Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2021 Written Update: Rhea Executes Her Plan To Get Closer To Ranbir

Pragya is attempting to prevent Abhi from drinking. Abhi asks her not to irritate him and says he doesn’t want to be angry with her. Pragya says that she can handle your rage but not your drinking habit. Abhi says, “Don’t tell me you care about me,” and adds, “The people who cared about me vanished when my good days vanished, and they were selfish.” Pragya believes that your days were as good as they were in your life. He wonders how you know you’re in Australia and having a good time. Pragya says that you believe what those people tell you. He asks that she tell him. Pragya says that today is not that day. Pragya inquires as to where you obtained the wine. Abhi recalls Aaliya visiting him in his room and bringing him wine. Facebook is shutting down. He says that he came to assist you, but you are not assisting me. He asks that she leave him. fb once more. Tanu informs Tai ji that her plan has failed. Tai ji says that her words will have an effect on Dadi and that she will perform dhamaka. Tanu says we can’t wait until tomorrow because Abhi’s condition requires us to burn ghee. She says we have to do it right away and asks Aaliya to give Abhi wine. She says that we will become his love ones and that we will bring him happiness. Aaliya believes the person with whom Bhai is standing will win. Tanu says that Abhi will stand where the wine is. Aaliya says, “Let her take care of Bhai; I’ll attack her business and take everything from her.” Facebook is shutting down.

Tanu is asked by Pragya if she gave wine to Abhi. Tanu says no, swears on you, and refuses to give in. I don’t understand why you refused at first and then agreed to buy him, she says. I assumed you wanted to save your image and bought him for that purpose, but you care more about his habits than your mage. She says you called Abhi’s friends here for a party and now you’re letting him drink, and she wonders why you called him here in the first place. According to Pragya, drinking is strictly prohibited. Tanu inquires, “Do you adore Abhi?” Pragya departs. Tanu believes she was irritated if she fell in love with Abhi and declares that this will not happen.

Pragya enters the hall and notices him sleeping on the sofa. She believes that this is a drunkard’s problem, and that he will have a back problem in the morning. Abhi opens his eyes and says that when he drinks, he loses his senses. Pragya says that every drunken person says this. He says that if I had been drunk, you would have been in my embrace. I’m awake and aware that you despise me. She says that she does not despise her. Then he asks, “What do you do, love?” Pragya explains what happens when love and hatred collide. He approaches her and says, “I’ll tell you.” A song is playing….. He describes it as liking and asks, “Do you like me?” He says my friends are like you, which tells you how much I like you. He says you like my smile. You’re lucky to see me in your room, and he asks her to stop denying him wine. He walks away.

Rhea wakes up and realizes she hasn’t seen Sid’s face in a long time. She believes she can see Ranbir’s face now. She discovers Sid’s letter, in which he states that they will give each other space, that he will meet in Bangalore and then travel to Mumbai. Rhea is overjoyed and wonders why Prachi isn’t going with Sid. She believes she will do something that will bring Ranbir and I closer together. She says Sid has done something good, that this letter will bring Ranbir and I closer together, and that Mummy will assist me.

Dida appears and informs us that she prepared aloo matar sabzi for Vikram. Vikram says that I wanted it and that this is a dil ka connection. Ranbir arrives and tastes the dish. Dida asks that he eat with his mother’s hand. Ranbir says that the taste will be the same. Pallavi believes that Ranbir will always be happy and will make us happy. Ranbir kisses Pallavi and Dida on the cheek before kissing Prachi. Vikram makes fun of him. Ranbir says to have been eating bread. Rhea arrives and informs me that Sid has abandoned me. She displays a small chit on which he has written that he is traveling to Bangalore. Pallavi inquires as to what transpired. Rhea said he felt bad because I didn’t give him water and he wasn’t talking to me nicely; I assumed this was something that happened between couples. She says that I told him that my friend’s wedding is in Bangalore in two days and asked him to take me, but he did not. She expresses concern about how I will get to my friend’s wedding and says to be paranoid about it. Pallavi asks that Ranbir contact him. Okay, says Ranbir. Rhea says no, because he’ll think I’m slandering you. Rhea believes it was not part of my plan. Ranbir initiates a video call with Sid. Pallavi inquires, “Where are you?” Sid says to be in Bangalore to meet with the client. Pallavi asks that he apologize to Rhea and calls her. Rhea hangs up the phone and pretends to talk to him, asking why he did this when I said my friend’s marriage is there. She says she’ll call him and then pretends the call isn’t going through. Sid places an audio call. Pallavi informs Sid that she will dispatch Rhea to Bangalore. He says he’ll pick her up. Pallavi asks him not to keep anything from his wife and then hangs up the phone. Rhea wonders how she will travel alone because she is claustrophobic, paranoid, and terrified of traveling alone. Prachi approaches Rhea and asks her not to judge Sid; he may not want to bother you, which is why he left. Sid, she says, does not do this. Rhea remarks that you are speaking because your life is good and wonders what you would have done if Ranbir had done this. Prachi says that Ranbir is unconcerned about trivial matters. Rhea believes he is unique, which is why he is mine. Episode end.

Precap: Prachi approaches Ranbir and asks if he will give his heart to someone else. Ranbir declares that he will not look at anyone until he is with you. Prachi breaks down and hugs him. Rhea smirks as she hears them. Pallavi explains that Rhea needs to travel to Bangalore for a friend’s wedding, which is why I asked Ranbir to accompany her. Rhea beams. Abhi tells Pragya that it is not difficult for him to earn money, and that he will work and see how she can keep him from drinking.

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