Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Sonakshi Plans To Meet Sanjana At The Office

Episode start: Sonakshi walked in a bureau, she jumped into Sanjana, who asked where she was, Sonakshi says she was going to Dev’s office, Sanjana asked if she had an appointment, Sonakshi said that she never needed an appointment, and that she was Dev’s wife. Sometime before, the kid walks into the house, Bijoy gets really excited to see everyone and even shows her a puppet, Sonakshi answers that even the kids are also excited to come and meet him, even Alena comes and after greeting her they are all wondering about the good smell that’s going on. Sonakshi is really pleased to drink that soup and afterwards even he receives a loud praise from the kids so that the young people appreciate him so now it is the time for the old man, they all laugh but even Bijoy is angry, Aayush exclaims that he should try it otherwise the new PG would be wrong, After sampling it, Bijoy exclaims that, by mistake, he makes a call and goes to the side and is tense about it, Bijoy thinks something goes wrong with the person because something is wrong with him.

Sanjana comes into the office with a file wearing a blue dreshment and makes every effort to make him know but he doesn’t pay attention to her, she gets jealous and frustrated by deliberately dropping water from the table and claiming that she feels it’s not right because she feels something wrong happens to her each time she wears blue. Dev says she loves blue Alena in the corner says that even Vicky praised the new designer so he told him that Dev even asked her to make the new plans for his project, both heard the voice of music and saw the kids enjoy the new PG. However, she also had to dance, but Alena stopped saying that she had new joke, so she decided to read her husband new joke, but after she had done that she had to do so.

Sonakshi drives her car when she calls Vicky, he answers that Dev has gone for a meeting and he thinks it’s the best time to meet Sanjana. Sonakshi goes towards the Dev cabin when Sanjana leaves, both bump in each other, Sanjana questions where she goes and when she realises that Sonakshi is heading to the Dev office, she questions whether Sonakshi has an appointment, Sonakshi answers that she never needs an appointment, Sanjana realises that she is Dev sir’s wife, she moves her hand to Sha Sonakshi gets upset that Dev follows her advice on their relationship, that Dev leaves with Sonakshi.

Dev sitting down with Sukhi to finish the meeting, Sonacshi says he can go back because he’s still stuck in the office and just arrived after Sanjana pushed him to go back and work, Dev says he’d have to wait and he explains to the employees the rest of the job, Dev says he wants to watch the movie in the house, she’s always mad when he sings a child, but he doesn’t feel mad. Sanjana works for this in house, Sanjana says that she met Mr. Dev’s wife and she’s also a lovely woman who made her realise they were a great couple, her friend asks what she’s doing now that she’s going to leave running after Dev. Sanjana asks why she was thinking like this because she wants this kind of love and certainly would want somebody like him.

Dev in Sonakshi’s room is asking what kind of cinema she wants to watch. She questions why he wants to watch them all because they all have issues with marriage. Dev asks her to suggest something but she exclaims that she is uncomfortable, Dev asks what this behaviour is, as she first came into the office to see a film and now says she has no mood and leaves the room sayi. Dev leaves the room, he walks down when Ishwari stops to ask him what happened, she knows it got into a fight with Sonakshy, Dev says that everything is normal and that if there’s no fight it won’t be normal, Ishwari exclaims she can’t figure out what the new generation feels about the relationship. Sonakshi starts a song in the room and recalls what Dr Navya told of distances in relationships that lead to a third person standing between a couple. Episode end.

Precap: Sanjana is in a party, her hypnoticity is to see Dev playing guitar, so hopes to be close with her, but Sonakshi walks in the party, and as a couple they both walk next to Sanjana, as she is amazed.

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