Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode: start: Samaira makes Kuldeep eat. He says what’s this tasteless bland food. Samaira goes to Phirki in anger and says what’s written. Phirki reads in speed. Kuldeep says what’s she saying? Phirki says if the husband has slipped into another woman to find out, don’t add salt in the food. Just add love. If he eats with the love he’s yours if. If he creates the problems he’s out of your control. Kuldeep says shut up. Samaira says you don’t love me. you have slipped. Stip yourself or i will do something. i will hit you. Kuldeep says you doubted my love? I tolerate so much. You snore sort of a monster at night. You fart so bad. Samaira says stop lying. Kuldeep says I tolerate all this. i will sleep in a different room. Samaira says what’s he saying? He’s lying.

Shubhra cleans the house. Shubhra does arti and gets the kids ready. The song love you Zindagi plays. Chandrani says there’s no festival yet of these preps? Shubhra says your son is coming. Chandrani says your student? She says yeah he’s working hard to pass the exams. He should feel better here, after coming here annoyed by Samaira.

Kuldeep says to Rajyadaksh i’m getting the proposal ready for you. Samaira comes. He closes it. Samaira says can’t you see me? He says it’s your house. Samaira says I came and you’re going? He says I even have so much work. She says your ring.. He says what? Samaira says what was it doing within the bathroom? He says i’m not free from my first wedding yet. i will wear it after divorce. Shubhra is my wife legally. I took off her ring and she didn’t object. Samaira says enough. She has made my life miserable. nobody will take her name in this house. Kuldeep says you also made her life miserable. we should suffer a bit at least. you ought to feel the same. Samaira says please don’t go to her. we’ll watch your favorite movie and get your favorite food. Anything else? He says it’s an important meeting for kids’ future.

Samaira shouts and says don’t get me mad. you have two options, be my dog or arrange 50 crores. i will be able to trap you in that case. Kuldeep says in heart keep playing your game.

The kids ask when will papa come? Roli says we should do something special for him. Chandrani says we’ll make Pudding for him. the kids make pudding for her. Bell rings. the kids say papa.. Madhura and Narain come in. Roli says thank God papa didn’t come. we’ll have more time to make pudding. Narain says he’s coming again? Shubhra says to complete divorce formalities. Samaira has made his life miserable. Madhura says why should you care? Narain says i know you’ll always take his side. the kids say aaji, aaju ba we made this for papa. Please taste. They taste it and say it’s so good. Roli says papa will like it? Narain says yes. Madhura says go change your clothes. Shubhra says thank you. Madhura says he’s still their father. Shubhra says i want the kids to feel that they have a family which includes their father. Narain says in 6 months you’ll be divorced. Give me all his bank documents, for the alimony. My daughter and her kids should get her rights. i will ask him. Shubhra says i will do it. Promise. Narain says you’ve got good business knowledge but you should also know how to judge people. you still trust Kuldeep but don’t blindly trust anyone.

Kuldeep sits in Samaira’s feet and says please baby.. don’t send me the jail. you have spoiled me. I can’t live in jail. I can be your dog. Please. Samaira says i’m not Shubhra.

Rishi asks will papa come? Roli says i’m hungry. Can we eat? we can eat pudding with papa. Shubhra says to eat the food. Shubhra calls Kuldeep. Samaira says you’re doing drama. He says I can never do drama with you. i love you. I can’t cheat on you. She says what about what you did with Rajyadaksh. Kuldeep says what? She says come with me. Samaira makes him email Rajyadaksh. Dear Mr. Rajyadaksh I regret to tell you that I even have rejected your offer. i’m happy with Samaira in her company. I can’t join you. Samaira says send it. He does it. Kuldeep says in heart you don’t know the real game. Episode ends.

Precap: Samaira says let’s initiate the action of fraud case of Mr. Kuldeep. There should be no way out. Kuldeep hears it. the kids ask will papa be arrested? Roli says is he bad?

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