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Read Imlie 17th September 2021 Written Update: Tripathis Get A Court Summon

Episode start: Malini visits Kunal. Kunal. Kunal says he must have come to seek his assistance again. She always says he helped her, but today she has increased her difficulties. She’s in charge of it. She says that without knowing the truth he can’t judge her. He asks who he should judge her. She asks if she was good, according to him, when she sacrificed her right and fought for her, but she was wrong. He’s wondering what’s right. She tells Adi that she’s her husband, and that she loves him. He says how when you love someone and someone thinks you’re a friend, Adi doesn’t love him, and she’s just obsessed with him. She asks him to take her case back. He says he can’t do it until his customer wants it. She asks if he will humiliate her during trials and go to prison. He says no, he won’t help her, because she is trying to misuse him in place of friendship, she’s used to misusing the friendship of people. She asks if she thinks that Adi has been misused. He says he’s not a verdict judge. She warns that if he wants to destroy her career, he will continue, as nobody believes a woman has forced a man into familiarity. He says that she knew she’d say it, Law doesn’t consider gender, she’d stop acting like her friend, because she’s trying to misuse it. She says let’s see and go.

Next morning, Harish angrily calls Imlie during breakfast. Radha asks why he’s screaming. Imlie walks to him. He goes to him. Harish says the court has sent them a summons for proof. Aparna asks now whether they have to visit the court. Imlie says they must struggle for the dignity of Adi. Adi says that Malini has been supporting him for years, she retired when he told her that he loved Imlie instead, that she sacrified much for him, that he couldn’t believe that Malini misused him, that he made a mistake. Aparna says this girl wants to humiliate her, but she won’t succeed her and she won’t go to court. Pankaj says they have to be prosecuted or otherwise. Harish says that Pankaj is right, they must go to jail or else they will. Radha says the girl won’t be silent until she gets rid of all the obstacles. She walk away, Aparna, and Harish. Pankaj tells Imlie that if she’s sure she’s doing right, she cannot understand her act. She says she’s worried about family like them, there’s no other way out. Then he says he’s with her.

Dev talks over the phone to his lawyer Desai. Malini is asking Dev to tell Imlie to take the case back. He’s asking why. She’s scared. She says she didn’t do anything wrong. She recalls mixing juice with hypnotic. He asks if she’s going to admit. She says she’s not wrong and is concerned about the dignity of the Tripathi family. Dev said he’d ask Imlie if Malini hadn’t asked him suspiciously, he’s a weak-hearted father, and can’t see his daughter in trouble. Anu said he didn’t have to plead with servant Imlie, as she had already arranged to prevent Tripathis from reaching court. Tripathis head to court when the mob protests and alleges Adi that he’s the one who ruined a girl’s life. Don’t know who her mom bore this unfamiliar son. Adi is angrily trying to repress. At court, the judge asks KC about her customers and why they have not yet reached court. Desai says they’re wasting the time of the court.

Mob is angry and tries to throw Adi with a slipper if Imlie stops them and says there is law to do something to decide who they are. A woman says which woman is going to force a man to herself. Imlie says many are victims, but don’t seek justice, why don’t they stop her from going to court, etc. Her long speech continues. She continues. Dulari enters with a lathi rod and mob shoos. Returning to court, KC tells the judge that evidence is generally stopped and his client is also stopped, because the case is against the famous family in this town. Desai asks whether it is a sin to be a famous family and asks the judge to reject this case, as a worthy woman does not push a man on herself. Judge says he must listen to the demand of the defence lawyer as evidence has not arrived in court. Imlie joins the family T. KC’s wondering why she’s late. She says that before she reaches here she had to fight another battle. KC claims that Mallini drugged Adi and got close to him. Desai calls in the dais to Harish and asks if he recalls what happened that night. Harish says he’s not boiled because he’s not. Then Desai calls Adi in dais. Episode end.

Precap: Desai accuses Adi of fraud, trapping an innocent 18-year-old girl and then marrying a wealthy girl. KC asks Adi whether he knows that Malini has stopped all proceedings against divorce. Adi is outraged.

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