Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Abhi And Pragya’s Cute Fights

Episode start: Pragya asks Abhi why he hasn’t just let her speak on the telephone. He says he wanted to talk and he doesn’t seem to have any right to speak in that house either. She says, all right, and asks why he’s furious. He says, go on and talk to her aunty Sushma. She says she speaks to him and he behaves like a child. He says he’s also come to speak. He has no mood to talk now. She says she’s not going to wait long. He teases her with his voice playing a phone ring and says he’s calling his friend and it looks important. They’re seeing a maid. She’s going to go home, she says. After she leaves, they start to argue again. Now Abhi gets real phone. He says he’s going to pick up and tells her bossy stance isn’t going to work on him. He’s calling her “lady gabbar.” She smiles. She smiles. He’s wondering why she’s smiling. She tells her face smiling. He asks whether she has botox. She tells him to pick up his phone and says yes. He says when he wants to pick up and leaves.

Abhi asks his friend to get home. He says he’s going to open his door. Something he forgot to give. Abhi opens the door to the door. His friend gives him alcohol and tells him that he knows Abhi can’t sleep without it. Pragya is nice, but strict, he says. Tanu, his other wife, is good. She sent the new one when he told her that Pragya threw away alcohol. Abhi gets a Tanu call. She asks if Gattu has given him alcohol. He taunts her that not everybody’s a thief. He’s grateful to her and hangs up. Tanu says she sent alcohol so after drinking, Abhi troubled Pragya as he used to bother them. She says that a storm will come to Prague. Pragya is awaiting Abhi. She wonders why it takes so much time. Tanu drinks alcohol, hears music, and dances. Aaliya asks whether she had any alcohol. Tanu says she has a festival. Aaliya asks for what celebration? Tanu doesn’t think she’ll spoil her plan to tell her else. She just says she’s happy with the money and she feels safe. Aaliya figures she’s hiding something and wondering what she did so gladly. She asked her again. She asked her again. Tanu is telling her to go and ask Gaurav, her new friend. She says she’s going to find out soon. Wait and watch, then.

Abhi’s giving Gattu a bottle, and he’s leaving. After that, Abhi now says alcohol is going into him and the lion is coming out. He’s starting to drink. Pragya comes and wonders when she threw everything away, what he is drinking. He sees her and asks her what she sees. Again, he’s drinking. She tells him to drink more than he thinks about the drama. It’s her house and he has no drink to live on her terms. She asks him to stop and sleep all this stupidity. He casts a bottle on the ground and it breaks down. He’s coming closer and asking if she doesn’t still smell alcohol? She looks in a shock at him. Siddharth thinks how, when they slept, Rhea kept pillows between them. Dida sees him lost in thinking and asks why he’s upset. He says he came to drink water and sat for positive feedback as pooja had been done earlier. Dida says that she loves him a lot and he ought not to hide from her anything. She promises to share whenever he feels like what troubles him. She’s going to try her best to solve his problems. He’s hugging her and promising her.

Pragia is pushing Abhi. He asks her to push him? She just says she made him leave her. You pushed me, he says no. He says no. She says, I pushed you all right. He says, I’m going to take vengeance by pushing you now. She says, I just pushed you slightly. He says I’m going to do the same. She’s saying no, you’re drunk, you’re not going to know what the light push is. He goes after her. He goes after her. She’s running and then she’s telling him, statue. For a moment, he freezes and then asks what statue? Let’s patch up, She says. She says. He says you want to patch up when it came on you. To fuck up with patch. In the morning, she tells him to take vengeance. He says you’ll say night in the morning. He begins to chase her again. He collects and throws a pillow at her. She falls. She falls. He laughs and says he saw 4 Pragya and still hit the right one. She says he’s fighting with her pillow? She’s throwing and running it at him. He catches her. He catches her. He collects her and makes the circles. She’s getting dizzy. They continue their stupid struggles/dance while performing songs. He takes her back and sits down, with Pragya in his lap. Pragya gets up and says it’s too late now and they’re going to sleep. He says, the night just began. She says, let go of me. You promised, he says, you will never leave me. He’s asking for another dance. She’s running into her room. Abhi follows her. Abhi follows her. He’s about to lose his stair balance. Fuggi, he says. He says. Pragya is running to him, but he doesn’t save him. He is falling and becoming unconscious. She says she’s going to open his eyes. In a shock, Prachi wakes up. She says something bad happened to Ranbir. He says, you’ve only seen a bad dream. He relaxes and sleeps her.

Abhi’s eyes are open. Pragya is happy. Pragya is happy. He smiles. He smiles. She gets angry that you’ve been joking? I was so frightened. I don’t like jokes like that. His eyes are again closed. I accept you won and I lost, she says. She says. Happy now? Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Pragia sees blood flowing under the head of Abhi and is shocked. Sushma comes to Pragia and asks Abhi what happened? He fell from the stairs, Pragya says. Sushma tells Pragia to press and stop his wound. She calls a physician and says that an emergency is happening. Pragia yells. Pragia yells. Episode end.

Precap: We’ve split several times, we’ve had a lot of misunderstandings, Pragya says, but everything used to get ok because I thought he gets angry, he’s wrong in anger. I also knew he would get angry to find out I and Ranbir supported you. But he, your dad, was trying to kill me. He failed with Aaliya and Tanu and tried to kill me. Prachi’s outraged.

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