Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 9th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chavan Family Celebrates Janmashtami

Episode Start: Sai asks Bhavani not to drag on rituals when they know that marriage between her and Virat is just a reciprocal understanding. Bhavani asks why during janmastami she repeated this, why she complained to Samrat about the fact that Virat is not concerned about him and is being transferred. Omkar backs her, Samrat followed her. Ashwini asks her only to follow the instructions of the family, she will receive blessings from God. Shivani says they’re going to get a Gopal/baby bal. Karishma says she can’t imagine a baby as her husband acts like a baby himself. Sonali taunts because she doesn’t have a brain, she can’t think. Bhavani says that she is going to give a bahu a real perl necklace, showing her Bal Gopal or the face of Radhaji. Devi claps in joy. Shivani tells us what bahu is going to get the gift. Ashwini requests the ritual to all three bahus. The idol of Bal Gopal is established on a cradle by Sai, Pakhi, and Karishma. A flora falls into the hand of Sai. Everybody is informed by Sonali. Ashwini says that Sai was blessed by Laddu Gopal. Pandit begins pooja. The first to be followed by Samrat and Pakhi is Sai Virat, Mohit Karishma and others. Achutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram. The background plays bhajan. After pooja, Devi tells us that the janmashtami this year is the best of its 3 brothers. Ashwini asks all three young couples to feed each other with prasad. At Mohit, Karishma shouts. Shivani asks them to stop the struggle. Pakhi wants God to make Virat realise what he has lost and feed Samrat. Virat feeds Sai and thinks whether or not she understands his feelings. Next, Sai feeds him and sends him a smile. Pulkit tells Devi they should go now because tomorrow they have to come back to break a dahi handi ritual.

Next day, the family of Chavan fixes dahi handi in the garden. Ninad asks Mohit whether as every year he will break dahi handi. Mohit doesn’t say this time, but Ninad can try. Bhavani scolds Mohit was lazy, only the son of the Chavan family should break dahi handi. She then laments the lack of all three bahus and forces them to arrange. Walk in Pakhi and Karishma. Sonali fuel the wrath of Bhavani. Bhavani says she’s going to break Sai’s legs late. If she lifts her after breaking her legs, Sai enters and jokes. Sunny comes into dance. Sai and Shivani are joining him. Next, Virat walks. Pakhi says that she felt good to see him at the festival. Enter Devi and Pulkit. Ashwini welcomes them. Devi dances Sunny and tells her that Jiva and Shiva are going to break dahi handi.

Shivani asks Sunny whether he knows who had transferred Virat. He says he doesn’t. He says he doesn’t. She tells her Sai as she and Ashwini asked her to somehow stop Virat. Sunny says that Sai can do Virat anything. Virat and Samrat insist on Govinda and break dahi handi by the family. Samrat refuses to say that he’s old now. Omkar says he and Ninad are still vigorous, and if they have a chance, they break hands. Both of them continue to deny. Pakhi asks and agrees with Samrat. Sai says Virat was ready yesterday, but she acted until Samrat agreed. Virat gets furious about her. Sai asks for consent or she is going to face humiliation. Devi insists, too. Sai says yes loudly without him, he agrees and thanks him. Virat agrees with Samrat and shakes his hands. Episode End.

Precap: Virat and Samrat are on their ladder in order to break dahi handi. Sai encourages Virat. Pakhi also encourages Virat rather than Samrat. Sai asks why she’s still behind Virat and speaks and has something else in her heart. Virat hears Shivani asking Sai why she stopped his transfers if she doesn’t have any feeling for Virat.

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