Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 29th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th September 2021 Written Update: Pakhi’s Argument With Sai

Sai tucks her bag behind the sofa. Virat approaches her. She hopes she can express her feelings for him and that he will understand. He hopes the same and inquires as to what she was up to. She says she was storing old books. Pakhi knocks on the door and asks if she may enter. Virat nods in agreement. She informs him that she and Samrat have planned a family trip to Mahabaleshwar for 4-5 days following Ganesh Visarjan. Sai gives him a look. Pakhi says she understands why he wants to avoid Mahabaleshwar because he had a bad experience with Sai there, and that they can change the location. He says that he is fine with Mahabaleshwar because he found his Jiva/Samrat there and the entire family can meet Samrat’s orphanage children. Pakhi then tells Sai that she is not who Sai thinks she is, and that she has graciously come here to invite her to this trip. Sai says she is under no obligation to be nice to her. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to talk to her if she responds rudely to her normal behavior. Samrat invited her specifically and wanted to know if she had any exams, so she came here. Virat asks him why she is bothered by Sai now that he has given up hope on her. Pakhi says she has to because Samrat will blame her because he doesn’t know Sai as well as they do, and Samrat believes Sai is the most honest person here. Sai says she is bothered by her presence and absence; if not, why is she taunting her when she is silent; will Pakhi be happy if she attends this trip, which she knows Pakhi will not be, so why is she inviting her? Pakhi reminds her of how she felt guilty after going on a solo trip with Virat and promising a family trip; Sai did not, but she planned a trip because she cares for a family. Pakhi is unfit to understand Sai’s intentions, and she recalls how she wanted to accompany Virat on a trip to search for Samrat, but when Sai arrived, she angrily tore tickets. Pakhi wonders why she is comparing that problem to this one. Sai says she genuinely cares about her family and has planned a family vacation; however, Virat has deceived her and has something else in mind. Pakhi inquires as to why she is causing a problem. Sai assures her that she need not be concerned because it will not occur as of tomorrow.

Virat inquires as to what will occur the following day. Pakhi speaks as if the entire world will change. Sai assures her that it will be for her, and that they will be able to live happily ever after without her interference. Pakhi says Sai is ruining her own life with her actions and is overreacting after Samrat’s return; if Sai thought she would suffer her entire life, she is mistaken because she is happy with Samrat; Sai should be happy that there will be no interference between her and Virat. Sai says Pakhi is interfering more and visiting the room more frequently instead of talking to Virat. Pakhi becomes enraged and tells her to stop talking nonsense. Sai says she is talking sense and asks how many times she has entered their room for silly reasons and if she is confident that no one will question her after Samrat’s return; Pakhi has disliked her since the beginning because she is a hindrance to her. Samrat tells Pakhi that if we don’t end this topic here and go somewhere else, Sai will continue to cause problems. Pakhi declares that she will treat this room as if it does not exist and requests that Sai post a sign outside stating that everyone is welcome except Pakhi. Sai says she can’t because Virat owns the room. Pakhi says that by doing all of this, she will not be able to find a place for herself in Virat’s heat. Sai instructs her to ignore her and pretend she doesn’t exist. Virat agrees with her and tells Pakhi, “Let us go out and speak.” Pakhi reminds Sai that she invited her as she changes her words, particularly in front of Samrat.

Sai sobs as she remembers Aaba and tells him that she is leaving this house, knowing that he is watching her from wherever he is, and understands that she doesn’t have any other choice, that this family has to bear her tonight and will be free of her tomorrow, and that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Devi walks in and asks if she really doesn’t need her. Sai gives her a heartfelt hug. Devi comforts her and asks her not to cry. Sai says she needs her to keep her secret hidden and asks if she told anyone about her departure. Devi says no because no one has the tara ram pam key, but Virat is very intelligent and easily guessed it. Sai, taken aback, inquires as to what Virat said. Devi says he told Sai he’s been telling her this since she arrived and that she’s free to leave if she wants. Sai inquires as to whether she informed anyone else. No, says Devi. Because they are a team, Sai says they will carry out this secret mission tomorrow. Devi beams and declares that their team will triumph. Sai tells her to go to bed because they will begin their mission at 4 a.m. Devi agrees and departs cheerfully. Episode end.

Precap: Ashwini is concerned that something is wrong between Virat and Sai. Virat reminds Sai that tomorrow has arrived. Sai boards a cab with her bag. She comes to a halt after seeing a child near a pit and pushing him aside, slips and falls into it, and hits her head on an iron rod.

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