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Kuldeep says to Shubhra, do I say to you… Shubhra tells me that you can share anything with me. Kuldeep looks away. Kuldeep looks away. Shubhra takes him to her small mandir and says what you want to tell me now. God is going to hear you, I’ve shared a lot about you with him. From there, Kuldeep takes her and takes her to the balcony. Shubhra says I’m your wife, everybody’s sleeping. You can say anything to me that you want. She says that I can hear your heartbeat, and I want to hear it for life, you will never leave me again, right? Kuldeep tightly hugs her. Shubhra says your heartbeat replied to me and it says that you’re never going to leave me. Shubhra says you are too tightly hugging me. What happened? What happened? Kuldeep moves away. Kuldeep moves away from it. What happened to Shubhra? When our relationship was silent, but I can no longer bear your silence. If you hide the truth from me again, then we’ll be separated, tell me that. Kuldeep says I’m going to tell you all.

Sam likes her drink and dances to herself. She looks at the photo of Kuldeep and says that he will come back to me soon, he has no choice.

Kuldeep wipes the tears of Shubhra and I promise you I’m not going to spare Sam. Shubhra is astonished and Sam says my dad was killed? She’s about to fall down, but Kuldeep is holding her. Shubhra tells her how she went into the house? I’m sure she was behind his death, Kuldeep says we need evidence to arrest her. Shubhra tells me that I can call Harsh. Kuldeep says in the morning we’re going to talk to him. Shubhra screams and is hugging him. Shubhra says Sam has taken from me my dad, she isn’t going to stop there, she’s going to snatch you from me, too. Kuldeep is hugging her and telling her that I will not let her. Last time I made a mistake, I wasn’t with you, but now I am with you. We’re going to face Sam together. Shubhra shouts and baba says. Kuldeep is hugsing her. Hugs her.

Sam sends a voicenote to Kuldeep in the morning that she is waiting for him. You’re still not here, it’s not fair, I could cross another limit if you don’t arrive quickly. Shubhra is furious to hear that.

Scene 2 Kuldeep and Shubhra are met by the doctor. His report tells the doctor that he died from a heart attack. There’s Harsh too. The doctor says I would’ve requested the postmortem if I had a doubt. With my experience, I tell you that nothing foul happened in his death. Harsh is asking Shubhra to relax. The doctor says you should talk to the police if you can’t tell me something. I’m going to help you as much as I can. He leaves there. He leaves there. Shubhra is restless. It’s restless. Kuldeep says that we can’t medically prove it. Shubhra says we’re supposed to go to the police. This isn’t the right time, Harsh says. I called somebody to help us. I called somebody. He calls the lokhande of the inspector. He says I’m assisting him with criminal proceedings, so I called him to help us. Lokhande sits with them. Sit with them. Harsh tells him about the condition of Sam. He knows her relationship with both of you as well. Lokhande tells Shubhra I’m sorry I’m going to help you hear about your father. We have no evidence, even now we can’t postmortem, so it’s very difficult to prove that Sam was behind his death. Shubhra says she’s a psychic, she’s also been trying to poison Kuldeep. Lokhande says we had no evidence of Sam poisoning him. Even if we say that Sam was involved in the death of your father, we have no evidence. After his death, his house was cleaned and we won’t get a fingerprint. Sam just has a picture of your dad that she could have now deleted. She’s clever so we can’t file such a FIR. He asks who was with her dad when she died? Shubhra is saying that my Ayi was with him, she takes a pill to sleep so when she died she went to sleep. So nobody saw Sam entering the house, Lokhande says. There was no sign that the house was forced to enter. We have no evidence or testimony against her. She says she’s very dangerous, Shubhra says. She can do anything, she can do anything. Lokhande says you can file a FIR against her but you should talk to your Ayi first, she’s the only witness we know maybe. Shubhra looks on. Shubhra looks on.

Shubhra and Kuldeep return home. Shubhra sits outside the house. Sitting outside. Kuldeep tells us to go in. Let’s go in. Shubhra says Sam can do anything, but we are all in danger if she is responsible for baba’s death. No one in our family is safe. That’s why we need to talk to your Ayi, Kuldeep says. Shubhra says perhaps Sam lied? Baba’s dead and she uses it to get you back? She might not have been involved? What am I going to ask Ayi? If I tell her Sam might be behind the death of Baba, then she can’t take it. Sam would like to win you again, so maybe she lies, she could have made a storey about this. She’d like our family to hate you. Kuldeep says we don’t have time, we have to talk first with Ayi, let’s go. He’s taking her into the house.

Kuldeep and his family are sitting. Shubhra takes Madhura and says that Chandrani has made your favourite dishes. Madhura shouts at the food. Baba usually likes this food, Shubhra says. She hugs Madhura and says that if you don’t, we won’t eat. Something Chandrani asks her to eat. I can’t forget him, Madhura says. He was so pleased, not even waking me up. He was so glad. I’d do anything to save him. Shubhra hugs her and asks how the last day of baba was? Madhura says that we went shopping and then ate together. He took his medicine, and then watched the video of Rishi. He began to practise dance. It’s all my fault, I should’ve stopped him. Shubhra is hugging her and telling her no. Kuldeep looks on. Kuldeep looks on. Rishi is furious to hear all of that.

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