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Read Imlie 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Malini’s Emotional Blackmail

Episode start: Imlie shouts remembering that Malini says that last night Adi still loves him and proved it, that Adi says he only loves her, that Aparna blames her, that Anu does not force Malini into divorce, that Harish tells everyone better if Malini is still the wife of Adi. Dulari goes to her and asks her to think with her brain and not with her heart, Anu has rightly said that a man is always unpleasant so she must forgive Adi’s mistake and compromise. Mithi says her daughter won’t compromise on her self-respect and she says it shouldn’t compromise with a man who betrayed her. Imlie says she is stuck between right and wrong, she can’t forgive Adi and can’t even leave her, she knows that Malini and his mother have lied, whom and what to support today. Malini tells Anu that Imlie only has one option to leave Adi. Anu commends her and says she used Imlie’s plan for Imlie herself, Adi used to praise her much, Malini kept him in control all night. Imlie shouts how Adi can betray Malini for her. Anus says she didn’t know how effective her hypnotic medicine was. Malini is showing Imlie’s sari and she’s saying she was wearing it. Anu says she’s supposed to hide it and hide it from Aparna when she enters. Aparna apologises for not knowing what’s going to happen next. Anu says she should accept Malini for Adi or she knows how far her daughter can go. Malini acts like hugging and crying Aparna. Imlie continues to shout why Adi betrayed her.

Aparna goes to the room of Radha, packing her jewellery. Next is Pankaj and asks Radha why she packed her jewellery. Radha says she is going to give it to Imlie to save the dignity of her family. Aparna says to give it to Imlie and send her home before everyone knows. before everyone knows. Pankaj asks why Imlie’s going to leave her sasural. Like Malini left sacrificing her happiness for the dignity of her family, Aparna says Imlie should do the same. Imlie hears her talk and believes Aparna is right. She comes back to her room and seeing Malini pack her clothes asks what she’s doing. Malini says she came with a little pot/bag to go with lots of bags. Imlie asks why she thinks she’s going to go here. Malini asks if she’s going to be an extra in her love storey, she should realise Adi only loves her. Imlie says Adi doesn’t even know what happened in the drunkenness last night. Malini says a person feels free, Imlie had tied him, but last night, as before, he was forgetting that someone won’t be as drunk to discover the opposite person, but when Imlie stays here, people will question the character of Adi, blaming him for the misuse of two girls and even take him out of work. Malini asks whether she wants to destroy Adi in order to get him. Malini says that this is what happens if love breaks boundaries. Imlie says that she can’t understand this since she never loved Adi and she doesn’t fear her threat to call her betrayal and hypocrisy love. Malini says her mom’s going to blame Adi and he’s going to get criminal. Imlie says she gave everybody hypnotic and instead blames Adi. Malini says her mother won’t tell the police that she should either leave or watch Babusaheb go to prison. She goes away hoping that Anu hides sari and clears proof against her.

Anu hastens to hide the sari of Imlie in her bag. Dulari sees her and shouts that she’s been helpless and is fleeing. Anu calls her stupid analphabetist and asks her to escape. Dulari stops her. Dulari stops her. Anu says she can not tolerate the smell of her strange village and pushes her away. Something is wrong, Dulari thinks and follows her. Adi cries thinking that he didn’t remember last night, that he couldn’t betray Imlie. The door knocked Nishant and Rupali. Adi imagines they confront him with the feeling they have been ashamed of him because they don’t respect a woman. Tongue of Aparna and Pankaj laughed him next, and Malini asked why he had ruined his life. He excuses her. He excuses her. Imlie says she betrayed her confidence and made her promises before Seeta Maiya, for whom she will never forgive him and will forever leave him. He says he remember nothing. He says he remember nothing. Rupali says he’s not his brother, Aparna says he won’t be supported by the family, Imlie she’s going to get away forever. Hearing Rupali and Nishant knock at the door from imagination, he thinks that he can’t let Imlie go and open the door to ignore Rupali and Nishant. He goes to Imlie in a temple lamp and says that she told her a lamp of confidence, which means she still trust him. She says confidence is broken and hobby will even. Episode end.

Precap: Imlie leaves with Dulari and Mithi and tells Adi that their confidence is broken and theirs is only till here.

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