Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Dida coming to Prachi’s room and sees her crying holding her mother’s photoframe. Dida asks if she is missing her. Prachi says I miss her daily, but feeling like crying too. Dida asks if she is feeling bad to get scolded. Prachi says no, Mummy is elder than me and may scold me, and tells that she did such work to get scolding. She says she showed trust in me, but I fell down and fell down in everyone’s sight. She says I have ruined the image of the house, it’s good that Rhea handled. Dida asks Prachi to rectify her mistake then such work that Pallavi appreciates her. Prachi says if I do something wrong again. Dida says you’re saying this holding your mother’s pic. Prachi goes to the window and says you said right, my mother has taught me to fight with all problems and never hand over . Dida says she is feeling that Pragya is standing infront of her. She asks if she knows to make chole. Prachi says yes, but not like market. Dida says it’ll be tasty. Prachi thanks her for her support. Dida says she will always support her until she is alive. Prachi hugs her. Rhea looks at them and thinks she will get the keys. Ranbir comes home and hugs Dida. He asks about the guests. Dida says everyone went. She asks him to go and meet Prachi. She asks him to keep her happy. Ranbir says how to keep her happy? Dida says shall I teach you. Ranbir says he gets happy when Prachi is happy. Dida says this house is happy when you are happy. He asks Soni, where is Prachi? Soni says in the kitchen. Ranbir says she must be making tea for me. Soni says she is checking the bulb. Ranbir asks if she is electrician. Dida says she is sarvagun sampan. Ranbir goes to kitchen and holds Rhea, thinking her to be Prachi. He then says I missed you and asks why she didn’t call. He says it looks like he didn’t meet her since years. Prachi comes there and gets shocked seeing Ranbir hugging Rhea. Rhea says Ranbir, its me. She moves back. Ranbir is shocked and says sorry Rhea, I thought….Rhea goes. Prachi looks upset and goes from there, while Ranbir tries to clarify. Rhea comes to her room and feels his touch. She gets restless and goes to toilet, stands under the shower. She sits down and cries.

Ranbir comes to room and clarifies that when he came home, he asked Soni about her. He says Soni said that you are in kitchen and that’s why i thought to surprise you. He says I see your face in every girl. Prachi says since when this is going on and that’s why you hugged Rhea. She asks him to not do this infront of her. Ranbir says where there is love, there shall not be doubt. She says i know that you love me so much that you call me many times and keep me in your heart and thoughts. Ranbir says how can you think that I can hug Rhea. Prachi says when did I say this? She says I was coming out of kitchen, you was only clarifying. He asks if you’re not upset with me. Prachi says why will I be? Ranbir asks if she is not doubting him. Prachi reminds him of his own words. He asks then why did she react? Prachi says she was teasing him. She says when you love then think of trusting me and tells that she will never think that Rhea will do something, as she is changed. She knows that her love was now her sister’s husband. She says she doesn’t want this Ranbir and she helped me today, i’m telling that she is changed. Ranbir says i’m happy that you got both mayka and sasural, and also happy that you are happy with Rhea. He says after Sid’s marriage, he’s nowhere seen between us. Prachi says he wants to marry girl like me. Ranbir says Rhea is not like old girl, who was after me, now she is your jethani.

Rhea is resting on the bed and gets restless thinking about Ranbir. Sid comes there and asks if she is sleeping. She pretends to be sleeping. Sid covers blanket on her and rests beside her. Rhea removes the blanket from her. Sid thinks room is chilled and she don’t want to cover herself.

Ranbir wakes up in night and finds Prachi missing from bed. He comes to her and finds her learning to make chole batura. Prachi tells him that Mummy assigned them to make chole batura, for the special guests in tomorrow’s lunch. He says you didn’t put any effort for me before. Prachi says i know that you will not get upset with me, and can also love me and that’s why I don’t need to do any extra efforts. Ranbir says my love is taken for granted. Prachi says it’s not like that, and says husband and wife’s relation are such, whatever happens, bitterness doesn’t come, but in other relations, she has got to put all the efforts. She says Mummy has accepted us and regarded me as her bahu. She tells that she wants to do extra effort to cheer her up. Ranbir says my mother’s anger is like hot oil which remains hot for longer time. Prachi says all mothers are same, i know she is upset with me, and tomorrow she will be happy. Ranbir says we shall sleep. They lie down on the bed. Rhea gets up thinking about Ranbir’s words and his words echoes in her ears.

Pragya goes out. Shagun tries to stop her and asks her to go from back door. Pragya ignoes her suggestions and opens the main door. She finds Media standing and bombarding questions on her, asking what will be her action. Pragya says you’ll know soon, as lie can’t withstand for long. the opposite reporter says gaurav is looking you as liar. Other reporter asks about her countless marriages happened in self defence. Pragya is shocked and says she is not answerable to anyone. The reporter says Gaurav thapar is right, you’re aggressive and can do anything in anger. Pragya asks them to get out. Shagun tries to make them leave , along with the Lawyer. Lawyer closes the door and tells Pragya that she shall not ask media like that. Sushma takes Pragya inside. The lawyer tells that she shall not be aggressive and whenever anyone questions her, she shall say no comments. Pragya says they were trying to make me angry, so that they get new story. He asks Pragya to take a big action. Sushma says your senior lawyer whom we have hired, suggested your name, as you’re expert. The lawyer says Media is multiplying the things told by Gaurav and is making the story, that Pragya got married for money and changes husbands for money. Pragya says I already heard this. She asks what we shall do? The lawyer says if you have to make media quiet and save your respect, then you shall bring the person back in your life, whom you had married for the first time, and shall say that your marriage never broke and you have to stay with your husband again to save your image.

Precap: Tanu comes to Pragya and says i’m selling my husband Pragya. Pallavi tells Prachi and Rhea, that their relation is not just with their husbands, but with other family members too, without doing any mistake. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi can become your husband, if you’ll give the right price for him. Rhea gets aggressive and tells herself that this point she is going to plan and Prachi will lose. Episode Ends.

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