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Read Imlie 24th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie Gets Evidence

Imlie, instead of picking peas kernels from the floor, examines evidence in drawers. Aparna says that peas did not fly and land in drawers. Imlie smiles and resumes her search. Aparna inquires as to what she is doing. Imlie keeps the peas bowl in the refrigerator and leaves. Radha says she is behaving strangely. Imlie continues her jokergiri while Harish searches for a signal on his radio and searches the entire living room. Finally, the radio picks up the signal and plays an old song. Harish picks up the radio and sends her from there. She then enters Aparna’s room and searches for evidence instead of cleaning it. Aparna walks in and asks what she’s doing here. Imlie suggests cleaning. Aparna asks her to leave if everything is finished. Imlie walks away with trepidation.

Anu arrives at T’s house and informs Malini that it is time to keep their situation in front of the servant, and asks if she will agree. Imlie, according to Malini, has no choice. Imlie enters Adi’s room next, and remembering Malini spending the night there, she is certain she will find evidence here. She looks at Adi’s camera and recalls Adi leaving his camera in recording mode on Janmastami day, and she wonders why Adi didn’t bring his camera to work today. Anu gathers Tripathis and yells, “Servant!” Imlie dashes out the door and joins Tripathis. Anu says she returned for his daughter, their son married Malini while lying to her and then abandoned her for a servant, he then became intimate with her while deceiving her, and now the servant has falsely accused Malini and is attempting to imprison her. She wonders if Harish, who has a daughter, will accept this justice for Malini, if Malini has to face society’s humiliation, and if anyone will accept her as bahu. Dulari yells that if she had to do the same thing and create drama all over again, she should have done it over the phone. Anu expresses her desire for Imlie to withdraw her case and for the Tripathis to accept Malini as their bahu. Even this option, according to Imlie, is old. Aparna says that she, too, is saying the same thing, but Imlie is adamant.

Anu says that if Imlie wins the case, Malini will go to jail, and if Malini wins, Adi will grant her the right to be a wife. Adi returns home and wonders what kind of garbage this is. Anu says that society considers Malini to be his wife, and that if she wins the case, he will grant her wife’s rights. Adi calls this nonsense and refuses to accept it. Imlie says to accept her condition. Pankaj and Nishant, Imlie’s supporters, advise her to think carefully. Adi says he is not a piece of furniture to be given to anyone; Imlie is his wife, and he will always be forgiving of her mistakes. Anu inquires as to why he made a mistake that day and why he refuses to accept it. Malini tells her to relax. Aparna agrees with Anu’s situation and asks Adi to ask his wife to take back the case. Imlie assures Adi that she will find proof. Malini inquires as to what she means. Imlie inquires as to whether she became afraid. Malini wonders why she should. Imlie then tells her to unwind and promises to bring tea and snacks for the guests. Aparna tries to calm Anu down. Anu and Malini leave enraged.

Malini expresses concern in the car that Imlie will find proof because she is overconfident. Anu says she will not receive anything. Malini wonders what if any evidence is left behind. Imlie returns to Adi’s room, holding Seeta Maiya’s idol, remembering gifting it to Adi, and asks Seeta Maiya how can anything go wrong when she left Adi under her protection; she needs her help. She activates Adi’s camera and hears him speak. He sees a video in which Adi says he wants to give her this camera and wishes to live happily ever after. She then sees Malini in her sari walking up to Adi and getting intimate with him, and she believes she has proof. Episode end.

Precap: KC tells the judge that he has a video of Malini drugging Adi and having an intimate relationship with him. When he tries to play the video, he discovers that it has been deleted.

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