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Episode start: Aditya says Imlie is the largest criminal and will hand him over to the police Malini starts emotional blackmail and asks why she doesn’t think of her what her character would think. She hugs Aparna and weeps. She’s going to tackle her later, Dulari thinks Kalini is more wicked. Adi says that even Malini won’t be blamed when he goes to jail. Imlie says after thinking of her family, she decided to give her better support to Malini and she gets out of this house. Her storey has so intertwined that her breaking time, her relationship has the thread of trust and she breaks it up. She walks away with her potli/bag with Mithi and Dulari. Anu smirks while the supporters of Imlie cry. Adi is trying to go behind her. When he tries to stop Imlie, Aparna warns he’s going to see her dead face. Imile breaks down after hugging Mithi from the main door. Mithi says Seeta Maiya’s going to handle it all. They see a religious group carrying the idol of God, and Imlie thinks when sin comes, God is fighting, how should it start its struggle now. She sees her burned sari piece in Dev’s car dickie, and she opens the dickie through her hair pin and thinks she is sari, so what’s it like in a Dev’s car is why Anu and Malini tried to burn it, did Malini get closer to Adi, did Malini wear her sari and will punish her.

Adi insists that Aparna leave Imlie for him. Malini asks him to accept the desire of God and to learn to live with her. Without Imlie, he says he can’t live. Aparna says anything is right now. You hear a siren from police, and Aparna asks Adi why he called the police. Harish asks Anu whether she’s calling the police. She denied that. Rupali then asks who called the police. Inspector enters with his team. Aparna says they didn’t call him. They didn’t call him. Radha says that Adi made no mistake whatsoever. The inspector asks who Malini Chaturvedi is and says she’s being arrested. Shocked Dev asks why. Why. Anu asks who was complaining. Imlie enters and says she complained against Malini with Dulari and Mithi. Adi’s wondering what she’s doing. Imlie says that she arrests Malini for fooling her husband and for staying with him overnight. Anu shouts what nonsense. What nonsense. Harish asks if Imlie knows what she’s talking about. Anu asks how a woman will force herself on a strong man with 6 feet. Harish says that the inspector is wrong. The inspector says the complaint is lodged and they should therefore resolve the problem between them. Imlie says she mixed hypnotic juice with her in-laws and husband, and then became intimate with her husband. Adi asked her to stop. Adi asked her to stop. Imlie says she won’t let him go wrong and won’t remain silent until Malini is punished.

Malini says she’s frustrated with her. Adi says she alleged that Malini had no evidence last time. Imlie says she’s got evidence and she says she found it in Anu’s car when showing the burnt sari, Malini used it to lure him. Anu says she was trying to burn it, not Malini, when she brought Sari to her daughter and saw a maid wearing a similar sari, how could she tolerate it. Imlie says she lies. Anu says she lies and has provoked a tiger, she and the entire Tripathi family will not be spared, and their reputation will be ruined. Imlie asks Malini to be arrested by the inspector. Inspector arrests and pulls Malini away. Imlie and her team are proud of each other. Aparna asks Imlie why she did that. Imlie says she did right and there wouldn’t have been justice without complaint. Aparna asks she got justice when she got them wrong, why did she come back when she went alone? Harish asks why she ruined it when she boasts about protecting their dignity. Radha commented, too. Dulari screams rudely at Radha and says she’s iliterate, but that he should be punished whether a man or woman makes mistakes. Episode end.

Precap: Adi pulls Imlie off the house and immediately asks her to take her complaint back.

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