Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Sam Gives A Reality Check To Kuldeep

Episode start: Shubhra asks Harsh what had been in the reports of her father? Harsh says he’s got a heart attack, he also got diabetes. Madhura says that I took so much care of him. I also took care of his diet so how could he have a heart? He practised for dance and was absolutely okay. I went to sleep, but he continued to practise. Rishi looks at the video that he sent to Narayan and shouts. He says that I sent him a video dance, he died due to me. He’s getting hysterical. Shubhra is trying to relax him. From there Madhura takes Roli. Kuldeep says that you haven’t done anything. Harsh says you must be Rishi strong. Rishi says I murdered him, he died for me. This is why he died, Harsh tells him that he was old, hugs him and asks him to relax. Take only slow breaths. In his arms, Rishi calms down. Harsh says you must be pleased with your granddaughter. Rishi says don’t leave me the uncle of Harsh. Harsh tells me to go and rest, I’m with you always. He takes him from there. He takes him. As she shouts, Kuldeep hugs Shubhra. Harsh comes to them. Harsh comes to them. What happened to him, Kuldeep asks? Harsh says that he feels guilty. He sent Narayan a dance video, so he thinks that Narayan died of him. Shubhra says he’s just come out of a crisis and that now. Kuldeep says it’s not his fault we’re going to tell him. Shubhra says he’s a child, how’s he going to bear that? Harsh is asking her to relax. Rishi is very angry with himself, we must keep him calm, he blamed himself for something in which he was not involved. He needs emotional support and I’ll remove his guilt. We must prevent him from going to extremes. We’re going to handle Rishi together. Kuldeep nods. Kuldeep nods.

Madhura sits in her house and Narayan imagines. She’s crying, but Shubhra’s coming and hugging her. She’s asking her to relax. Shubhra says that we can’t leave you here, we must come with us. Madhura’s head is shaking. Rishi and Roli are pleading with her to come. Unfortunately, Madhura looks at her house and leaves with them. The family takes Madhura home. Chandrani is sitting with her. With her. Shubhra says something to Madhura. You cannot be like this. You cannot be like this. Madhura doesn’t know her. Shubhra is going to her room and shouting. Kuldeep is coming and holding her hand. Shubhra is hugging him and his sobs. I understand your pain. Chandrani tells Madhura that I have also faced this pain. When my husband left me, I didn’t think that I could live without him, but I realised that I’m not his wife, but also the mother of Kuldeep. That’s why we’re still here, we have responsibilities left. We have a family for which to live. I know your pain will not diminish, but we must bury it. We have grandchildren to give us good luck, I miss my husband a lot, but after a while you’re no longer painful, it becomes your companion. Madhura collapses so Chandrani consoles her saying that we’re all with you. We’re going to share your pain.

Hugs Shubhra Kuldeep and says we’re all with your Ayi, she’s going to be living with us now. Shubhra nods and says we can live in one room with children. The second room can be shared by Ayi and Beeji. Kuldeep says one child ought to stay with Ayi so that they can keep her occupied. The children aren’t going to share the room with us soon. Shubhra says they need to study so they need room. For them, this house is small. Kuldeep says that for now we can create space for them in the lounge. Shubhra says I’m confused about what to do. Kuldeep says we’re going to get a good solution soon, we’re going to manage. Madhura comes and says don’t worry, in a few days I’m going to leave. Or perhaps you can all come and stay in my house. Kuldeep says don’t worry, we’re going to manage it all. The doorbell is ringing, Phirki opens the door to Kuldeep. She tells Sam that here’s the one you waited for. Kuldeep begins to look in the drawers. Sam smirks. Sam smirks. Kuldeep doesn’t know her. Sam tells you to look for the files? Anywhere are you investing? Kuldeep says yes, I’ll buy my family a bigger house. Sam says good thinking, but it means that you need a large loan. Kuldeep says no because I’m going to take a joint loan with my wife. Sam says the house of your Beeji is small to sell. Kuldeep says Beeji gave it to Shubhra, and this is our home for the family, but you won’t understand it. Shubhra and I have the power to buy our family another house. He starts leaving but Sam pushes him on his couch and says I know about Shubhra’s dad, should her mother be sad, too? Shubhra must be sad to see her dad dead. Kuldeep pushes and leaves her away. Sam whispers Phirki something. Sam stops Kuldeep and asks him to have a coffee with her. She makes him sit. She makes him sit. She says you have no money to receive a loan, why would a bank give you a loan? You’re no longer even my employee. Kuldeep says you think you’re clever, I’m in your company during the notifications so I’ll get the pay. Sam says I’ve demoted you already. Kuldeep’s amazed. Episode end.

Precap: Sam tells Kuldeep that anything that happened was due to you and your poor son thinks his grandfather died because of him. She shows the video of Narayan when he died. Kuldeep is amazed to know that Sam had been behind his death.

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