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Read Imlie 29th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie Rescues Herself And Tripathi Family From Kidnappers

Kidnappers board the plane with Imlie and the other girls. The kidnapper tells Imlie not to worry and shows her a magazine. She begs him to release her. He calls Rajni and informs him that the flight will depart soon. Malini hopes Adi does not arrive at the airport. Adi introduces himself to the security officer and asks that all flights be halted because his wife Imlie is on one of them and he obtained her paper at the airport. Officer says that as a reporter, he should be aware that they cannot halt the flight without proof. Adi shows Imlie’s photo and asks that international flights be halted at the very least. Officer calls Imlie’s flight and asks the air hostess if any suspicious people have boarded the flight. No, says the air hostess. Officer says that everything is fine and dismisses Adi’s plea.

The kidnapper threatens Imlie that if she does not keep quiet, his team will kill her family. Imlie recalls SK teaching her math and complimenting her intelligence. She selects a magazine. The kidnapper inquires as to her ability to read. She says no, but Seeta Maiya has her eyes fixed on her. When his attention is diverted, she tears a HELP letter from a magazine and tries to flee. The kidnapper stops her and inquires as to where she is going. She mentions the restroom. He promises to accompany her. The air hostess stops him and tells him he can use another restroom. He says she is his patient and that she will accept responsibility if something bad happens to her. He is permitted by the air hostess. Imlie enters the restroom and places HELP letters on the ceiling. Once she is out, the kidnapper checks the bathroom and leads her to a seat. The airhostess inquires as to her well-being. She nods and says, “Yes, everything is in upar wala’s/hands.” God’s When the airhostess checks the bathroom and discovers a HELP note on the ceiling, she calls the police. When the magazine falls to the ground, the kidnapper, seeing the missing HELP letters, threatens Imlie that her family will pay for it. A police officer enters and points a gun at the kidnapper. Imlie takes out her rage on him for attempting to ruin the lives of the girls. Adi is informed by a security officer that his information was correct, and his wife and other girls have been rescued from kidnappers.

Imlie is brought to the airport lounge by police, who commend her bravery. Imlie warns the girls not to blindly trust anyone and asks that the inspector thank the airhostess who assisted her. He assures her that she has nothing to be concerned about. Imlie notices Adi and walks over to him, crying and tightly hugging him. Piya A song by Tose Milne is playing in the background. Adi inquires as to her well-being. She agrees, but her family is in danger. He stammers nervously, trying to figure out what she’s saying. Malini arrives in jail with money, which Anu gives to Rajni in exchange for the release of servant Imlie. Rajni says to take good care of her friends. Malini informs Anu that she must return home or else everyone will doubt her. She says she can return to Adi indefinitely. Goons plan to kill T family after seeing their faces at T house. Imlie and Adi arrive at T’s house, and the police arrive. Inspector tries to break down the door. Imlie stops him and says that if she sees police, goons may panic and shoot her family, so let her go in first. She enters the house through the window with Adi and saves the family. Goons are apprehended and taken away by the police. Episode end.

Precap: Malini returns home and asks Adi why the police had arrived, assuring him that Imlie will return home safely. Imlie says that her faith was rewarded.

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