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Imlie Today Episode Written Online

Imlie prays seeta maiya and questions about her own family. She then prays to stop adi’s problems, end nishant’s infection, cease malini’s troubles, and make aparna be given her quickly as adi is suffering to persuade his family. She says she dreams of own family accepting her as bahu and love and accept as true with her like earlier than, and so forth. Malini hears her prayers and thinks imlie is actively fighting, even she must have fought and ought to have tried to win adi’s love; thinks if she follows mother’s advice, will without a doubt adi take delivery of her. She nervously gets into adi’s room and sleeps subsequent to him on his bed even as his slumbering following her mother’s recommendation. Subsequent morning, imlie cracks jokes in the front of sundar even as he’s cooking and hopes she cheers up malini together with her jokes. Sundar says she will be able to bore malini along with her jokes. She scolds him and takes breakfast to malini’s room, doesn’t locate her there, and seeing adi’s room door locked thinks he might be overdue to office again and hence gets in to wake him up. She drops breakfast tray in surprise seeing malini sleeping next to adi. Adi wakes up listening to sound and stands in shock seeing malini dozing next to him and asks what’s she doing here. Malini nervosly says she had woken up to drink water and don’t recognise how she came here. Adi nervously asks imlie to mention some thing. Imlie says they need no longer fear as she trusts them each. Malini thinks even she relied on imlie, however she concealed the fact and misused her agree with and hence even she will do equal. Imlie asks them to freshen up and come out for breakfast. Adi tells malini that she shouldn’t have slept on his bed. She says she got here here perhaps because of remedy effect and as she used to live in this room, guarantees to in no way input his room once more. He says she will be able to come and relaxation right here if she feels peace right here, but ought to inform him in advance as they cannot sleep in identical room again. She says she will do not forget it, gets kunal’s call and walks away. Adi thinks some thing ought to have occurred among malini and kunal that she is ignoring him, he need to meet kunal and discover.

In kitchen, aparna tells radha that she saw malini and adi chatting of their room the day before today night time and felt right. Radha says they have a relationship in view that years and hopes they rebond again. Aparna says she executed their nazar from outdoor. Imlie hearing their verbal exchange cuts her finger with a damaged saucer. Radha asks if reality harm her. Rupali asks why is that this happening to her, her husband pranav’s lady friend is staying in his house now. Radha curses pranav and his girlfriend. Rupali says its equal with imlie and adi and malini can in no way be adi’s wife, so they must take delivery of imlie. Radha says imlie is adi’s 2d wife right here. Rupali argues that adi married imlie first. Aparna says a forceful marriage at gunpoint can never be general and only the one executed in front of a society is usual, so for her best malini is her bahu. Rupali says its waste to speak to them and takes imlie from there to first-aid her wound. She asks imlie she saw malini popping out of adi’s room and asks what is occurring. Imlie says she trusts malini. Rupali says she have to now not trust malini. Imlie says malini is her sister and if she had problem, she wouldn’t have given her right to her and left the home. Rupali asks why did she return right here then. Imlie says its top she came here as they all recognize how anu is.

Malini enters meets kunal and explains her plan. Kunal says imlie is her sister and she can’t do that to her. Malini says imlie hid the fact and snatched her happiness. Kunal says who has stimulated her to do incorrect. Malini says she gave up her right to others without problems and didn’t combat returned in any respect, its her mistake and mother made her realise it, she will now not surrender this time and wants to be happy with adi. Kunal says she is wrongly motivated via her mother and is on a incorrect route. Malini says even she merits happiness and no person cares approximately her happiness at all. Adi walks in and says sorry he got here to speak to kunal and didn’t know malini is here, he got here here to inform kunal approximately malini’s situation. Kunal says he knows malini’s situation and malini herself doesn’t recognize what she is to him. Adi asks then why was he no longer gift in the medical institution. Kunal says there may be nothing among him and malini and well-knownshows that he met malini for the primary time with adi and imlie and malini didn’t even recognize who he become earlier than that and just lied to adi with a random call which became true later. He explains the whole story and walks away. Malini sits down senselessly after her fact is out. Adi says she lied to him in order that he doesn’t sense responsible, imlie knew that malini can by no means love absolutely everyone, his and her family alleged her and she stored quiet just because of imlie and him. Malini thinks she lied to him to pay attention truth from him, she desired him to be with imlie, however now she feels its only their tale and there may be no area for imlie in it.

Precap: imlie sees malini in the back of adi in his motorbike and runs behind it. Adi asks malini if she still love him. She says sure.

Replace credit to: Nimra

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