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Read Imlie 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Tripathis Take A Shocking Decision

Episode Start: Malini begins to cry to see Aditya. Adi says he doesn’t know what’s going on with him; he only remembers that he was with Imlie, and afterwards nothing. He asks Malini whether she recalls anything. Malini says no, she’s spinning her head. Imlie yells to stop her lies. Malini says Imlie’s shocked, but she’s shocked too because she just remembered that it happened to her. Imlie shouts at her, mixing in juice a hypnotic pill. Malini shouts more. Imlie leaves the family with smoking, followed by Adi. Malini is wiping her fake tears and going to the family. Aparna asks Imlie why they were all drunk last night. Imlie says that Malini mixed and served a hypnotic pill in juice. Malini asks her to stop blaming her, asks why Adi has brought her here again and again, and now people are going to blame her. Harish asks her to stop crying because she doesn’t make her mistake. Aparna says that only Imlie can feed them hypnotically, as she did many times before. Imlie calls her maa, and she doesn’t say she did. Aparna warned her not to call her mother and said that she couldn’t believe that Imlie could get so low. Dularian screams rudimentarily at her to shut her mouth and tells that she’s not humiliating her because she’s Imlie’s MIL and asks which sautan will send her husband to humiliate her. Adi says he remembered nothing and only Malini could answer. Malini says how she can respond when she knows nothing and asks Imlie what she’s gained with this odd act. Radha consoles her. Radha consoles her. Aparna asks Pankaj what the parents of Imlie will answer. Harish says that they must be humiliated and informed, asks Aparna to call Anu.

Anu with Mithi rushes to T house and cries out to hug Malini and asks why god punishes her daughter, tells her to not stay here, a divorcee’s stamp and now they can’t face anybody. She asks Adi why he has done this to her daughter; it is not too late, if she holds her hand for only one night or could sustain her all night; will he accept or not Malini as his wife? He says that he doesn’t know what has been mixed with his juice, he doesn’t remember anything, except that he’s last with Imlie. Malini shouts louder. Adi goes to Imlie and Imlie goes to her room. And Imlie goes to Imlie. He goes behind her and says he loves her. Imlie says he loves her, but he loves her. He asks if she doesn’t have confidence in him. She says she trusted Dev too when he said that he loves her, but in return she got treachery. Adi tells Dev has deliberately betrayed her amma, but he does not remember anything; his love has become so weak he does not have to eat this juice to explain his love. She says juice was mixed, but she doesn’t trust how it suddenly changed. He says he just recalls that he did nothing consciously, that he remembered that he was with her last and that was an accident. She says the conspiracy of her Imlie. He says that since years he knows Malini, and she can’t stoop so low. She asks whether he then stoops low, who then mixes in hypnotic juice. He says he’s made a mistake and he’s so sorry.

Imlie comes back to her family and yells. Mithi consoles her and asks Seeta Maiya whether her daughter’s devotion to her suhaag has something left. Anu says that women have no defect, but men have who are weak so they want to break and run away; even Adi is a man who betrayed Malini and went behind Imlie and now betrayed and brought Imlie back to Malini; she has always been wrong with Imlie and Malini when she thinks she has been betrayed; but even her daughter has now been betrayed as Mithi was for years; she understands Mithi’s father She urges Imlie not to ruin the life of Malini, and if she considers Malini to be her sister, she will ruin her dignity; she must save Malini’s dignity and life. Aparna says, though, that Malini is Adi’s legal wife because divorce has not yet been concluded; Imlie should see it as a wish of God. Anu claims to have come here as a mother, not as an English madam, Imlie should save the dignity of her daughter. Dulari shouts with her usual arrogant tonne that she hasn’t given Imlie anything until now, and that she’s giving Imlie the sin of her daughter. She requests Imlie not to fall for the fake tears of Anu. Anu says his daughter is going to be called a second woman and calls upon Imlie not to force Malini to divorce. Adi says that these decisions cannot be taken hurriedly. Aparna is asking him to remain silent, and he is leaving. Harish says he’s going to make further decisions and she tells Imlie that she used to say that she can do anything to save the dignity of her family now, and that Malini remains Adi’s wife for everybody. Anu grins and then acts again as pleading. Episode End.

Precap: Imlie asks Mithi how Adi can betray and shout for Malini.

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