like a snake. She can hurt anyone. It looks like something bad will happen. Their family photo falls. Chandrani is scared. She says my heart knows something wrong is going to happen. Madhura says you are scared about your son. He’s like what he always was. She is taking his troubles on her. She’s worried because of Kuldeep. The photo falls. Madhura says this isn’t a good omen. Chandrani calls Kuldeep. Shubhra says what are you doing? She says I will ask him to live there. I am going there. Shubhra says I will bring him don’t worry.

Shubhra comes to Samaira’s place. She calls Kuldeep. Kuldeep comes out. He says all okay? Shubhra says where is Samaira? He says she’s asleep. Shubhra says everyone is really worried for you. You will stay at our place. Kuldeep asks what happened? She says everyone thinks something bad will happen. He says I have a plan. don’t worry. I will get Samaira drunk and I will transfer all the data from her laptop. We will have all her secrets. Shubhra says Harsh has suggested she’s like a scared snake. She can attack anyone. She will be poisonous. He knows people more than us. Please come with me. It’s better to be careful. Samaira comes out and says I asked you not to come to my house so you started meeting my husband outside the house?. Episode end.

Precap-Kuldeep eats food. He feels sick. Samaira looks at him. She takes his phone. Kuldeep faints and falls on the floor.

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