Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Update: The Drug Dealers Hold The Everyone Attending The Function As

Rakhi requests that Ganesh bring the boxes of parshad, Rakhi thanks all the guests for coming to their function and celebrating Ganpati with them because this year Karan and Preeta have become parents as Bhagwan has sent Pihu to be a part of their family, they bring out the Parshad when the gang members see that their boxes are being taken one by one from the table, they exclaim how

The boss explains that they intended to leave without causing any harm to anyone by using only their drugs, but they have now forced him to act in this manner. Rakhi claims that this is why they were singing in such a poor voice, but even if they had given the audition to her son, he would not have given them a job as a worker. Rakhi’s entire family comes to a halt, but she does not listen, explaining that they are musicians. Mahesh also begins to laugh as he explains how he knows they are all just musicians and how he knows this because they have lost two or three contracts since the morning and are struggling to feed their families. Mahesh snatches one of the guns from them, exclaiming how he knows it’s fake but still fires it, causing panic; they manage to exclaiming the gun. Mahesh is asked to step back with his family, and he questions why this gun has bullets when the one he showed him had fire. They are standing scared when the boss orders his men to take all the boxes from the guests, they open it and are shocked to find the sweets inside, they see it but then become enraged and snatch Bani Dadi towards them, The boss points a gun at her head, threatening to shoot her if she does not reveal the location of the drugs; he begins counting when Preeta exclaims that he must not harm anyone as she places the sweets in the boxes.

Pihu enters the same room where Sarla is tied up; Sarla sees her and tries to signal her by hitting the console; Pihu initially believes she must remain hidden, but when the vase falls, she comes out and sees Sarla tied up behind the sofa; she goes to her and asks if she is also playing hide and seek; Sarla asks her to come and open the bonds, and she forces her to sit on her lap.

The boss exclaims that she is the one who switched the boxes; Preeta explains that she suspected them when Pihu exclaimed that she saw them stealing something from the boxes; she came after leaving Pihu and saw that they were filed with some white packets; she was certain they were drugs and replaced them with sweets. Dadi says she should have told them when she was forced to keep quiet, and they all start blaming Preeta, asking why she didn’t tell them sooner. Preeta responds that she was concerned because if she had told Rakhi, she would have become agitated, and if she had told Karan, he would have become enraged and attempted to fight them; she is aware that they have real guns.Karina also blames Preeta, saying that if she had told them, they could have called the police. Mahesh says he would not have let them leave because his friend had just arrived. Sherlin also says that Preeta cannot always be correct because her Dadi is being held at gunpoint. Sameer wonders why they are arguing. Preeta tries to explain herself again, signaling someone to leave the hall. The boss asks Preeta to tell them where the drugs are, and Preeta explains that they don’t have to hurt anyone because all of their drugs are in the guest room’s bathroom.

The boss inquires as to how they would know which room is the guest room, to which Shristhi responds that she would take them all to the guest room because she knows all the rooms in the house. Dadi motions for the boss to leave, but he sends Peter with Shristhi. The boss declares that he is nervous because they have all seen their faces; one of them asks if they can kill them all; Rakhi responds that there is no need because all they have to do is sing because they would die if they heard them; one of them wonders why they are saying such bad things because they are actually musicians; and they ask the boss to sing who sits in the car but plays really bad m

Shristhi leads the gangsters to the guest room and directs them to the bathroom. Sarla appears with Pihu, asking Shristhi to accompany her as they must flee. They both manage to lock the drug dealers in the room. Shristhi wonders what Sarla is doing up here when Preeta is looking for her. Sarla explains that they both tied her mouth and hands and threw her in the corner of the room. She inquires as to what is going on, to which Shristhi responds, “I don’t know, but they have to go down.” Pihu insists on accompanying them, to which Shristhi responds, “Pihu needs to hide in order to win the game, so she will make sure Pihu finds a suitable place to hide.”

Karan calls Rishab and Sameer, exclaiming that he needs to talk to them both; Prithvi walks forward when Karan says he does not want to talk to Prithvi; Rakhi is unable to understand and asks Mahesh what is going on; he replies that it is a fake fight in front of the real drug dealers; Rakhi then leans towards Karina, who replies that she knows it is a fake fight in front of the real drug dealers. One of the drug dealers asks Rishab and Karan not to fight with Prithvi because he has already been scolded by his wife and is very tense. Both Karan and Rishab ask if he had a fight with Kritika when Prithvi asks the drug dealers not to bring up old issues because he has not fought with his wife.

Sameer asks them to remain because it is a family matter, both of the drug dealers point to Sherlin, but Prithvi quickly apologizes to Kritika, explaining that he is apologizing for anything he may have said that made them think he was fighting with her, Mahesh snatches the gun from one of them, the entire Luthra family rushes to take all of the weapons and overpowers the drug dealers Episode end.

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