Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Sonakshi Gets In An Accident Infront Of The Luthra Mansion

Episode start: Karina reveals the truth that Pihu is their baby, and that she has no rights over Karan and Preeta’s daughter, Sonakshi claims that she should not do that because Pihu’s past, present and future are not her object of love, Sonakshi says she’s dead because of her father and so she’s moving forward to marry someone else, but now she’s come to realise her daughter’s alive, she can’t live without her. Preeta mentions that without Pihu she can’t live, Sonakshi tries to explain why she bore Pihu, so that she is her daughter, Preeta nevertheless explains that Pihu has born her, she has become a mother, Preeta explains that everyone is so excited and loved Pihu, Karina asks what happened as her tone suddenly changed because before she threatened them, but now she asks, Sonakshi tries to explain that, because Preeta knows how to become a mother also, she only has her daughter to live with but would not survive without her. Preeta was really excited about giving birth to her child, but now she gets even more heartbreaked, so she just wants to be with her daughter. They all stand when Pihu is running, she goes directly to Preeta who asks what happened, Pihu exclaims she wanted a hug, so then Preeta holds her, Sonakshi realises that the child’s mother is the one that the child loves and she asks Pihu to hug it once, but Luthra refuses to allow it, Then Karina does not listen to her requests and throws her out of the house.

Sonakshi stands outside when Ganesh hands her bag, she leaves home, Preeta goes while Karan stops questioning her, it isn’t right, Preeta exclaims that he mustn’t be so because Sonakshi has no right, Preeta exclaims that Sonakshi only wants to hug Pihu and that they can do that, she does not even listen to Karan, but Preeta calls Sonakshi Sarla sits when Rakhi asks her to talk to Preeta because if she tries to explain anything to Preeta she would think they’re saying it, because they wonder that they are doing something wrong, but it isn’t, she just want to be concerned about the Pihu, because they’ve adopted her legally so Sonakshi has no right to do so. Mahesh says she’s right, and should explain it to Preeta, they are all standing, when Kritika comes to question her why she doesn’t attend her calls. Sonakshi was in an accident, Sherlin asks when she did, because she just left her home. Kritika tells that she had to go to the accident before Karan’s eyes.

Shrishti is waiting for the surgery to end, after a while the nurse comes out so they all have questions about her condition, the nurse says a complication and everyone should pray, the doctor comes out and questions what the nurse does. Shristhi leaves when Shristhi again questions him about her condition. The Lutherans are waiting for the operation to end, when Shristhi suggests that they call their father because they did what they could, they would also take some responsibility from their shoulders. Rakhi questions why Preeta didn’t tell him before, she thought she was going to, Preeta answers she was thinking about it but forgot about it in the chaos, Mahesh says it’s nothing to worry about, Mahesh tries to contact him, but he won’t reply. Mahesh then asks Karan to try it as well, the nurse comes out, Shristhi asks her health,

Prithvi’s in the room when he gets a Sherlin call, she questions where he’s, but he says he’s in the room, Sherlin starts questioning what he’s doing in the room, Prithvi replies that she herself asked him to come back if he wants to see the Luthra Family being destroyed, so he came, but now there’s nobody in the house, she’s asking Kritika to tell him that he doesn’t know whether it’d be present in the house. Prithvi says if anything wrong happens to him, his father Mr. Raichand would make sure the Luthra suffers a lot and he would not even leave them, including Mr. Rishab Luther, who is always in London. Sherlin says he must end the call as if someone were listening, so both will have trouble. Karan talks about the mobile phone but has no luck in arranging the blood, two men enter the hospital and recognise Karan. They meet Abhay, Karan greets Abhay who asks about what has happened, Karan discloses everything and Abhay gives him his own blood, but Karan tells him that he needs a particular group of blood, Abhay’s friend suggests help. Episode end.

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