Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Starts: Samaira says Phirki give that special tea to Kuldeep. Phirki gives tea to Kuldeep. He says it has such a bad smell. Take it back. Samaira says it is detox, please drink. Kuldeep says I can’t. Samaira says drink, please. Kuldeep drinks it. He throws up. Phirki says he will be dancing on your orders now.

Rajyadaksh meets Shubhra. He says this is your personal problem. Why would I involve in it? It’s between you, your husband and his lover. I am a businessman and I have no interest in someone’s personal problems. Shubhra says I know you’re a businessman so I came to you with a business proposition. You will get an opportunity to have quality service and cost-effectiveness. Kuldeep is working for Samaira’s company. She decides payment terms. She’s just a middlewoman. You can work with Kuldeep directly. He handles everything anyway. You will save a lot of costs. He says but why would Kuldeep leave that company? Shubhra says he will leave it. This deal would benefit both of us. He says you’re smart with business. Why don’t you start your own start-up? Shubhra says women with failed marriages have broken self-confidence. He says as far as I know, you both fell in love in college and married. Shubhra says in love both are equal. In marriage, the man goes far ahead. He goes out and goes ahead and I kept tying myself in the house. I was left behind with time. He says I agree but it’s never too late if you try. Shubhra says thank you so much. He leaves.

Samaira says what has Rajyadaksh written in the email? Kuldeep says he’s written they want to do a review meeting before renewing our contract. Shubhra says he’s our most important client. He’s been with us for years. Why this review meeting? Kuldeep says it’s shocking. She says you handle this account. Did something happen? He says you’re doubting me? Ever since I got it, it only grew. You’re doubting me? She says don’t misunderstand me. She says we have to go to Mumbai for the meeting. Kuldeep says I am not going anywhere. Samaira says I am sorry. Is there a problem? He says eat this toast. Samaira says I would eat fruits. Kuldeep sprayed the medicine on fruits too. He says in your heart your stomach would hurt no matter what you eat?

Samaira says my stomach hurts. Kuldeep says let’s cancel the plan. Let me take you to the hospital. Samaira says you go alone, I will stay here.

Rajyadaksh says to Kuldeep I have a job offer for you. Position, salary, and perks more than your present company. Kuldeep says thank you for considering me. But I won’t do jobs anymore. I will do my own business. I am starting a digital marketing firm. We will give end-to-end solutions. Service charges will be low but service would be top-notch. He shows him the proposal. Rajyadakash says interesting. You don’t wanna be my employee but I can be your investor. Kuldeep says I will be honored. He says I trust people who trust themselves. Kuldeep says thank you, I appreciate that. He says I will take this letter with me. It will help me move out of Samaira’s company. I would need some time to get out of the matters I have with Samaira. I don’t want her hate to burn my hard work. He says good luck, but you only have 6 months.

Shubhra comes to Samaira’s house. Samaira says how dare you come in? Shubhra goes out again. Samaira says what is she doing? Shubhra comes back in. Samaira says what are you doing? She says you asked how did I enter so I showed you. Keep the door shut. Anyway, where is Kuldeep? Why didn’t he come to meet him? He has to meet me thrice a week. I will drag the divorce for a year if this keeps happening. Samaira says the court doesn’t work with your rules. Your conditions game is over. You got Vedika 50% and think you won? Kuldeep and I will make double that amount in a year. We will work as a team. Shubhra says that’s an amazing plan. The more you both earn, the more money I would have. Samaira says we don’t have a charity firm. Shubhra says after divorce husband has to give alimony to his ex-wife. After meeting you, I at least realized how important money is. thank you for that. Samaira’s stomach hurts. She rushes to the restroom. Shubhra says to Phirki, I don’t have time to wait for your didi. When Kuldeep comes ask him to meet me.

Kuldeep comes to Shubhra’s place. Shubhra says close your eyes and sit. He asks why? Shubhra says didn’t Samaira teach you to do what’s asked? He says I will do what you ask. Shubhra gives him a cake. Kuldeep says this cake.. Shubhra says we had a pact, we will celebrate each other’s achievement together. Kuldeep says I never celebrated your achievement. I was such a bad husband. Shubhra says it was a college-time pact. We were only friends back then, we are still friends. Kuldeep cuts the cake. He makes Shubhra eat. She claps. Shubhra gives him water and says cheers. Kuldeep says ladies and gentlemen, Shubhra is behind my success. If you weren’t there I would be nothing. If you weren’t there, I would never see that day. Shubhra says cheers. Shubhra says you got what you always wanted. Your own business. But this time, move ahead with honesty. I hope you know the price you might have to pay. Baba taught me to move ahead carefully. Kuldeep says let me save it. Shubhra sees the letter and places it in the temple. Kuldeep says why all this? Shubhra says it will go in Samaira’s hand. Her black eye might burn it

Kuldeep comes home. He asks where is Phirki? Samaira says how was the meeting? What did Rajyadaksh say? Kuldeep is silent. Samaira says what happened? Did you fail? I knew it. I knew you couldn’t handle it. I should have gone together. You are useless. It was my most important client and you lost it. I knew you can’t manage anything. I shouldn’t have sent you alone. It’s my fault. Kuldeep says thank you. Finally, you showed what’s in your heart. You showed me how much do you trust me. The meeting went smoothly. They were so impressed that.. They gave me this. Rajyadaksh was so impressed that he offered me a job in his company. Here is the appointment letter. Samaira reads it. She’s shocked. Kuldeep says this letter is the way to get rid of you. I have to start my business and Rajyadaksh would be my first client. Episode End.

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