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Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On Multidesidrama

Episode Start: Prithvi’s mother opened the door and got up to bed and took something with her. Mahira shouted that she belonged to Prithvi yesterday and if she is with him today then tomorrow will be with him which will be revealed to all of them. Will give to family, she is about to walk. Outside, when Prithvi’s mother hit him on the head with a vase, Sherlin finally accepted it, her mother replied that she had known about the secret for a long time and ordered him to leave, otherwise security Will call, the Mahira requested to listen to him. According to the recording, Karina is a damant to call the security but the Mahira insists that she listen to the recording for the sake of her daughter as they see that she is getting married to Prithvi, Karina agrees to listen to the Mahira’s request.

Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to start the circle because in the first four circles the groom was in the front and in the last circle the bride is in the lead, they stand up when the Mahira coming from behind asks them to stop the marriage. So everyone was surprised when Rishab asked why she came back because she should leave or else she would call the security, Mahira said she would leave but first she needed to reveal the truth about Sherlin and Prithvi. Karan asks why she is doing this, Preeta at least allows them to say what she wants to say about her family member. Mahira said that she is playing a big game and Karina has her mobile in which Sherlin is accepting her relation and even her mother knows the truth that she has accepted, She begs him to listen to the recording. Preeta asks Karina to hand it over to him so that he can hear what she has to say.

Shristhi arrives at Dr. Roshni’s office to ask what she is doing here, Shristhi tries to explain that she has come here because before that she formed them about the truth about Shelrin and Prithvi. But now he is marrying Kritika, he has to help her, Dr. Roshni says she does not want to be a part of such an incident and she needs to be involved in her patients, she Run inside

Shristhi follows her and then asks the patient to leave, Dr. Roshni asks what she is doing, Shristhi asks to help her and come with her because it is a matter of saving the life of an innocent person. Yes, Dr. Roshni replied that she has already given proof of this. So if her family doesn’t believe her then why would she believe anything she says, she says that if it fails she will not be at fault but if with her What will she do if something happens because it’s not just one thing. Girl but all women. Dr. Roshni agrees with what he has to do.

The whole family is listening to the audio, they will not leave Sherlin and Prithvi after the Mahira screams, the Mahira asks her why Preeta stopped but she says she did nothing and it is over, the Mahira said that There is some audio right now. Sherlin is laughing, the Mahira spoke after that, Sherlin remembers when Aunty came in and finished the audio, the Mahira started accusing Sherlin saying that she must have stopped him, Sherlin asks Rishab something from the Mahira Why isn’t he saying, Rishab asks the police to come to Luthra Mansion.

Mahira is going to Kritika and she needs to understand that Prithvi is just using it and even though the baby was not Rishab, Kritika explained to him that she has done a lot, Karina tells Sharmeen that she is an Mahira. Throw him out of the house

Shresti comes saying that Dr. Roshni has agreed to reveal the truth, she comes and gets fed up, Shristhi assures her that there is nothing to worry about because he will always be with her.

The marriage is moving forward, Preeta thinks she really wanted Mahira to be able to show the real face as she also tried but failed but she wants them to find out the truth, Pandit said. He asked the bride to come forward now.

Asking Janki if she is married, she scolds him saying that she is pregnant and now she is worried about her marriage. She is asking what she is saying, Samir explains that It was just a misunderstanding and she is not pregnant, the call is over, Shristhi asks Samir why she is pregnant?

In the house where the marriage is in progress, Pandit asks Prithvi to fill the demand, he takes Sindoor and is about to complete the ritual, Preeta stops him saying he can’t do it, they all ask that Is she saying this because they have to wait for someone but for the answers she is saying because of the accusations that the Mahira made against Sherlin and Prithvi, they have to stop it and find out the truth because This is really a big deal, Shristhi also entered with Dr. Roshni saying that he ordered her to do so. Karina asks Preeta what she is doing, Preeta replies that she is just saying that she should find out the truth about what happened, Shristhi tells Dr. Roshni that she has spoken her mind.

Dr. Roshni says she has known Prithvi and Shelrin since her college days and they have always lived together. Sherlin alleged that she was sent by an Mahira who is trying to accuse her, she points out. And Roshni thinks she has abducted her child. She is married to Rishab. Everyone is trying to kick her out of the house. She will not make it clear. Dr. Roshni apologizes to Shelrin and says that she is fine. Will not be with, she is sorry because she knew Shristhi and Preeta were trying to end this marriage because they both love Karthika, after the light shristi runs fast, she asks that this What’s more, Dr. Roshni says she doesn’t know the danger she has escaped.

Preeta thinks she doesn’t know what’s in her horoscope and what’s next, Sarla. The one coming from behind explains that it will always be full of blessings because she is going through a lot of hardships and now she will be happy to join a new relationship, she prays that now the relationship will always be hers There is something new for them so they should not do it. Worried and working towards your new life, Karan has also come, Sarla gives Preeta’s hand to Karan.

Prithvi finally applied the vermilion to Kritika’s demand, Sarla said that now she will face many new challenges but she will always have to accept them and move towards her new life. Episode End.

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