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Read Imlie 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Malini And Imlie’s Game Of Rights

Episode Start: Anu suggests to Malini that she must not allow anyone else to take her husband away and sacrifice her 7-year-old relationship. Malini agrees and says that she’s going to fight for her right. Anu asks if she’s sure and gives her a bottle of medicine. Malini blends prasad medicine and throws bottle into dustbin. Imlie sees her and asks her what’s in the bottle. Malini now tells her a high-end game and takes prasad with her. She serves prasad to children in the whole family and orphanage. Dulari says first let her taste. Imlie comes in and asks all to not eat it. Anu asks why she did it when she did not want to serve it. She asks Aparna if she kept her Bahu servant to create drama for every role. Guruji takes orphans away and tells Harish that this humiliation will never be forgotten. Imlie’s Harish scolds. Imlie claims that she couldn’t let anyone eat prasad because Malini blame her for the mixed poison. Anu warns her language to remember.

Malini screams if she blames her and eats her prasad. Adi tastes it as well and says there’s nothing there. Malini says Imlie blamed her as she served and hates her to the core, she’s not going to stay here after so much has happened. Adi stops her and says that Imlie has done the wrong thing and should apologise. Imlie and her fans were shocked. She excuses Malini. Adi says Imlie has shown that she doesn’t respect him and goes away. Aparna tells her that she curses a day when she lets Imlie in and takes Malini in her house. Harish says that he made some sin because of Imlie that he bears daily humiliation. Radha says Imlie has lost her respect. Supporters of Imlie, Pankaj, Rupali, and Nishant are also gone. Try to console Imlie, Mithi and Nani. Imlie says she wants to be alone and lurks.

Next morning, Imlie screams and says to Seeta Maiya she saw Malini mixing poison in prasad and then how children are not affected. Malini comes in and she says that she tricked her as she wanted to prove her a liar before Adi and instead mixed medicine into juice and already served it to her family. Rupali goes in the embryo and says that she hates Malini because she hates Imlie. Malini says feelings are mutual, even for the same reason she doesn’t like her much. Rupali asks her to join Imlie because she is so cute and Imlie tries to hug her after hugging her. Malini pushes her away. Pushes her away. Rupali goes to complain about Radha. Imlie asks why she does this and asks Adi to leave his life, because he just loves her. Malini says that she is the legally married wife of Adi and has a 7-year old relationship with him. Imlie says she’s the first wife of Adi. Malini asks why for so many months she hid the truth. Imlie says the truth can’t be hidden. Malini asks her why she made a joke out of her emotions, now she makes a joke and orders Imlie to take care of her family.

Imlie goes to the family and sees them acting strangely drunk. Dance and drag her along with Harish and Dulari. Malini enters and says he must talk to them, Aditya’s only legal wife Malini wishes to inform them that she still immensely loves Adi and asks Aparna to consider him to be Adi’s wife. Before they interfered with Imlie in their lives, they were very glad, she is Adi;s legally married wife and will accept her own rights. The family Tripathi laughs loudly. Tomorrow Malini says they won’t remember what she said today. Imlie recalls Imlie’s alert. Episode End.

Precap: Malini asks Adi not to excuse Imlie, she knows how to treat her sister. She offers Adi juice. Imlie ran to Adi and saw him finish the juice.

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