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Kundali Bhagya – 10th February 2020 Full Episode Written Update

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Kundali Bhagya Full Episode Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2020 Episode Written. Kundali Bhagya 10th February 2020 Todays New Episode Also Get The Latest News Written. Kundali Bhagya Episode 964, Kundali Bhagya Written And Video Only at MultiDesiDrama. All Episode

Episode starts with Sristy has told Sherlyn that she has already hired a new lawyer for Preeta’s case. Sherilyn was shocked to hear this. Sherlyn slapped a lawyer for failing to do the job properly. Kiran tries to call the specialist but he does not attend her call. Sameer informs Karan that he will have to go in if the judge arrives. Sherilyn arrives there and tells her that the specialist does not want to lie in court because she knows that Prita had deliberately pushed her and that is why she did not come. Kiran tells her to keep quiet and goes inside with a smirk. Sherlyn looks at the truck driver and wonders what he’s doing in court. She asks the truck driver to leave the court or else she will tell everyone that she tried with the expert. The truck driver says it’s not him but she and the specialist try to kill Prieta. She gets scared and says she will get extra money tomorrow and has asked her to leave the court. He, too, agrees. Preeta sees Sherlyn with the truck driver and thinks about how Sherlyn is involved in the case.

Expert’s lawyer says Preeta hates Mahir because she deliberately pushed her in front of the truck. Preeta’s lawyer takes everyone’s name incorrectly. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Sameer says when Pita’s lawyer does not even know the name correctly then how will he fight for Pita? The expert’s lawyer mocked and mocked Preeta’s lawyer. Prita’s lawyer told her client that Prita was innocent. The judge asked evidence to prove Preeta’s innocence. Sarla tells the judge that her previous lawyer dug them at the closing moment so that she could hire a new lawyer and request her to give her time so her lawyer could understand the matter. The judge accepted her request and gave her an hour so that the lawyer could thoroughly study her case. Kareena thinks that what Karen told Mahera that she agreed to support Pita in court.

Kiran tried to get to Preeti but the police inspector stopped him and quarreled with him. At this point Sastri comes in and secretly tells the police inspector and he allows the ray. Kiran asks Sistry what he told the police inspector? She says that she lied to him that she knows she is a corrupt officer and that he has the evidence.

Kiran meets Preeta. He smiled at her. He assures her that he is with her. She says she knows everything will be okay because she’s with him. They say she is the same person who hurt her so much how can she believe so much.

Ramona says that she does not know what Kiran told Mahira that she agreed to speak in favor of Preeta and says that Mahar is doing everything for her love with Kiran but Kiran does nothing for Mahira. He fears that after the release of Pita, Kiran will forget Mahera because he is now with Pita. Rakhi says Kiran is only talking to Prieta so Ramona should not have much influence in this matter. Rishabh suddenly starts scolding Sameer and tells everyone that Sameer told him to divorce Sherlyn. Everyone joins Sherlyn and scolds Sameer. Rushb says when Sameer said something wrong everyone was up against it but why didn’t they act similarly with Ramona except Ramona when he was wrong too. He says he has trouble because Lathra has not taken the stance.

Preeta says that she does not know the answer to Kiran’s question and tries to wipe her tears, but because of the handcuffs it is difficult for her to do so Kiran helps her. Preeta asked how the expert would be willing to support her ?? Kiran missed his deal with the specialist and held Preeta’s hand.


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