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Episode start: Preeta starts weeping, karan mentions he’s not looking that bad, so she is crying, he asks why is she looking at him like this, she mentions she is looking at her fortune, Karan asks if her fortune is written on his face, she replies he himself is her fortune mentioning that when she first saw and met him, she never thought he would be this nice, his first impression to her was not that good, where ever she would meet him, she would really hate, he was filled with attitude and arrogance, she thought how is he, as he’s really rude, she didn’t knew then that The karan Luthra has a really big heart, he’s not only a really nice person but the life partner which every girl in her heart thinks she should get, she is really lucky to have a life partner like him, karan mentions he’s lucky as he only needed her in his life so he’s really lucky, Preeta replies that he was in his fortune and after meeting him she got to know how to laugh, Preeta explains he taught her how to fight, it’s another topic that she mostly fought with him, she feels that he changed her rather then she changed him, she feels there’s no way out and she cannot do anything, he always takes her hand, she asks how does he do it, He replies because he’s the Karan Luthra, she laughs explaining he doesnot only stop her from falling but also saves her from being weak and losing confidence, he’s not only her fortune but her strength, he kisses her forehead, exclaiming she should not cry because he doesnot feel nice when she cries, Preeta promises she would try. Karan explains she said a lot about the Karan Luthra but never told him how he’s looking.

She asks him to prevent then applies the Tika on his neck as it would protect him from the bad omens, he’s left staring at her, so taking her hand hugs her, they both are laughing recalling how they used to laugh even at the small moments, and also cried together when she revealed the bad news regarding her pregnancy to Karan.

Sherlin is in her room, she sees the mirror and in anger recalls when Kritika laughed at her explaining she was looking sort of a piggy, Prithvi enters the room, exclaiming she is looking really beautiful from top to bottom, Sherlin replies her beauty is not his concern, she asks if he has done what she asked him to, Prithvi questions what she meant, she replies that has he made Kritika weep blood, prithvi asks why does she not understand however Sherlin replies she will be Sherlin Rishab Luthra until he takes her revenge, she leaves the space , prithvi wonders why did he come into this room when she did not even call him.

Sherlin is walking when Karian stops her asking why is she so angry, Sherlin explains someone made fun of her so until she manages to teach her a lesson, she would not be comfortable, Karina questions whjo is the person but Sherlin explains she will not reveal it till she takes the revenge, Karina advises her to cheer up as they need to attend the wedding.

Prithvi coming out exclaims Karina doesnot know the person Shelrin is talking about is her daughter.

Karan and Preeta are within the room, Karan exclaims he got the jackpot as he got married to her and is really the luckiest, he says she is also really luckiest as was about to marry to prithvi, she also explains he was about to marry to someone else, they would not are together if she did not come, but actually they only marry to the ones who are destined to be, Preeta exclaims they have to go away but then mentions she needs to go to Sonakshi, she asks him to come early as the pooja would have started. She turns to go away , Karan calling her from behind asks if she is forgetting something, he turns his face so she will kiss, she comes beside him and kissing him on the cheek rushes away.

Archala jee gives the Pandit jee the Samagri for the pooja, Chacha jee tries to signal her to stop but she signals that she will not stop anything, he calls his contact asking where is he because he should ask the contact to bring the proof and come at the resort, he stops Rajat informing him, they both leave which Shristhi notices.

Shristhi asks Harshvardhan where Rajat marriage did was fixed however he didn’t know anything so then she changes the topic mentioning that her sister was calling her.

Rajat involves Harshvardhan taking his blessings, Karan also mentions he’s now getting to be a part of their family, Rajat replies that he has revealed all the secrets so now would be married, Chacha jee stop Rajat warning him to not continue with the wedding because it’s not right however Rajat requests him to not try to do what he wants, Harshvardhan gives his blessings to 2 girls introducing them to Archala jee ask the cousin of Sonakshi, they asks her where is Sonakshi, Archala jee calls Shristhi saying that she should take the sisters to Sonakshi and bring her down.

Sherlin sees Kritika exclaiming she will smile now as tomorrow her smile would be snatched and it would be Prithvi, he’s leaning towards her asks if she said, she explains he knows what she is thinking and if he doesnot know what she asked him then their relation has ended.

Sonakshi is worried because she is not able to get ready, there’s someone at the door, she asks who is it, Preeta exclaims it’s her, she opening the door asks her to come and help her tie the dupatta, Preeta puts her entire effort, Sonakshi replies that even though Preeta is not her sister but even then after some days she feels like Preeta is her sister with whom she will share all her feelings, Preeta says she must not get emotional because today may be a really big day and she can get emotional at the Bidai, Rakhi explains they would not be able to meet after the wedding but mention she would come to Preeta unannounced as she must take lessons from her on how to be an honest wife and control her husband, Preeta replies there’s no got to control her husband but consider them as her circle of relatives as then she would be so busy in her own family that when even she would call Sonakshi would say she is busy, Sonakshi asks her to not say such things, then Preeta exclaims she has gotten ready, Shristhi comes with the cousins asking what are they doing as Rajat along with the Mandap are waiting, Preeta performs the final rituals then leaves.

Preeta and Shristhi along with the cousins bring Sonakshi down to the Mandap, she takes the blessings of her father, Rajat puts forward his hand, but she instead takes the hand of Karan who gives her hand to Rajat, they both sit on the Mandap, Karan goes to stand with Preeta holding her arms.

Rakhi asks Dadi that the anniversary of Karan and Preeta is coming so she thinks why they should not have them perform the ritual of circling, Dadi replies she feels they should do it after the baby is born, Rakhi even agrees.

Shristhi is sitting, Janki asks if she has told Sameer the real reason she came to this wedding, Shristhi replies she doesn’t understand but Janki replies she knows Shristhi came to make sure that Sameer doesnot fall in love with the other women, Shristhi standing exclaims that no other women can come in his life as she is that the only girl, she is really nervous after realizing that he is standing behind her so asks if Janki wants her to kill herself.

Rajat and Sonakshi are performing the rituals, Karan exclaims he is really happy for Sona as she is looking very nice and even is happy that she is marrying Rajat as he is a nice guy so they would be a perfect couple, Preeta exclaims he means just like them, Karan also agrees with her.

Precap: The Pandit asks him to fill the Mang of the bride, Rajat puts forward his hand to fill Mang when Chacha je coming from behind informs him of some news within the ears, so Rajat stops which worries the Pandit jee who asks him to fill the Mang. Episode end.

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