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Read Imlie 25th September 2021 Written Update: Adi Shatters Seeing Evidence

Aditya tells Aparna that he has no idea what happened to Imlie, how she can make a decision about his life by accepting someone’s challenge, and whether she thinks he will stay with Malini if she loses her case. Aparna inquires as to what is wrong with it. Adi says that he does not love Malini and cannot be happy with her. Aparna says that it is God’s will that he and Malini remain together. Imlie enters and declares that it is neither God’s nor Adi’s wish. Adi tries to flee angrily. Imlie pulls him aside and tells him she will show him proof. Aparna says she’d like to see it as well. Imlie says she can’t see Malini’s truth right now, so let only Adi see it. She leads Adi to his room and shows him the camera. He says to have brought it for her. She admits that she is aware; he made a video for her and forgot to close it; it is difficult for him to watch this. He watches a video in which he calls Imlie and Malini while disguised as Imlie has an intimate relationship with her. Adi is broken up when he sees this and cries, saying that Malini has been his friend for years, how can she stoop so low, and so on. Imlie also laments that she wished Malini could see her error and correct it, but it is too late, and she will show this video to everyone. Adi says that if his mother sees this video, she will shatter, and he apologizes to her for not listening to her. She says it is not his fault because he blindly trusted his friend, but his friend abused him for her benefit; he will appear in court tomorrow while she explains the situation to her family; this video should be sent directly to court. Aparna informs her family that Imlie has obtained proof. Harish says she is lying because there is no evidence. Radha says it is her plot. Aparna says Imlie was overconfident; I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth. Adi walks down with her and tells her that Imlie has proof and was always correct; he doesn’t trust her. Aparna asks that he show her proof. He says that they will be watching it live in court.

Imlie tells KC about the video evidence. KC asks that she keep it safe and bring it directly to court. He thinks he can’t believe Malini can stoop so low. Malini walks in. He inquires as to what she is doing here. She says she met him through a friend and became a stranger to him. He says that they discovered evidence against her and that she is now unable to flee. Malini becomes nervous and declares that it is impossible. He informs her that he will bring evidence directly to court and asks that she leave. Malini’s leaves were tense. Imlie comforts Adi further. Adi watches the video again and realizes that he thought Malini was following their friendship, but she betrayed it; she must answer in court tomorrow. Malini returns home, terrified by KC’s words. Dev and Anu rush over to her and inquire as to what happened. Malini says Imlie discovered evidence against her and that she will be imprisoned; Adi discovered the truth and will despise her for the rest of his life; and she adores Aditya. She is knocked out.

The next day, the court hearing begins. The judge asks KC if he has any evidence against Malini. KC says he has video evidence of Malini drugging and abusing Adi without his consent. When he plays the video, it is blank. Desai says there is no video at all and that the prosecution is wasting its time. According to KC, there is a video. The technician examines the memory card and determines that there is no data on it. KC asks Imlie if she’s sure this is the memory card she’s looking for. Imlie agrees and says that Adi do something. Adi says that he is powerless when there is no data on the card. KC says that his data was tampered with and deleted on purpose. Desai says that the opposition is misleading the court and wasting time. KC requests that the judge grant him 20 minutes. The judge says he cannot be granted more time because he has already squandered a significant amount of time. Imlie takes Seeta Maiya’s oath and declares that there is evidence. The judge orders him to sit. She asks who he is to shut her up, and he should give her some more time to gather evidence. The judge orders KC to control his client and announces that because the prosecution did not obtain solid evidence, the case is dismissed. Malini unwinds, while Imlie crumbles. Episode end.

Precap: Imlie asks Adi why he can’t see Malini’s plot. Adi says he cannot punish everyone for Mrs Chaturvedi’s plot. Malini says to be pregnant with Adi’s child.

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