Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update: Rishab Returns To The Luthra Mansion

Episode start: He recalls how he tried to persuade Sonakshi to truthfully say Karan kidnapped her, but refused to accept his suggestions, again he tries to call her but she doesn’t answer, he wonders why she doesn’t even answer her call because she doesn’t even realise that her life is being destroyed because of Kara, who did not even reply to her call.

Sonakshi enters the room and asks why she is constantly being called, he answers that she was his daughter, sick of seeing her on this wheel chair, he helps her stand when she sits again and exclaims she must let her do what she really likes because she receives all this kindness from the Luthra’s because of this wheelchair.

Mr. Raichand replied that he hadn’t saved her from suicide attempts; he recalles how he saved him when she tried to cut her vein; he promised her to recover her daughter and then asked him to bring her Karan, Mr. Raichand asked her whether she liked Karan, Sonakshi answered how she loved him most.

Mr Raichand asks her about updating what’s going on in the Luthra House. He also warns that she will be careful of Preeta, because she is very clever, Sonakshi tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about her, because someone cries in front of her, she begins to inform Karan, who is her love.

She asks who he is. Rishab says the name of Pihu, who worries about how his name could be Pihu, as it is her name. He comes to sit outside her and exclaim his name is Rishab. But his name is even more beautiful than his name, he questions if she knows who he is, and then explains that he is Karan’s elder brother, so she can call him Uncle, Elder Father, or Rishab, Pihu asks how does he know her name, and Rishab answers that because she is famous and well-known in London, Turkey and the USA, he has even given her a number of gifts and great chocolate to make them friends, Sameer is thrilled to see Rishab hugs him, Kritika is excited to see him, but then hits Sameer with a pillow, Pihu says that they should be stopped as they are breaking the house.

The whole family comes, Rishab takes Rakhi’s blessing and asks how he could miss any event he then goes to Karina, who says she’s sure he will return; Rishab answers how he couldn’t be so perfect to look at her; Karan from behind shouts Rishab’s name and comes to hug him, but Rishab asks if he has performed and done the duties, Karan hugs Rishab says he wouldn’t perform the tasks because Rishab has to take care of it all, Rishab says, how can the duties end now because he has to bring the Murti and because he has to arrange the function in the lawn? Dadi asks if Jitu jee has been invited, Rishab asked questions on how he couldn’t invite him, Dady said she’d wear the best dress, she asked Kritika to assist her to choose matching modern-day jewellery, Kritika asked if she’d really choose modern joys, and Dadi explained that he’s a lot more beautiful compared to most of the heroes, Kritika and Dadi leave, Rakhi says they should all work as well as they still have to do the articles inside the house even if the function is in a lawn.

Rishab and Karan stand up, he hugs Preeta, congratulating Preeta for becoming mother, Karan questions why Rishab didn’t félicite him, Rishab says Preeta’s his bhabhi and therefore why he doesn’t let him speak, Rishab leavens with Karan and Prithvi thinks it would be very difficult for him to meet Sherlin now that Rishab has returned.

Rishab in the room gets angry with Karan asking why he can’t be normal because every time he comes back there are some matters related to him being involved with another girl, he takes Monischa and Santoshi’s title, he asks Mahesh if he’s ever heard that Rishab is involved with anyone else other than Sherlin.

Sherlin walks when she sees that the door of the Sonakshi room is open, and walks inside, wondering where she could have been going, Sherlin thinks she’s gone to look Karan, Sherlin walks around, checks when she hears the opening of the toilet, Sonakshi goes out on the wheelchair, she asks what Shelrin is doing here, Sherlin answers that she came to ask if Sonakshi needs anything because she has something to do.Episode end.

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