Imlie 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Imlie 20th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie’s Plan Fails

Malini’s judge humiliated Adi, and Aparna says to Pankaj, Harish and Radha that she did not think she would see this day. Harish says whatever happened has happened, he thinks that the judge is sensitive. Imlie enters with Mithi and Dulari and says they won’t talk to their evidence. Harish says there is absolutely no evidence. Imlie asks him to give her an opportunity to prove her conspiracy between Malini and Anu. Rupali gives Imlie advice to cover herself up as Malini. Pankaj asks what it’s all about. Aparna says anything it is, because Imlie is humiliated outside her house by the mob. Imlie says the mob didn’t come because of her and everyone knows who she did it, she needs only one opportunity to prove it. Nishant and Rupali are asking Aparna to allow Imlie. Adi comes in and asks what she’s going to do. She sometimes says they have to use war tricks, she even needs Sundar’s help. Mithi asks her if she thinks after all this she’ll get evidence. Imlie says she’s going to try and leave Seeta Maiya the rest.

Anu gets drunk heavily at a kitty party and acts strange. Her friends are supporting her and bringing her into the car. She calls Malini and says that she has enjoyed a kitty party and has won every time the memory of Imlie’s stupid dirty face. Malini asks why she got drunk when the case is still on in kitty party. Anu says she celebrates. She celebrates. Malini says Imlie needs to be careful planning something. Anu tells us to plan to bake cake and she comes home. Malini is asking her to come home quickly. She looks forward to Anu and thinks where she needs to be. Driver enters and announces that Anu has gone somewhere else. Malini is becoming tensed. Sundar drives Anu to and takes her into the house of Tripathi. The hiding of Tripathis and Imlie’s team. Anu sees the dark house and asks the light switch. Imlie dressed up as Imlie walks to her. Anu asks whether she’s been waiting for her. Imlie’s doing her sitting. Right now, Aparna says she’s going to end this drama. For Adi’s sake, Pankaj stops her. Anu says she wants her lucky day to throw her sandal over the face of servant Imlie. Imlie thinks about how to get the truth out of the mouth of Anu.

Mithi tells Dulari that a mom can easily distinguish between her children and others, and she’s concerned that Anu will identify Imlie. Dulari says Imlie’s smart. Anu asks Imlie to call Imlie’s servant. Imlie asks where she got the medicine from. Anu says that drug is very bad, she ought to have red wine like her. Imlie says she’s talking about a drug they gave to the family of Adi, from which she got the bottle. Anu doesn’t take her question into account and says her lucky day. Before Imlie finds a truth, Anu says they should do something. Anu says that proof is.. Tripathis get alert and look forward to her response. Malini goes in and asks her what she is doing and is shocked to see Imlie disguised as her. She realises that Imlie played this trick to get Mom’s truth. She is angry with the Tripathi family because she supports Imlie in her odd act. She says Adi supports Imlie blindly, but she didn’t expect Aparna to support her. Radha and Harish are excusing her. Nishant asks why they apologise for being also tricked by their family. Malini says it has not been proven yet, how can she do her mother this cheap act. Rupali says her mother has drunk herself and isn’t tricked like them. Even Malini did the same with them, Imlie says. Malini warns her to shut up and says she doesn’t talk to her. She tells Adi that she would give false evidence and go to jail or jail Imlie’s family for forced gunpoint marriages, but she didn’t give them any case, and all of them gave her tremendous pain. From there, she Anu.

Adi criticises Imlie for not being the right way to get truth, Anu has already filed an argument against them and maybe even worse than that; Malini is right not to have stooped sow low, so Imlie should excuse Malini and Anu. Dulari is supporting Imlie and telling Malini why Imlie should apologise. Adi asks her to remain quiet and insists Imlie to apologise or otherwise stop talking with Anu and Malini.

Precap: Teachers complain and refuse to teach Imlie. The principal shall give Imlie’s letter of suspension and orders she will be unable to enter college after this. Credit update to: MA

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