Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Sam Tries To Provoke Shubhra

Episode start: Kuldeep and Shubhra are told by Harsh that Sam will first choose soft objectives. They’re your children. Shubhra tells Kuldeep we’ve already sent children to Ayi’s house. Kuldeep says I’ll have to work, too, so let’s send them there. I agree with Shubhra. Harsh says I’m going to be close to Sam to try and read her actions, I’m going to keep you both aware. Kuldeep is grateful to him, leaves Harsh. Rishi and Roli don’t want the house of Madhura. Shubhra is trying to persuade them. Kuldeep says it’s the last time, go, please. Shubhra says we’ll purchase a cycle for you when you both return. Sadly, Rishi and Roli go to their room.

Narayan gets a letter from his maid Vithal saying he had to go to work in his village but sent a maid to carry out all the household work. Madhura calls him, but he’s off his phone. The new maid says that I’m going to do the job. Narayan says it’s only beginning from today. The maid smires and Phirki is in a disguise. Rishi and Roli go to the toilets. What happened to them, Kuldeep asks? Shubhra says they’re doing drama just because they don’t want to go. The children come to Shubhra and are sick. Kuldeep asks you both what you ate? Shubhra is worried, telling us all to eat the same food. Why do you both get stomach upset? Roli said we don’t really want to go to the house of Ayi, so we drank the water from the refrigerator. Phirki serves Narayan and Madhura. She makes them sweets. Narayan says that Madhura’s nice, let’s keep her for work. Madhura tells you that you’re Sakku? She gives her all the instructions Sakku says I’m going to do the whole work. Madhura asks where you’ve been working before? Phirki says that I worked for a female punjabi, she used to curse me a lot. She brings medicines with her. Narayan tells Madhura to permanently hire this girl. Phirki takes his medicines and clicks photos of it all. She sent it to Sam. She sent it to Sam.

Sam sits in the office of Harsh and gets messages from Phirki. Today is your first session, Harsh says, so I’ll write your history. Sam says my storey is a book that is open. Why did you have to come here, Harsh says? Sam says your Shubhra love is for me a problem. Why did you let her go if you love Shubhra so much? You’re the patient and not me, Harsh says. As for love, you’re never going to understand what love is. Then Sam says tell me. Harsh says that love gives and does not take. You have to give yourself up in love, love is unconditional, you can’t force your love on someone if your love is true. Sam laughs and says I am sorry, but I feel all these words are to make you feel better after you lose. You know that you can’t fight for your love inside. Harsh says enough about me. He says enough about me. What’s your love? Sam says I don’t know, not important to me. Sam says that I don’t know. I was never with a man for love, but I only had to catch them so that I could make them dance in my tunes, I wanted to rule them and I used to offer them costly gifts and a better lifestyle. When did you start thinking like this, Harsh says? Since childhood, Sam says. People would continue to say that I am a girl so I can’t, and people would tell me that men’s best things and women’s worst stuff are done. That’s why I changed my equation, had the best things in life, looked for a man who was spineless, I complimented him so that they could fall on my feet. So that is how you trapped Kuldeep, Harsh says? Sam says that Kuldeep has gone to my trap, he’s so weak. Kuldeep never loved me. That’s why He left Shubhra. He wanted a luxurious life. Harsh says, but now he is leaving you so he doesn’t mean he’s weak. Sam says it’s an interval, he might have left me but he’s going to come back to me running. I’m surprised Shubhra didn’t recognise Kuldeep until now. She’s asking Harsh whether he met Shubhra? Harsh looks away. Harsh looks away. Sam says that I don’t stalk you but I knew you’d tell Shubhra about me. If you meet her today, say that I’ve noticed the time since Kuldeep left to live with her. I’ll pay her back all this time, Kuldeep’s going to come to me in 2-3 days. What are you up to, Harsh says? Why is Kuldeep going to come to you? Sam smirks and says it’s time for my session. Tomorrow, I would tell you. She is starting to leave, but Shubhra is coming. Sam welcomes her and asks if she’s also come for a session? Shubhra says that I wanted to show Harsh Beeji’s reports. Why do you give an explanation, Sam says? Don’t you want me to think you’re out with Harsh on a date? Would you like both Kuldeep and Harsh? Shubhra says I want both of them, they don’t care about you. She says that Harsh is going to the hospital. Sam’s wondering how Kuldeep is? You take care of him? He’s gotta be pleased with his family. Harsh says that your session has been completed. She says let’s go Harsh, Shubhra says. Sam stops them and tells Shubhra I gave Kuldeep an offer, but he gets angry. Was he sharing it with you? Shubhra gets angry and hits her tough. Sam glares at her. Sam glares at her. Shubhra asks her to zip her tongue because it’s dirty. I advise you to return to Mumbai, you’re disgusting. She leaves from there with Harsh. Sam smirks. Sam smirks.

Harsh tells Shubhra that the behaviour of Sam today was strange. She tried to provoke you, planned a big thing? Shubhra says that I’m going to ask Kuldeep. She’s calling him and putting him on the speaker. She’s asking Rishi and Roli? He says both are okay. Shubhra tells me I’m afraid of them. What about me, Kuldeep flirts? Harsh hears it. Harsh hears it. Shubhra gets uncomfortable and goes from there. Shubhra laughs with Kuldeep on the call. Sadly, Harsh looks at her. Episode end.

Precap: Sam disguised as a maid gives Narayan and Madhura wrong medicines. Both are falling down and about to die. Sam smirks. Sam smirks.

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