Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Shubhra Finds Narayan Dead In His House

Episode start: Narayan falls and shouts for Madhura. Sam is coming and smirks. Narayan is trying to hold her hand, but Sam is glaring at him. Narayan’s amazed. You want to call your wife, Sam says? She left in a dreamy location, and it’s time for you. But Sam pushes him away and says your time’s up. Narayan tries to attack her. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Narayan says why all this Sam is you doing? Sam says that I told your daughter not to do this, but she has taken away my Kuldeep, so it’s my revenge. You must leave the world and then my Kuldeep returns to me. She’s taking a pillow and choking him. Narayan is trying to fight, but she’s not letting him. Phirki comes in and says he’s dead, leaving him. Let’s go from here. Let’s go from here. Sam is bursting into a confetti, taking his photo and smirking. From there, Phirki takes her.

In the morning, Shubhra comes with her family to her parents’ house. Rishi and Roli look for them. They look around. She calls him and Narayan sees him lying on the ground. Kuldeep’s amazed at seeing him. Kuldeep checks and doesn’t find his pulse. Shubhra yells and asks him to seek Madhura. Kuldeep is running into her room and finding her lying on her bed. He’s checking her pulse, finding it, and rushing to Shubhra. Shubhra shouts and says Baba’s gotta wake up. Kuldeep hugs her and says calmly, it’s going to be all right. He says your mother’s going to sleep. Shubhra’s mother is waking up and telling her about the death of Narayan. Madhura goes hysterically to the lounge and rushes. Shubhra hugs and shouts at her. Chandrani makes Narayan a poster. She gets a call from Kuldeep who tells her Narayan is dead. Chandrani’s outraged.

When Phirki brings her shopping bags, Sam drinks alcohol. Phirki says thank you so much money for giving me. Sam gives a watch to her. Sam says Kuldeep’s going to come back to me soon. Shubhra comes to her dad’s room and shouts. She remembers her dad’s moments. The family gathers and prays for Narayan in the lounge. They meet his prayer. Shubhra cries and says that our family has just met and he has left us.
All members of the family are sad because of the death of Narayan. Shubhra tries Madhura’s console. The children are also sorry that Narayan is no longer. Chandrani sadly sits in her house and says that we’ve just gathered as a family, he promised to be with his children, but he broke his promise. Kuldeep sees Shubhra sadly sitting down. Roli tries to feed Shubhra food. She smiles and hugs her children. She smiles.

Precap: Madhura tells Shubhra that Narayan was dancing and I went to sleep. Rishi remembers how he sent Narayan his dance video. Rishi begins to cry and says he died for me. Shubhra asks Harsh why he’s doing so? Harsh says he blames himself for dance as Narayan died.

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