Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th September 2021 Written Update: Sai To Leave Chavan Nivas?

Sai gathers her belongings. Devi approaches her and inquires as to why she is here when everyone else is downstairs. According to Sai, some work is left undone. Devi asks if she’s thinking about what she should wear tomorrow; they’ll color coordinate their saris and make everyone jealous. Sai claims to be packing her belongings. Devi inquires if she is leaving the house and, after making her promise, inquires if anyone has troubled her. Sai says she’s leaving the house, and it’s time to put her words into action. Devi becomes enraged and declares that she will inform everyone. Sai comes to a halt and calms her down. Devi asks that she be allowed to inform everyone. Sai makes her sit and says, poetically, that they have a secret and should keep it to themselves; they are playing a lock and key game in which Devi will hide a word that Sai is leaving the house. Devi inquires if she is leaving even Virat, selects Sai’s Aaba’s photo, and asks that he inform Sai not to leave this house. Sai bemoans the fact that if Aaba were still alive, he would not have allowed Virat to mistreat her and force her to live with someone who does not love and respect her. Devi asks that she refrain from crying.

Pakhi informs Samrat that if he is performing pooja tomorrow, she will also prepare. He thinks she looks lovely when she’s getting ready. She expresses gratitude for the compliment. He says he truly believes it and reminds her that he liked her at first sight, but then she… She makes a nervous attempt to leave. He stops her and asks why she asked why Virat was carrying Bappa’s idol rather than him. She becomes nervous as she wonders if he realized she wanted to perform Virat’s aarti and lies that he has been missing for a long time and that she wanted to perform his aarti when he left home and even when he returned. He is persuaded.

Devi inquires of Sai how frequently she will visit her. Yes, says Sai. Virat returns to the room and inquires as to what she is doing here; she can sleep here with Sai. Devi invites her to spend the night with Sai. Virat inquires as to what will occur the following day. She informs me that Ganpati pooja is tomorrow. Virat asks her to explain to Sai how to improve her mood because she was frowning during aarti; it’s a good thing Aayi told her to cheer up. When Pakhi taunted her, Sai wonders what she should have done. He questions why she questions Pakhi’s actions when she does not question her own. He is supposed to be there for that, according to her. He becomes enraged at her. Devi begs her not to be angry with Sai. Virat continues to argue with Sai and asks her why she always irritates him. Sai asks that Devi go down because everyone is waiting for her. Devi asks that Virat not reprimand Sai. Sai assures her that she need not be concerned because she is very strong. Devi walks away. Sai inquires as to what his issue is. Virat claims Kamal sir was well-educated and well-respected, but Sai is the polar opposite and did not deserve Kamal sir’s pampering. Sai claims he does not deserve to take her Aaba’s name because, while he may have received a high rank in exams, he lacks morale. He becomes even angrier. He has no right to speak about her because she has stated that there is no and will be no relationship between them. He walks away enraged. She believes that if she stays here, Virat will continue to misbehave with her, so she must make a difficult decision in order to see significant changes in her life. Episode end.

Precap: Sai stores Virat’s gifted jewelry in his cupboard. Virat claims he returned all of her documents and that she has nothing in his drawer. She agrees. He claims she told him something would happen tomorrow, and he believes her. Ashwini notices Sai’s predicament and inquires as to what she is concealing.

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