Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th September 2021 Written Update: Sanjana Reveals Her Feelings Infront Of Dev

Dev is with Sanjana, and she recites a love poem she wrote for him, in which she expresses how much she adores her; Sanjana is taken aback to learn that she adores Dev. Sanjana drops her key chain with the name Gypsy girl when Sonakshi reveals the same name that she heard from the caller who spoke on the last night radio show, Sonakshi leans to pick it up when Sanjana herself pulls the key chain appreciating Sonakshi for her time, Sanjana thinks she will be able to come close to Dev sir in his own world.

Ishwari is sitting at the table when Neha serves her a large amount of food. Ishwari inquires as to what she is doing as she must come to talk with her, but Neha insists on doing so, claiming that neither Bhai nor Bhabhi have time for her. Dev and Sonakshi return to the house, they both greet Ishwari, when Dev asks why she is so sad, she refuses to say anything is wrong, Sonakshi also exclaims something has happened that has made her sad, Neha asks them both to stop acting as they live with Maa and have responsibility for her health, they both live with her so they should have realized it in the morning, Ishwari tries to stop her, but Neha asks her to let her speak. Neha mentions that her entire life revolves around her son, so he should have taken care of her, she explains that today is Maa and Father’s wedding anniversary, and he must have remembered how much Maa misses their father on this day, and she leaves in rage.

Dev apologizes to Ishwari, explaining that he was busy and forgot, and even though this is an excuse, he is apologetic. Sonakshi also apologizes for forgetting how important this day is to her, and Ishwari assures her that it doesn’t matter when Sonakshi explains she knows how important this day is to her, and Dev goes to hug Ishwari, who begins crying. Sanjana exclaims in her house, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for since I arrived in Mumbai!” She pulls out a picture of Rohit Verma and reads out his entire bio data, exclaiming, “I’ve finally found the person who will help me get to my final destination!”

Dev brings some flowers and presents them to Ishwari in the evening, she exclaims how some scents bring back memories from the past as she recalls how his father would always give her a flower at their wedding anniversary, Dev explains that even then he did not remember anything, Ishwari explains he should not be worried because she always recalled him in her heart as they never met. Ishwari explains how she also received this gift from Neha, and Dev gets excited as he takes the watch, mentioning how he recognizes it as his watch, which he used to wear in his right hand and how lifting him would hurt him, so he would request his father to hold him in his left hand. Dev sits on Ishwari’s lap, explaining that she has worked hard and is a strong woman. Ishwari also mentions that he has worked hard to get to this position, and she asks him not to be angry with Neha because she doesn’t know what is going on in her life, even though she is her mother. Dev assures her that she should not be concerned because he will speak with Neha.

Sanjana is working on her laptop when she receives a call from the Merchant; she explains how she obtained the photo and plans to meet Mr Rohit; the Merchant explains she will be unable to do so because Mr Rohit died three months ago in a car accident; Sanjana is shocked to hear this and ends the call; Sanjana wonders how she will get to her destination when she came so close and then lost her way.

Dev is having breakfast with everyone when Shuv approaches him and says he needs to feed his piggy, Dev smiles and asks what should he feed the piggy, then Dev gives the note, but Shuv explains Dev has lost and if his teacher would not give Dev any star because they put coins in the piggy and not money, Shuv stops Neha from sitting at the seat where his mom sits, Sonakshi becomes tense, and Shuv stops Neha from sitting at the

Dev assures Ishwari and Sonakshi that he will take care of everything. Neha is sitting in the room when Dev enters, exclaiming that today a secret would be revealed, he opens his hands, and Neha takes out a sweet and eats it, Dev sitting beside her asks if everything is fine in her house, and Neha refuses to say anything when Ishwari also enters, questioning what has happened in her house. Radha and Baldev enter the room, and Dev leads Neha outside. Baldev and Radha exclaim that Ishwari was correct because Neha is under stress, but every parent wants her children to be happy and content in their lives, so she goes to pray in the Mandir.

Both Sonakshi and Alena try to reassure the new PG that he has nothing to worry about because the police commissioner has revealed that they have arrested everyone and assured him that no one will ever tease him again, but he must be strong and fight back. Sanjana enters the office while Sukhi is talking with Mona; they both greet Sanjana, who appears tensed; she, however, refuses to reveal anything about her life; Sukhi reveals the rule that everyone who is in any sort of tension has to explain it so that they can then solve it; Sanjana walks away but hears Sukhi explain how he has never seen her so tensed; Sanjana looking at the photo; Episode end.

Precap: Sanjana sits in front of Dev and begins reading a poem about how the heart was unable to control itself and the words came out of her mouth, revealing how much she loves Dev. He is taken aback when he hears this, and Sonakshi is taken aback when she hears it from the corner.

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