Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2021 Written Update: Tai Ji Excutes Aaliya And Tanu’s Plan And Instigate Dadi Against Pragya

Rhea tries to harm herself with the knife before throwing it against the wall. She has considered suicide before and believes I will not make the same mistake again. I will not die, but Prachi will, and I will continue to live with Ranbir. She says suicide is a sign of weakness, but I’m going to win and get my Ranbir. Abhi becomes desperate as he searches the room for wine. Pragya takes a look at him and walks behind him. She calls the doctor and informs him that he is constantly looking for alcohol. Doctor says you must stop him, that addiction is bad for an alcoholic, and that he will have a bad day today, but that once he is free of addiction, he will be fine. His hands, she says, are trembling. According to the doctor, wine is poisonous to him. Pragya says she will put a stop to him. Abhi inquires of Pragya as to where she hid the wine bottles. Pragya says I had no idea. Abhi asks, “How do you think you can control me when you’re feeding me food?” He says he’ll come. Pragya says she hasn’t hidden any wine and that she is preventing you from drinking it. He asks her to leave his sight. Pragya invites him to divert his attention and fight with her if he so desires. Pragya says she wants to stop you from drinking because she is concerned about you. Abhi says you care about me and asks if she’s drunk and if she knows what she’s worried about. He says that when he learned about your accident, he went on a mad dash to find you, even after the police closed the case. He says that when he couldn’t find you, he began drinking. He asks, “Why didn’t you stop me then?” He says that when I came to hug you, you shoved me, and that if you don’t care for me, why are you doing this? Pragya says I didn’t do it on purpose. Abhi requests that she not act with him or show concern for him. Pragya says that if you are stubborn, I am also stubborn and will not give you what you want. Abhi says, “I curse God for making me love you.” He asks her to leave and not to stand in front of him. Dadi observes everything. Abhi says she is preventing me from drinking wine because you know what happens to me if I don’t, and that everything is fun here. Pragya wipes her tears and thinks she can handle his rage, but she refuses to let him drink. Tanu and Aaliya can see everything. Aaliya suggests that we ask Tai ji right now. Tai ji inquires now? Tanu says that Abhi wants to drink right now, and that Pragya has hidden the bottles. Mitali says, “How can we stop Abhi?” We can’t live peacefully here, she says. Tanu says that if he wants to drink, he will. Mitali then asks why Pragya is interfering with him. She says we’ll make arrangements for him to be able to drink. Aaliya says that we will take advantage of the situation. Tai ji inquires as to why you are requesting that I speak with Dadi. Tanu asks her to go tell Dadi that Pragya is preventing Abhi from drinking and that he is becoming ill as a result. When Dadi scolds Pragya, Aaliya says either Pragya or Sushma ji will respond. She says that if bhai finds out, Abhi will become enraged and scold Pragya. Tanu says that everyone will fight, and that Abhi will fight for Dadi and Pragya will fight for Sushma.

Mitali says why Dadi will listen to Mummy ji. Tanu declares that she will demonstrate her talent now, and that she will speak in such a way that Dadi will be provoked. Tai ji questions how we will obtain Abhi’s property if she leaves there. Tanu says that we intend to make Abhi and Pragya fight on a daily basis. Aaliya says that we will take Pragya’s house and send her back to where she came from. If Pragya violates the contract, Mitali says. Tanu says she must then pay 6 crores. She requests that Tai ji accompany her to demonstrate her talent. Tai ji says I’ll do what Mitali taught me. Aaliya calls Tai ji and requests that she bring Mitali with her. Tai ji believes I am capable. Aaliya requests that she take Mitali. Tai ji inquires if you have any reservations about me. Mitali says, “You said you learned from me,” and invites her to accompany her. Tai ji responds, “OK, but only I will say it, and you must agree with me.” They leave. Aaliya believes Pragya turned Bhai against her and caused him to want to end their relationship. She threatens to turn Bhai against Pragya, causing him to end his relationship with her and throw her out of the house.

Pragya recalls Abhi’s words. Shagun arrives and asks Pragya if the guests will be staying forever. Pragya affirms. Shagun says she likes Abhi sir, but Tanu, Aaliya, and others are causing her a lot of problems. Pragya apologizes on Shagun’s behalf. Another helper arrives and inquires if you require cockroaches. Pragya declines. The helper says that her brother’s wife abandoned him when he became addicted to alcohol. She begs her not to abandon Abhi, sir. Pragya has stated that she will accompany me. Dadi recalls Abhi’s words. Tai ji and Mitali arrive. Tai ji informs Dadi that they made a huge mistake by coming here. Dadi wonders what you’re saying if you’re not getting good food and clothing here. She says you miss Basti because you don’t have to work here. She says you both want this all the time. Tai ji says no way at this price. Mitali says we are worried. Tai ji says I’ll say it, but don’t think we’re wrong. She says that she believes Pragya has no feelings for Abhi. Dadi tells you that you are mistaken and that Pragya is acting in this manner because she loves and cares for him. Mitali says that we can’t see Abhi in pain. Tai ji wonders what kind of care this is, that she can’t see Abhi’s pain. Pragya, according to Mitali, wants to see him suffer. Tai ji says that Pragya does not love Abhi as much as we do and that he is in pain like a fish without water. She says that your heart is strong, but mine is not. I’ll go to my room because I can’t see it. Mitali asks if our words have any effect on Dadi. Tai ji now expresses her skepticism. Pragya approaches Abhi and notices him drinking. She inquires as to where he obtained this bottle. He requests the bottle and informs her that he will leave it later. Pragya says she doesn’t see you drinking. Abhi asks her not to make him angry and expresses his desire not to be angry with her. Pragya says she understands your rage, but she doesn’t see you drinking. Abhi asks her not to tell anyone that she still loves him. Pragya takes a look at him. Episode end.

Precap: Rhea examines the letter and says, “This letter will bring Ranbir and I closer together, and Mummy will help me.” Pallavi says that Rhea needs to go to Bangalore for a friend’s wedding, which is why I asked Ranbir to accompany her because she can’t go alone. Tanu is informed by Pragya that alcohol is not permitted in the house. Tanu inquires, “Do you adore Abhi, Pragya?” Pragya observes.

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