Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th September 2021 Written Update: Dev Gives Sonakshi A Drink To End Her Hangover

Sanjana is really excited that Dev sir texting me at midnight; she reads that Dev sir wrote her to take care of herself and to ask him if she needs anything to look after her feet, she asks Sonakshi to emerge as an obsessor from her obsession as every suitable man would say the same. She sees Dev standing up to the TV playing guitar massages her hand against her video thinking as if he’s with her in fact.

Sonakshi wakes up in the morning, she places her hand over her forehead to ask Dev what the time is, she is shocked to hear it’s 9 o’clock so she wakes her as it really got late, Dev then gives her a drink that ends her haremeal, asks what it means, because she doesn’t understand and remembers anything that happened last night, Dev mentions what she did last night.

Dev walked as he was on the phone and asked what happened when he had the blue print in his hand, then he had it on the table, and Ishwari saw him busy, so he would place the list of food in his bag so he thought he’d see it after arriving at the office. Shub comes to hold Ishwari’s sarree, she hugs him, she asks him to make the dish he likes most.
Ishwari makes the corn with Radha, she asks whether Ishwari gives the food list to Dev, Ishwari answers that he was busy with his work so she couldn’t give it to him but put it in his wallet, as she knows he’d see it, Radha questions whether she thinks he would remember it, Ishwari answers, whether it’s really busy, Dev always has time for his mom like if someone who’s so busy as Dev recalls his father’s knee pain then it shows that he has not even changed a little, Baldev comes to them and says that in the old days, they used to work for their livelihoods. However, it seems that the younger generation is only worried about working the most. Ishwari mentions Dev always finds time for completing the work which she asks him to do. Shuv says that if he gets older, he will always wear suits such as Dev, she asks Shuv to come immediately and take her, and Sonakshi hears their talk from the corner, and thinks about telling Dev to certainly bring the foodstuffs, as she knows how much it is to Maa.

Dev’s in the office with Sukhi talking about the first phase, because it’s where they’re going to adjust the workforce. He sees Sanjana coming to the office. Sukhi even takes the files from her so she sits. Dev asks the doctor what the doctor has been saying. Sanjana responds it is OK because the doctor has given her some medicines.

Dev asks Sanjina to remain in her office as she needs to rest her leg, if she wishes, Sanjana answers how she would meet him if she stays back, then she says that is because they have to talk about the plans and Dev explains that she doesn’t know how Sonakshi’s drink changed since she doesn’t remember what happened herself. He says he cares a lot for his staff, but she thinks if he only thinks that he is an employee. When Dev comes and asks him if he can meet the CA tomorrow at four pm, Dev examines his diary and then refuses saying he is busy, leaves after a call and then remembers how she knows he doesn’t meet, but it is MTS, she asks Sukhi jee whether he knows what MTS is, but does not accept his suggestion.

Sonakshi is with Dr Navya, she shows her the videos she is discussing with Sanjana, the doctor asks if she worries about what’s going on next, Sonakshi replies that she trusts Dev truly loves her and trusts him because they’ve come closer, after so many sessions with her, but she has a strange feeling if Sanjana is with her.

Sanjana is in her cabin, she can’t figure out the MTS initials, so asks Mona about the Sonakshi contact, calls her to seek appointment at four p.m. the next day, is relieved that Sonakshi is given an appointment with Dr Navya, Sanjana is looking at Dr Navya only in order to find out it’s according to her ideas because she is only going to a therapist if something is there.

Dev is with Sukhi when he’s called from Sonakshi, asking what he’s going to do for her, she’s going to say it two things to him, one is so sorry and another thank you… He’s asking her why she apologizes, she’s mentioning how she’s seen the video and is getting really embarrassed…

He is shocking when he sees his wallet missed, he receives a Sanjana text informing him that the wallet is on his desk, he relies on him to collect it on the way back and he is then amazed, Sanjana takes the list out and rads it, she wonders what it is doing in her wallet so she recalls how the pillar in his life is. Sonakshi asks him to bring things to his wallet list.

There is a doorbell; Radha opened it to find Sanjana standing, she greeted Radha and mentioned how she brought the things she needed, Radha thought she would be an assistant so that she asked about the bill that Sanjana did not want to give.

Precap: Sanjana is very happy to come into Dev’s house, reaches its room and is shocked to see so many pictures; Sanjana opens her cloakroom to touch Dev’s suits; Sonakshi comes behind questions, Sanjana gets shocked.

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