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Read Imlie 27th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie Is Kidnapped

Sundar notices Imlie dusting the kitchen and asks her to study so he can work. She says to have finished her studies and is now dusting to unwind. Malini enters and asks that she dust her room. Rupali mocks Malini’s room, claiming that only Imlie can clean it. Malini responds that her aunt/bua is concerned about her niece/nephew. Rupali mocks a powerful relationship. Anu is imprisoned. Her servant would have served her an almond smoothie at this time, she yells, so it must have some standards. The constable offers her prison food. Anu exsays that this food is worse than her servant food. Constable says she can have it or not. Anu notices her cellmate receiving VIP treatment and questions the constable. Constable yells back and walks away. Intimate presents herself as a hardcore criminal. Rajni Devi, who is involved in murders, human trafficking, and other crimes, threatens Anu with a knife to keep her mouth shut. Anu cries out for assistance. Rajni receives a phone call from her aide informing her that one of the girls they kidnapped for human trafficking has died. She becomes agitated and attempts to stab Anu. Anu promises to solve her problem and to provide her with a servant girl.

People from the Labor Employment Bureau come to T’s house for an inspection and ask to see the servants’ IDs because they are looking for underage workers. Sundar goes to get his identification. Imlie is asked to show her ID card by the officer. Pankaj refers to her as his bahu/DIL. Officer says they received information that this house has two servants; Imlie does not appear to be from Delhi and appears to be underage. Pankaj becomes enraged and dials Adi’s number. Imlie goes to get her identification. Sundar displays his adhaar card, and they request that he go get them some tea. Imlie receives an identification card. They kidnap her and abduct her. Adi walks into the living room and asks Pankaj why he didn’t check their ID cards. Mithi at C house begs Seeta maiya to protect her daughter and give her the courage to overcome all obstacles. The lamp burns out. Mithi becomes concerned, believing it is an abshagun, and begs Seeta Maiya to protect her daughter. Adi notices that officers and Imlie are missing and discovers her ID card and a broken vase nearby. Imlie’s family gathers to search for him. Adi inquires of Pankaj and Sundar whether they double-checked the officers’ names. He didn’t in Sundar’s day. Rupali and Sundar go to check on the neighborhood. Dulari becomes concerned. Malini says she went for a walk because she was bored at home. Dulari screams at her.

Imlie is kidnapped and taken to their den. Imlie warns them that bringing her here was a mistake and that they will be punished. Goon brandishes a gun at her. She chooses a wooden stick and declares that she is not afraid of guns. Another goon approaches her and asks if she can flee. Goon calls the other girls and tells them they are afraid of guns and that she should sit with them silently or watch them die. Imlie approaches them and asks how they were kidnapped, telling them they should trust Seeta Maiya. Goon instructs them to form a line. Adi is concerned about Imlie at T House. Malini assures him that Imlie will return home soon. Dulari screams at her. Mithi contacts Tripathis and asks that she speak with Imlie. Aparna inquires as to why Imlie did not appear. Dulari says her daughter has gone missing. Sundar and Rupali return and report that no one from the Labor Employment Bureau has arrived.

Anu introduces herself to Rajni and thanks her for kidnapping Imlie, saying she will spend her entire fortune if Imlie is removed from her and her daughter’s lives. Rajni inquires as to Imlie’s ability to perform household duties properly. Anu says to be from the village and works as a servant here. Rajni summons her aides and instructs them to assign household chores to girls to see if they can work as maids. Goon throws garbage on the ground and asks the girls to clean it up. Nishant reports that he checked with the labor employment bureau and that no officers were dispatched. Sundar blames himself for going in to bring fake officers tea. Adi says Imlie has been kidnapped. Episode end.

Precap: A girl begs Imlie to save them because goons are about to kill them. Imlie realizes that goons kidnap girls and sell them in foreign countries.

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