Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th September 2021 Written Update: Devi Reveals Sai’s Secret To Virat

Pulkit calls Sai and inquires as to what she has decided. She says she made the decision to relocate from Nagpur to Gadchiroli. She says she promised to stay back and finish her studies in the morning, so why did she change her mind? Sai says that after seeing Virat’s frustration and anger for her, she decided not to live in this city. Pulkit says that she is destroying her career because she is preoccupied with others, and that her single decision may destroy her life. Sai says that when Aaba abandoned her, her life was ruined. He says he understands her anguish and worries that something bad will happen to her. She cries that god did only wrong to her, he snatched her mother when she was born, snatched her Aaba; if her Aaba was alive, he wouldn’t have agreed for her and Virat’s marriage; anyways she got her transfer certificate and will shift to Nagpur. He requests that she stay in Nagpur, away from Chavan Nivas. She says that she is attached to a few Chavan family members and that if she stays in Nagpur, the Chavan family name will be tainted, and she does not want them to curse her; the Chavan family has taken care of her needs, and even though Virat is misbehaving with her, she cares for them.

Sunny is invited to Ganpati pooja by Virat. Sunny inquires as to whether or not things are going well between him and Sai. According to Virat, things have gotten worse. Sunny says that he is aware of Sai’s concern for him. Virat says he doesn’t know what Sai did. Devi walks in. Virat hangs up the phone and apologizes to her for misbehaving with Sai in front of her. Devi says that Sai is depressed and has made a decision. He asks angrily, “What did she do now?” Devi recalls Sai making her promise and declares that she cannot break her promise to Sai. She then recalls Sai telling her that if she says dum dum diga diga and another person says tara ram pam tara ram, she will be able to reveal the secret. She anticipates Virat saying tara ram pam. He says he will not reveal his and Samrat’s secret unless she reveals her and Sai’s secret first. Devi says that Sai is in pain and that only he can solve Sai’s problem. He then asks, “Or else what?” Devi says that Sai does not want to stay here, so she may as well. He inquires as to whether Sai wishes to leave the house. She wonders how he knows this secret. He says it’s nothing new; she’s been threatening to leave the house for a long time, so let her go if she wants to. She wonders how he can let her go. Pakhi overhears their conversation as she walks by.

Sai informs Pulki that she has made her choice. Pulkit says leaving city and spoiling her studies is wrong. She says she made a decision after much deliberation. He says if she thinks so, then they should visit Gadchiroli and find out if there is a seat available for her in any medical college. She informs me that there is a seat available. Devi, he says, will shatter if she hears this. She says Devi is aware because she saw her packing her belongings, and she hopes Devi does not break her promise. Devi insists to Virat that she requires Sai’s presence. Let her go, says Virat. Devi begins to cry as she wonders how he can end his marriage to Sai. He asks her to stop crying and says he can’t stop Sai if she wants to because this is a house, not a jail. He allegedly locked her in a room. He says it had no effect on her. She says he should lock her in a room again or speak to her. He says to have faithfully performed his duties, and Sai is now free to live her life as she wishes. She believes she will not allow Sai and Virat to be separated, and she believes Bappa will never forgive him if he allows Sai to leave. Pakhi approaches her and tells her that Virat is not a schoolboy who should be afraid of her threats. Devi screams angrily, “Who are you to interfere between me and my brother?” Pakhi accuses Devi of being dirtier than her mother and orders her to leave. Pahi believes Sai provided Devi with proper training to insult her.

Pulkit instructs Sai not to make any decisions until he returns to Chavan Nivas tomorrow. Sai agrees, hoping that he will forgive her for not obeying her. Ashwini enters with dinner for her. Devi continues to chastise Pakhi for having negative thoughts about Sai. Pakhi says that Sai has been doing whatever she wants without understanding others; she always thinks of herself first and considers her and Virat’s wedding to be a formality. Devi warns Virat that he will repent because Sai is correct and Pakhi is incorrect, and she shouts that she despises dirty Pakhi. Ashwini inquires of Sai as to whom she was speaking. Sai refers to Pulkit Jiju. Ashwini inquires if he is coming for morning pooja. Sai says he’ll be there in the evening. Ashwini says she brought food for her daughter because she hadn’t eaten since the morning. Sai says she isn’t hungry. Ashwini chastises her. Sai believes this is the last scolding she will receive from Aayi and is relieved. Episode end.

Precap: Sai stores Virat’s gifted jewelry in his cupboard. Virat says he returned all of her documents and that she has nothing in his drawer. She agrees. He says she told him something would happen tomorrow, and he believes her. Ashwini notices Sai’s predicament and inquires as to what she is concealing.

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