Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update: Pragya Accepts Tanu’s Clever Demand For Abhi

Episode start: Tanu comes to the room of Abhi and locks the door. Abhi sleeps. Abhi sleeps. Tanu takes his photos and thinks she’s going to make his video. She maintains the video and asks him to wake up. He’s waking up and telling you’re here. Tanu says Pragya has pushed you and tells me to be with you and to expose the true face of Prague. Abhi asked her to go. Abhi asked her to go. Now, Tanu says to see what I’m going to do with Pragya, that I’m going to make her suffer. Abhi is drowsy because of the drug effect and again sleeps. Aaliya confronts Tanu because he hurts Abhi. Tanu says that we are poor because you haven’t taken any action on time and are working hard to support the water pipe line. Aaliya is asking her to point. Tanu says that in my life, we have so much cash and risked the person I wanted. She says she’s taken the risk and won. She reminded Pragia of the contract clause that requires the granting of 6 crores and 2 months in advance. I’d like to take Bhai from here, Aaliya says, let’s do it. Tanu asks her to wait and says we’ll benefit if you help me. She says I’m going to talk, you’re going to remain silent. Aaliya says I’m going to help you if you help me bring Bhai back. She says we’re going to start again. Tanu says we are going to shake hands again to make Pragia team. They’re shaking hand and smirking.

Lawyer asked Pragya to read point 52 and asked her to see whether she had it in her copy. Pragya is reading and becoming shocked. Tanu comes and asks you’ve been reading all the points, you seem to have read your face. Sushma asks why you would like me to read. Aaliya says so that when we take him, you can’t stop him. Tanu threatens to take Abhi out of here. Pragya says you can’t do that. You can’t. Tanu says if you’re going to hurt me then I’m going to look on and say she’s selling her husband, and not her disgrace. She says she registered her condition in her mobile phone and says Aaliya filed FIR for a murder attempt. Aaliya’s screaming Tanu. Tanu says you did right that you were the sister. Aaliya thinks she’s supportive. Tanu says that the police will come here soon and says more than accusations of abuse, killing is more. Sushma says he’s been drunk and he’s fallen. Pragya says no wine was at home. Aaliya says that they both say different. Tanu says they plan to kill Abhi. Sushma asks them to go to court to meet them. Lawyer says you won’t interfere because you haven’t been here. Sushma says I saw Abhi unconscious when I came here. Tanu says that I know she’s gotta cry and shout and why you didn’t complain to the police. She says he might have died, so why did you not lodge the complaint? Abhi wakes up and reminds Tanu to see what she is doing with Prague. He gets up and sits back down. He remembers Pragya’s interest in him and believes he is close, Tanu is up to something. He says I’m coming. I’m coming. Tanu asks why you have not filed a complaint by the police that he has fallen down. She says doctors treat patients well when they know the case is being filed by the police. You want to harm Bhai, Aaliya says. Sushma says she wouldn’t have taken him to the hospital if Pragya wanted to. Aaliya says Pragya has taken him to the hospital to see everybody as an accident. Tanu says Pragya has been planning to kill him since 2 years, and for his safety I have kept Karwachauth fast. She says my fasts have saved Pragya’s other Abhi completely. Pragya is asking her to be calm. Abhi falls down again and faints. Something happened to him senses Pragya and runs upstairs. She’s going to Abhi and lifting him up. She’s taking him to bed and asking him to rest. Abhi is holding her hand and telling me to love you. Pragya says that he must dream and cover him with a blanket. She goes downstairs, she goes downstairs. Sushma says the judge won’t give the verdict in this court room. She tells us both what you want and asks them to go and take three crores. Aaliya tells Tanu, if she wants to tell this, 6 crores and whispers. Tanu tells me that I only want my husband. Pragya comes back, telling me how much you want, he’s not going to go anywhere. Tanu says I have to stay here with the whole family if Abhi can’t come with me. Sushma is angry and says you’re going to stay with family here. Tanu says that with the whole family, I need to stay here with Abhi to save Abhi from Prague. She says I will have the assassination attempt moved from you. Sushma asks her to leave. He asks her to leave. Pragya says I’ll bear you all, but I can’t bear to see him in Basti tomorrow morning. Tanu smires and Aaliya asks to come. Leaving Tanu, Aaliya and Lawyer.

Ranbir is coming to Sid. Sid. Sid asks whether the meeting has ended. Ranbir says that the meeting went well and says little hurt. Sid asked what happened? What happened? Ranbir says that in my kidney I feel pain. Sid says I’m going to call the physician. Ranbir says I’m going to be okay and says you’re going to call Prachi. He says when I am worried for her, I get heart pain and when I am worried about you, I feel problem in my kidney. Sid says that you make me crazy, I’m going to go. Ranbir says that you’re leaving me in this pain. Sid says that you’re dramebaaz and you’re wondering what happened? Ranbir asks him to tell him about his problem and asks what is happening. Ranbir sid hugs. Sid hugs. He says it is all about Rhea. Rhea comes there and hears them. Sid says between us…. between us…. Rhea’s inside, calling Sid. She’s asking when you came, came home and didn’t meet me. She says you forgot me so quickly. She’s saying I think I’ve troubled you and I’m going. Sid says I’m going to talk to her, I think. Rhea’s listening to them and going. Sid goes behind her. Sid goes behind her.

Aaliya asks Tanu what’s happening in her mind, and she says that if you changed the plan you’d say to me. She says I don’t want any money, she says, we want to come home. Tanu says that you think is small and that you want her seven crores and I want her seven hundred crores and many more. She says I’d like her money to snatch and make her poor. She says we have her treasure to stay in her house. Aaliya doesn’t say it’s easy. Tanu says you can wait for Gaurav until then that is good news I’ll go and tell all of you. She goes into it and tells Mitali, Dadi and Taiji they’re going to go to the house of Abhi. Mitali says it’s just Abhi’s house. Tanu asks where Abhi now resides? Episode end.

Precap: Rhea tells Sid that her call was not connected, she waited all day for him. She says I was happy to see you when you came back from office early. Sid looks at her surprised listening. Rhea says, but Siddharth, I hate you. Pragia says to Sushma that Aaliya and Tanu have all they want, so it’s time to take revenge and show them their place. Rhea tells Ranbir that her marriage is the strange marriage of the world in which they were alien, neither he knows me or my liking, nor I. She says he’s odd for me. Ranbir looks awful.

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