Imlie 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Start: Dev telling Imlie that Meethi’s recovery will take time. Aditya calls cab to shift Meethi to Tripathi house but Malini says Aparna and Radha won’t love it for sure. Anu comes and says Meethi should stay here, she starts acting that she isn’t heartless that she won’t give shelter to a helpless injured woman.

Imlie says I saw already how you treated me in your house, so stop your drama. Anu says Malini stays in Aditya’s house so she won’t trouble Meethi. Aditya says he will book a hotel there he will stay with Imlie and Meethi until Meethi gets better. Malini thinks she can’t let Imlie and Aditya stay together. She says this is Imlie’s house too so she will stay here to take care of Meethi. Dev gets doubtful but Anu convinces them by showing fake concern. She smirks.

Aditya tells Imlie if she faces any issues she will call him, Imlie tells him to eat moti roti she made for him. Meethi regains consciousness and gets shocked after finding herself in Dev’s house. She falls down in state of shock and Imlie holds her. Meethi says she can’t stay here as Anu will get hurt. Imlie calms her down and tells her to not feel bad. Malini on her way with Aditya tells him she wants to drink tea. Aditya takes one and provides it to her. He receives a call. Malini pours the tea in dustbin and thinks what she should do to have Aditya’s attention back. Imlie are going to be away and she can spend more time with Aditya.

Anu tells the servant to not serve food for Meethi and Imlie on the dining. She loses her calm and throws stuffs.

Aparna says how can Meethi stay in Dev’s house shamelessly. She is feeling bad for Anu. Aparna adds if someone betrayed her she would’ve preferred to die before taking that person’s help. Rupy says this is often tough how it’s . Meethi and Imlie struggled a lot. Radha says they should take Aditya to a babaji so that he gets rid of magic. Pankaj says Aparna should also visit. Malini and Aditya enter and inform Tripathis that Imlie is with Meethi to require care of her. Aparna says for a few days they got relief. Aditya leaves to have dinner.

Anu tells Meethi and Imlie to have food with servants. Imlie avoids arguing together with her . Malini makes vegetable rice for Aditya and tells him to eat something different. They dine together. Anu sees Imlie and Meethi are eating with servants. She says Malini supports her now so they can take revenge from Imlie and Meethi both.

Malini feels good that she had dinner with Aditya. She overhears Aditya is lecture Imlie. Aditya says he ate Malini’s dish instead of moti roti. He says he’s feeling hungry again so he will eat moti roti. Malini thinks she can’t let Aditya eat Imlie’s dish. She goes to kitchen and hides the rotis from Aditya. She makes excuse she came here to drink water. Aditya doesn’t find the rotis and Imlie assumes Aparna threw away the rotis maybe. Malini thinks she will confirm Aditya doesn’t get close to Imlie ever. Episode ends.

Precap: Imlie tells Malini she is going to make tea for Aditya not Malini. Malini tells her to behave properly. He scolds Imlie and also the tea pot falls down.

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